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And i am also not sure about deepest, darkest which may be too over-used and too childlike (I am a childrens book writer after all!) for what i am doing here. And as you can see, i changed the form of the final lines to signal how different they are from what came before. Perhaps ive done too much breaking apart, and Im still wrestling with that as well. But you may find this last interesting or amusing, or both at once: i originally ended that section with the dog lifting his nose, not his snout. Eventually, i decided that nose was too refined and too human-like and I wanted him to be all animal, sniffing out the meaning of home faster than we humans who—after all—have to set a gate there to remind ourselves that we have come home. This second version (though it is possibly about an eighth version) is the one i sent out to my daily poetry subscribers. Still, its clear to me Im not yet done with this poem. But I havent abandoned.

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The path is business the mystery, worn down by many feet yet still willing to support them. All poems 2013 Jane yolen all rights reserved Let me tell you about the changes and why. Or at least as much of the why as i know. The rest is the true mystery. And I would have to kill you if I told you! (Actually, a lot about writing a poem is a mystery to the poet as well.) As you can see, much stayed the same, though I changed the mystery to a mystery over and over again, re-reading it both ways in silence and aloud until. It needed to be particular, not general, a singularity not one of many mysteries. I decided while rill is a prettier word, and a bit old-fashioned which suits the idea of the poems numinous reach, trout really dont hide in rills which are the fast-running part of a river, but in the hidden places of pools and ponds. And i am still actually wrestling with whether to use pool or pond. Pool/holding have a nice slanting rhyme thing working for them but pond is bigger in meaning.

It was time to read it aloud again, not once but several times through, testing each small stanza with plan a combination of logic (Is the true to the nature i am describing? Is it leading me in the direction I want to go? Is it the way the poem wants to go? Are those two roads compatible? Can I cut any words out? Eventually i got here: The mystery, the tree is the mystery, its roots knotted as surely as love. The pond is the mystery, holding trout in its deepest, darkest heart.

mini essay

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The shorter early pieces are discrete, pretty, but we are heading for the punchline, the pinchline, the one that wakens you into the actual dream. And so i got this: The mystery, the tree is the mystery, its roots knotted as surely as love. The spring flowers are the mystery, without calendar or clock they announce the season. The rill is the mystery, holding trout in its deepest, darkest heart. The fern is the mystery, knowing how to uncurl with no teacher but the sun. The path is a mystery, worn down by many feet yet still willing to support them. The gate is no mystery at all for we have put it the there to signal that house is near, though dog has but to lift his snout to know we are already home. I posted it on Terris blog. Then I let it sit again until it was time.

Separating them helped emphasize them individually. Its easy enough to skip lines when reading prose. When reading poetry, skipping can be easier. The lines are shorter, faster to race across. Dense poetry without line breaks positively invites skipping. But a poet doesnt break lines without good reason. My reason was that I was offering a tasting menu to my readers, andI needed to encourage them to get to the final, longer, key stanza, the one that tells the reader what the entire poem has been about.

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mini essay

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At first I wrote the whole thing without any stanza breaks, possibly because the time i would have had to take making the spaces was possibly the sinkhole that would eat the poem before i got it down paper. When i am writing in a white hot heat, i rarely remember much of what I have just written. And whole it always needs careful pruning after, there is usually some good stuff owning Id hate to lose. And then I let it sit for several hours. Some poems sit half-baked for days, weeks, months.

Some are done and dusted in the first rush of poetics. Some never get out of the starting gate. If this essay were a poem and not a journal entry, i would never let this many unattached metaphors live in the same place. In the next round, i began to break the lines apart. Because with that many discrete metaphors, each needed breathing space.

The Anatomy of a poem, i thought I would walk you through my process of writing a poem. Though each poem carves its own way, they all have some similarities in the revision process, and—as i often" (though I thought for years it was ciardi who said it but found out last year from a a friend that it was ciardi channeling. Well, i havent abandoned this one.yet. This particular poem began with a picture posted on Terri windlings blog Myth and moor. The picture is of a gnarled old tree in devon, think Arthur Rackham, think every spooky, twisted Ent you have ever envisioned. And these lines came to me: The tree is the mystery, its roots knotted as surely as love.

I thought I was going to write a whole poem about that tree. The next three linesabout the leaves hanging heavily and some awful metaphor about fruits of ardor or some suchwere so quickly erased, i have only a vague memory of how bad they were. Then the poem took off in its own direction. They do that, you know. The same blog entry featured Terris dog, a lovely and friendly female black lab mix named Tilly, which is why (I think) the poem ends the way it does. As soon as I gave it a title, the rest came out in a rush.

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Part 2, unicef established a program in thesis Bangladesh in 2012 on reducing child malnutrition. The organization has a mandate for working with child-related issues and a long track record projects in this area. According to their 2013 report available online, they managed to reduce malnutrition. Part 4, the results demonstrated by unicef are impressive: In a short period of time, they managed to promote a significant reduction of malnutrition in the country. On the other hand, the approach used does not give priority to in-country ownership, so it is likely that the structural problems happening in the country will continue to affect the wellbeing of the children living there. As an international organization, unicef has the experience and expertise to address child-related issues successfully, but as an international organization it still struggles to generate permanent change as an "outsider.". A more effective dialogue with the local government is necessary to change this situation. There are examples of this "new" kind of partnership being used by other development organizations, such as the ngo partners in health, which has a very successful program in Uganda to promote local government ownership. Perhaps a partnership between the two organizations could point to creative ways in which the project father's in Bangladesh can generate better outcomes in the future.

mini essay

Please choose one class from Unit 3 (private sector, the public sector, ngos, etc.). Then, select one organization from your chosen sector (fao or unicef from the private sector, national government or local government from the public sector, oxfam or msf from ngos, etc.) and select an initiative promoted by that organization within the past ten years. Assess the pros and cons of the intervention based on the conceptual framework we discussed in business class: Part 1: Explain the nature of the problem the intervention is trying to address. Part 2: Assess the comparative advantage of the organization in solving the problem. Part 3: Find evidence of performance (to the best of your ability). Part 4: Explore the trade-offs involved in the intervention. While parts 13 are essential, most of the essay should be focused on Part. Example outline, part 1, child nutrition is one of the most pressing developmental challenges in the 21st century. Bangladesh is one of the countries that had shown the greatest progress in the past few years, but there is a still lot to do in terms of developing permanent institutional capacity in the country.

five classes in Unit 1 and explain how it transformed the way you think about development. You must refer to both the required readings assigned for the class, as well as the topics discussed during the class discussions. Mini Essay 2: Reflection on Unit 2—development: From Theories to Strategies (Length: words). Please choose two classes from Unit. Explain the development strategy of "Period A" and how it transitioned to the strategies or situation of "Period." For example, you could explain how the developmental state led to the debt crisis or how the debt crisis led to the washington Consensus. Incorporate at least two graphs (from google data Explorer or another public opinion database of your preference) to illustrate your arguments. You should cite the required readings of the classes you chose to focus on as references in your mini essay. Mini Essay 3: Reflection on Unit 3—Connecting Institutions, Organizations, and Projects (Length: 750900 words).

This course had three required texts including The new peoplemaking by virginia satir, marriages and Families by mary Ann Lamana and Agnes reidmann, and Annual Editions by a variety of authors. These three articles really helped me to shed light on some of the hidden topics in family life. What exactly is a family? As defined in the lamana text it is any sexually expressive or parent-child or other kin relationship in which people The deceit herein is that, in reality, the world of work has been, for the most part, an extremely unpleasant world in which to live. The majority of men in recent History were working in terrible conditions - down filthy, dangerous mines - in the hot, unwholesome, poisonous construction industries of ship and house building, and in arduous heavy engineering projects such as building roads and bridges - in tedious. In the world of work, men were being 'oppressed' far more so than were their women at lined home. Students will complete three mini-essays at the end of Units 1, 2, and. The deadline for submission is the first day of class of the subsequent unit.

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The interaction of adults and parts children is one to be treasured. When a person becomes a parent they change. He/she instantly becomes more mature and are forced to take on numerous responsibilities. However, every parent will agree it is the best feeling one can have. It is truly a privilege to bring a child into this world, and there is nothing more special than to begin a family. During this course i choose to help facilitate two chapters: Work and Family and to parent or not to parent. This is what I have learned.

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Its important to me to live in the moment. Specified and developed the front end of a xml-based B 2B client/server system for the mortgage industry. Styles Printable From Special.

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  2. Date submitted: 04/24/2011 06:25. Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique. Posted on June 1, 2016 by jaceybutt. I suspect there were many ways in which Soraya taheri was a better person than. Mini Essay, outline - san dieguito Union High School District t/tchadwick/docs_10/ mini _essay. Pdf, mini -essay format, your Title for the, mini -essay : Introduction.

  3. Mini -essay: The Anatomy of a poem. If this essay were a poem and not a journal entry, i would never let this many unattached metaphors live in the same place. The mini essay helped us learn the little basics in order for our writing to develop. The mini essays were aimed to grow rhetorical awareness and teach us how to incorporate them in a broader. Mini Essay 2: Reflection on Unit 2—development: From Theories to Strategies (Length: words). Please choose two classes from Unit.

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