Atonement summary and analysis

atonement summary and analysis

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When the qur'an speaks about the announciation of the birth of Jesus to the virgin Mary, sura 3:42,45 speaks about (several) angels while it is only one in Sura 19:17-21. (This article has received many muslim responses which are"d or linked and/or discussed at the end of the article.) Further numerical discrepancies does Allah's day equal to 1,000 human years (Sura 22:47, 32:5) or 50,000 human years (Sura 70:4)? according to sura 56:7 there will be three distinct groups of people at the last Judgement, but 90:18-19, 99:6-8, etc. Mention only two groups. there are conflicting views on who takes the souls at death: the angel of death 32:11, the angels (plural) 47:27 but also "It is Allah that takes the souls (of men) at death." 39:42 Angels have 2, 3, or 4 pairs of wings 35:1;. Sahih bukhari, volume 4, book 54, number 455 How many days did Allah need to destroy the people of Aad?

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Should Muslims show page kindness to their parents? On the one hand, the quran commands all Muslims to show kindness to their parents, even if they are disbelievers 17:23-24, 31:14-15, 29:8, etc. On the other hand, it demands not to show any love or friendship to those who oppose muhammad, even if they are their parents 9:23, 58:22. Can one be a believer in God and shredder oppose muhammad at the same time? How many mothers does a muslim have? Only one 58:2, the woman who gave birth and none else, or two 4:23, including the mother who nursed him, or at least ten 33:6? And it just doesn't add up: Sura 4:11-12 and 4:176 state the qur'anic inheritance law. When a man dies, and is leaving behind three daughters, his two parents and his wife, they will receive the respective shares of 2/3 for the 3 daughters together, 1/3 for the parents together both according to verse 4:11 and 1/8 for the wife 4:12. A second example: A man leaves only his mother, his wife and two sisters, then they receive 1/3 mother, 4:11, 1/4 wife, 4:12 and 2/3 the two sisters, 4:176, which again adds up to 15/12 of the available property. How many angels were talking to mary?

9:17 and 9:69 clearly say. 2:62 promises Christians reward for their good deeds. 9:28-33; 5:17, 72-73 calls Christians idolaters, and. 9:17 is very clear pdf that idolaters will have no reward. Should Muslims Accept peace or Not? Fighting All people Until They do what? Compel them or Not? Can They disbelieve in the last day and be safe?

atonement summary and analysis

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Yet, the qur'an explicitly states that one angel or several angels are causing certain people plan to die sura 4:97, 16:28, 32, 32:11. Confusion Concerning Identity of the Spirit and Gabriel (a long discussion of dozens of references) 'Iddah rules for divorced and widowed women appear to be arbitrary and inconsistent. Is there a minimum age of marriage for girls? To marry or Not to marry? The qur'an forbids believers to marry idolatrous women Sura 2:221, and calls Christians idolaters and unbelievers 9:28-33, but still allows Muslims to marry Christian women 5:5. Will it be accepted of them or not? Will Allah reward the good deeds of Unbelievers?

This article also raises other issues: What about Hud and Salih who supposedly were sent to the Arabs? What about the book that was supposedly given to Ishmael? What will be the food for the people in Hell? The food for the people in Hell will be only "Dhari" Sura 88:6, or only foul pus from the washing of wounds. 69:36, or will they also get to eat from the tree of Zaqqum. Together, these verses constitute three contradictions. Can Angels cause the death of people? The qur'an attacks those who worship anyone besides God (e.g. Angels or prophets) because those can neither create, nor give life, nor cause anyone to die.

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atonement summary and analysis

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Before you respond to any of them, first click on the link to the detailed discussion of the individual contradiction! Internal Contradictions: Who suffers loss if Muhammad was wrong? Sura 34:50 commands Muhammad to say, "If I go astray, i go astray simple only to my own loss which is a severe factual error in the qur'an as well as contradicting the teaching of the qur'an in a number of other verses. Allah, Adam, and the Angels. There are a great number of problems and inconsistencies between the several accounts of Adam's write creation, Allah's command to prostrate before Adam, satans refusal, etc. Who was the first Muslim? Muhammad 6:14, 163, moses 7:143, some Egyptians 26:51, or Abraham 2:127-133, 3:67 or Adam, the first man who also received inspiration from Allah 2:37?

Can Allah be seen and did Muhammad see his Lord? 53:1-18, 81:15-29, no 6:102-103, 42:51. Were warners Sent to All Mankind Before muhammad? Allah had supposedly sent warners to every people 10:47, 16:35-36, 35:24, Abraham and Ishmael are specifically claimed to have visited Mecca and built the kaaba 2:125-129. Yet, muhammad supposedly is sent to a people who never had a messenger before 28:46, 32:3, 34:44, 36:2-6.

For your convenience: Download all contradictions. If you are able to resolve to your own satisfaction the qur'an problems presented here, then probably you will be able to understand that Christians can with a similar effort explain to their own satisfaction most of the difficulties in the bible. Try to be fair and evaluate the bible with an equal standard as the qur'an. Don't judge it with harsher criteria than you are ready to use when reading the qur'an. Even better, read the bible to understand its meaning and message and not to find fault with it on such superficial levels.

Think about this: Errors in the bible prove that the qur'an is not from God. To several of the presented problems Muslim responses are available on our site. Links to the individual responses will be given usually at the bottom of the pages dealing with the specific issue. If you want to contribute your personal response to one of the topics below I need to insist that you do this in this format also outlining my policy on linking or displaying Muslim responses, as well as the issue of using English translations. But some think my offer is dishonest. There are further Muslim responses to this summary page available. Important notice: This is an overview page which only gives short summaries of the observed contradictions.

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Having clarified the purpose of this page we now challenge our Muslim friends with the following compilation to rethink their approach for determining the truth of scripture. Introduction Because the bible seemingly contains errors therefore the bible is not God's word. The qur'an on the other hand is free from discrepancies and this is proof that the qur'an is from God since sura 4:82 states: do they not ponder on the qur'an? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. See also this Muslim presentation: The no-contradiction challenge of the qur'an. But reality is not as simple as many would want us believe. There are three basic categories of contradictions in the qur'an: Internal contradictions : Verses contradicting each other or the laws of logic External errors : Verses contradicting the facts of history or science verses contradicting the earlier guaranteed revelations Further: Contradictions between Muslim Traditions and the.

atonement summary and analysis

It is for our readers to decide whether or not the provided answers are fully satisfactory for them. It is not for me to make that decision on their behalf. This is one reason that I will not remove even those contradictions that I find answered to my personal satisfaction. A second reason is that keeping the effectively answered contradictions on this site will help Muslims and Christians who don't know the possible responses to contradictions they encountered elsewhere, to find them here. As such this page can be a valuable resource for both Christians and Muslims, similar to various Christian pages about seeming Bible contradictions. To compare like with like, i will make the strongest possible case for something editor being contradictory and wrong, similar to the muslim attacks on the bible. The difference to muslim web sites is that we give the right of response. It is our prayer that even this page may help Muslims and Christians to make progress in mutual understanding, to come to a proper perspective regarding the "contradictions issue" and to a realization what the real issues are which we need to concentrate.

such contradiction lists. For most Muslims this rejection is an integral part of their faith long before they have ever seen any such "contradictions". These lists are usually only used as a convenient means to justify a rejection of the bible which would otherwise be very difficult to explain rationally. Counteracting this evasive or even hostile attitude is the purpose of this page. If both sides can come to the recognition that their own book, the scripture which is the basis of their faith, be it the bible or the qur'an, contains some very difficult passages which might even look like plain errors or logical contradictions (depending. Debates about contradictions are rarely fruitful because people tend to insist reading the texts of the opponent in the most rigid and literal manner to make it look bad, while being very lenient with their own book, allowing extra assumptions, metaphorical interpretations and other means. Some muslims have proven by their provided responses that they possess a quite ingenious and creative mind.

Muslim web sites abound in articles and collections attacking the integrity of the bible by means of contradiction lists. Many have the attitude that "because the. Bible is riddled with contradictions, errors, absurdities and problems, there is no need for me to make the effort to understand.". With such an attitude no real dialog can develop. Our goal is to get beyond superficial word games to discussing the relevant core issues over which we differ. It has mostly proven useless to explain one set of contradictions because there is always another golf one that can be added to the list. It is important to be able to give explanations of the difficult.

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Contradictions / Difficulties in the qur'an. The purpose of this page, we do not reject the qur'an resume because of this list of contradictions. There are many reasons of much more substantial nature why we do not believe the qur'an to be from the one true god. You will find those discussed on other pages of this web site (e.g. This page is not intended as an attack on the qur'an. Muslims have become unnecessarily aggravated because they did not understand the purpose of this collection. It is my experience that many muslims try to evade a discussion of the real issues regarding the truth of Islam and Christianity by pushing "101 Bible contradictions" (or similar compilations) into our face.

Atonement summary and analysis
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  4. Important notice: This is an overview page which only gives short summaries of the observed contradictions. Before you respond to any of them, first click on the link to the detailed discussion of the individual contradiction! Every so often I get a question about slavery in the bible, or someone sends me a 'spoof' of the biblical Mosaic regulations concerning 'slavery'.

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