Met estro helmet review

met estro helmet review

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met estro helmet review

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Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product A minor quibble, but the rear light could do with attaching more firmly. Did you enjoy using the product? Yes would you consider buying the product? Yes would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes Use this box to explain your score The Strale is a great helmet if you want to go down the aero route without the associated price tag. Back that up with an excellent fit and comfort levels and there is very little to fault. Overall rating: 9/10 Met Strale helmet 2017 Met Strale helmet Met 2017 Met. In fact, it seems that a sweaty head is something that Met takes for granted - the Estro is the only helmet here to feature a silicone forehead gripper/pad which, it has to be said, is a lot more comfy than it looks.

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met estro helmet review

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Verdict, an excellent balance of aerodynamics and cooling in a well-priced package test report, tell us what the product biography is father's for, and who it's aimed. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it? Met says: "The met Strale utilizes the venturi Effect via an air channeling system that pulls in cool air and pushes heat out. "Feather-light, wearing the Strale is unobtrusive, as any top range all-around helmet should.". The Strale offers a great balance between aero and cooling. Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Met lists these features: Outer shell construction In-mould, inner shell Shock absorbing polystyrene, chin strap buckle Anti-pinch buckle. Strap and divider Anti-slip cam divider. Fit system Safe-t duo. Comfort Anti-allergenic interior padding. Be seen Reflective rear sticker, compatibility duo led light, certifications ce, as/nz,. Rate the product for quality of construction: 8/10, rate the product for performance: 9/10, rate the product for durability: 8/10, rate the product for weight (if applicable) 8/10 Rate the product for comfort (if applicable) 9/10 Rate the product for value: 8/10 Tell us how. Tell us what you particularly liked about the product It's an excellent all-rounder for the price.

Size-wise, this test model is a medium, which fits a head size of 52-58cm, while a large comes with a 59-62cm circumference. There are seven colour choices. The only niggle is the small led light that clips over the adjustment knob for some extra visibility in the dark. Each of the light's three modes are plenty bright enough, but the actual fitment to the helmet isn't that great. It didn't seem to really connect with the dial by clicking into place or anything.

buyer's guide: 16 of the best performance helmets. Comparing the Strale with some of the other helmets we've tested recently shows there is even more to like. Salice levante, for instance, is a similar styled, semi-aero lid which is both heavier (277g) and more expensive than the met by about. For a similar price, there's the. Giant Strive mips helmet, but that weighs 80g more at 320g. Not a massive amount, admittedly, but it's more weight on your neck muscles. Taking all this into account, the met Strale looks to be a very competitive all-round package.

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A few weeks ago the temperature in this part of the country was nudging 30C and I spent the week riding in the met without issue. Met says that it uses the venturi effect, scooping air in at the front, and with the small gap between your head and the inside of the helmet, the hot air from your head is forced out of the rear to keep you cool. If it is working then you can't physically feel it, but I certainly never felt like i was baking in this matt black helmet. When the speed is low and you're working pretty hard like on a climb, for instance you will sweat, but I didn't feel noticeably more sweaty than when wearing a helmet with 20 vents. The pads inside the Strale do soak everything up pretty well too. Met's shape and fitting system suits the shape of my head so i find its helmets really comfortable as I can get them fitting snug without any pressure points anywhere. That's pretty good from a helmet that only adjusts the rear section for size rather than the full circumference, like the cable system used on my poc. The fit is controlled by the safe-t duo fit System, which is adjusted circumference-wise apple by a small dial with close increments to get everything just right. You can also adjust the position vertically by four settings and flop your ponytail through, too, if necessary.

met estro helmet review

Md 275grams /Lg 300grams. More: m /. Verdict: An excellent balance of aerodynamics and cooling in a well-priced package. Met Strale helmet 9 10 Stu kerton, met's Strale helmet strikes a balance between aerodynamics, cooling and comfort that makes you wonder whether you really need to spend any more on a polystyrene lid. Last year I tested the, met Manta aero helmet and it became my favourite; I'm still wearing it on practically every ride, or rather, i was until the Strale turned. find your nearest dealer here. The Strale is half the price but offers nearly the same performance. No doubt there'll be some data out there to say it doesn't save as many watts at a given speed, but for the majority of your riding resume that probably doesn't matter. With eight vents up front, the Strale has a lot fewer than most traditional helmets but you certainly don't overheat when you're wearing.

increasing your comfort without increasing your temperature. You know that material that soldiers and police officers use to protect themselves from bullets? Its kevlar, and that is what is strapped around your chin when you buckle into the Estro. A super-strong, yet very comfortable strap is added reinforcement to the already rock solid helmet. The Estro, at 275grams, isnt the lightest helmet on the market but its fit, retention system and security will have you welcoming a few added grams. The helmet also has another small feature we have grown to love in helmets. The micro-shell wraps around the multi-density foam, all the way to much of the interior diameter. Weve found any helmet that features this added micro shell helps avoid dings to the foam and stays looking fresh and new season after season. Price: 149 five colors.

But, along with the best incredible ventilation it offers—trust us, itll blow you away—you also get a high level of comfort and style out of this mid-range road helmet. Peloton, weve been on the bike in the hot sun of southern California logging long base miles, and let it be heard, this helmet excels when the temperature rises along with the road. The vents on the front of the helmet are deep and numerous with large ports on the back, designed to essentially suck air across your head. Its extremely effective when climbing at low speed. The helmet, as breathable as it is, seems not to grab the air but rather channel it around your head, which is exactly what Met designed the helmet. It scores.5 on the cooling Factor Scale. Yeah, we dont know what that means either, but in the real world, the helmet is among the best weve ridden at keeping you cool. Related: The direction of Protection, along with this, an unbelievably comfortable retention system had us forgetting the helmet was even. Its brand new occipital retention system called Safe t-advanced spreads pressure across a large surface area eliminating hot spots while providing a very secure feel.

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The met rivale keeps things as compact as possible, without cutting down drastically on the number of vents. At 230g the met rivale gives nothing away in the power-to-weight stakes, despite being essay primarily an aero helmet. All rides lead to roam, explore, met grancorso. Urban safety gets safer, explore, trenta 3k carbon, landmark performance. Explore, all rides lead to roam, explore. Stay connected, copyright 2018 met-helmets All Rights Reserved. March 11, 2015 The met Estro was designed with one thing in mind, super ventilation.

Met estro helmet review
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  1. The list of helmets user reviews, editorial reviews, bike deals, used bikes and. Met estro; 1 reviews; 4 of 5; Last review. Met s Strale helmet strikes a balance between aerodynamics, cooling and comfor t that makes you wonder whether you really need to spend.

  2. Met filmed a bunch of stuff last time they were over here in my neck of the woods. Juliet elliott met helmets estro. Met Helmets, specialist in bike helmets for road, mountain bike, recreational and sports cycling, skating, skateboarding and bmx. The met rivale keeps things as compact as possible, without cutting down drastical ly on the number of vents. At 230g the met rivale gives nothing away in the.

  3. Its quite minimal padding is very well placed, relieving potential pressure points, and inside the front of the Estro is met s unique soft-touch gel. We review the 2014 Met Estro, a mid-level helmet with next level v entilation and comfort. In fact, it seems that a sweaty head is something that Met takes fo r granted - the Estro is the only helmet here to feature a silicone forehead. Replacement pads for the inside of Met Veleno, estro or Predatore helmets. 3.4 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews; read all 10 reviews write a review. My met Estro video review.

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