On writing well william zinsser

on writing well william zinsser

On Writing Well : The Classic guide to, writing

The handbook of good English - edward. Fowler's Modern English Usage -. Style guide - the Economist, eats, Shoots leaves - lynne Truss. Fight for English: How Language pundits Ate, shot, and Left - david Crystal. English Style guide - european Commission Directorate-general for Translation. Style manual -.

M: On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary

From m wiki, jump to: navigation, search, note: This article is a joint project of m members and guests. All translators are invited to add to this article. (Click "Edit" above; you must be logged.). If you don't know how wiki formatting works, see: besides the obvious reference material used for translation, such writing as dictionaries, termbases and thesauri, it is also very important that a translator use reference material that simply helps in writing well in the target language. Documents on style and typography can be used to write well, especially about when one doesn't have much experience yet as a translator, since such works of reference can actually teach translators the subtleties of the target language. Please, see this, proZ forum thread to read a discussion on this topic. Dutch, english, the Writer's Handbook - barry turner. The little, brown Compact Handbook - jane. The Oxford Style manual -. Ritter (also available as part of the 4-volume new Writer's Workshelf Set).

4/6: final manuscript business of public issue story due 4/13-4/15: Analyzing magazine content/writers guidelines. Reading: m, handouts, Writers Market 2008, * Well look at writers guidelines to see what magazines want from their writers. Students will present analysis of particular magazines to see what they publish, and think about how we, as writers, can plug. 4/13: draft of travel story due, via e-mail 4/21-4/22: In-class writing session 4/27-4/29 One-on-one consultations * be prepared to talk about your work and your career. Bring a resume, recent stories and some idea of where youre headed next semester. 4/27: final manuscript of travel story due 4/29: final feature outline due via e-mail 5/4-5/6 Marketing your work reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chaps. Well wrap up by talking about query letters, how to make contact with editors and freelance writing in general. 5/11 Wrapping up 5/11: final manuscript of choice feature due.

on writing well william zinsser

Writing, tips from Legendary, writing, teacher, william

3/2-3/4: Writing the personal essay reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chap. 6 * Who publishes this popular genre of writing? What elements make a good personal essay? Well look at Newsweeks my turn, This i believe and New York times lives and Modern love columns 3/2 final manuscript of profile due. 3/9-3/11: Catching up before Spring Break 3/9: draft of essay due, via e-mail 3/16-3/18: spring break 3/23-3/25: building the body of the story * This week well talk about how to flesh in the middle of your story * The joys of outlining * Best. 3/24: outline of public issue/social problem story due, via e-mail 3/24: final manuscript of personal essay due 3/30-4/1: developing a feature voice reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chap. 7 * How does a writer develop a magazine voice? Writing beyond cliche: we will try some creativity exercises to develop your own voice that doesnt use cliches. 4/6-4/8: revising reading: handouts and your own work * How to figure out whats wrong with your story and how to fix.

The American Scholar: Writing

on writing well william zinsser

English as a second

2/18: draft of food article due, via e-mail. 2/19-2/20 Writing the public issues piece reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chaps. 4 and 10 * What are the elements of a good public issues/social problem piece? How do we write about these issues in a way the reader can relate? Where do we find good sources and how do we approach the reporting?

Topics will include: finding the human element, and integrating informational material into a narrative, and structuring a readable story. 2/19: outline of profile due, via e-mail see handout for required format. 2/23-2/25: leads and endings reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chap. 3 * What are the different type of magazine leads and when do you use them? How do you know the lead works? How do you revise your lead and how does it relate to your ending?

Reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chap. 5 * How is magazine writing and reporting different from reporting shorter stories and hard news? What are the basic types of features and where do we read them? Well look at what makes a good profile, how to gather the information you need, and what kinds of structures work best for longer stories. we will also talk about story ideas, and discuss which ones work and why.

2/4-2/11: Writing about food and travel reading: Handouts * What are the elements of good food and travel stories? Well tour the library to find some helpful resources, along with the huge archive of food writing over the past century. If you are planning to write your travel feature about a spring break destination, heres your chance to start your pre-travel research. 2/4: list of all story ideas due, via e-mail see handout for required format. 2/18-2/23: Research/resources and interviewing reading: The Art of feature Writing, Chaps. 8, 9 * Where do reporters find sources? Basic research techniques, both electronic and shoe-leather * Documentary sources and how to use them * Interviewing primary sources, note-taking and the logistics of researching longer pieces.

The American Scholar: How to Write a memoir, william Zinsser

A food story due: 2/21/09. A father's personal essay due: 3/24/09. A travel piece due: 4/27/09. The food and travel pieces must both have at least one historical or literary reference, and at least two live,"d sources. Travel pieces must be about a place you are familiar with, and can report about. Ideally, these will be destinations you will visit during the semester, and need not be foreign or exotic places. Course outline, we will cover different aspects of feature writing each week, including the following topics: 1/28-2/2: Introduction/ Writing about people and places/outlining, structuring the longer story.

on writing well william zinsser

All stories should be submitted in standard manuscript format, and to the specifications in the accompanying handout. No stories will be accepted after deadline. The 1,200 word pieces. A profile of a person support or a place due: 3/2/09. A public issue or social problem due: 4/6/09. A feature on your choice of topic due: 5/11/09. The 850-word pieces.

you will not be attending because of medical or family emergency, the only two acceptable reasons for non-attendance. Any more than two unexcused absences will result in the loss of a half-grade. reading and analysis. All reading assignments will require some written responses. Speak up and make this the best class youand your fellow studentshave ever taken. Assignments, you will write three major features of 1,200 words each and three 800-word pieces during the semester.

The Art of feature Writing, by earl. Hutchison, strongly suggested, on Writing Well, by william Zinsser. Writers Market 2008, Writers Digest books, want to read more? For an expanded list of books about writing, see my website,. Note: This is not a sports writing class. No sports-related articles will be accepted. This includes profiles of umass or other athletes, essays long about love for the red Sox or the patriots, etc. Grades, grades will be based on the following: * Writing assignments.

The 12, best books on Writing i 've ever read - jerry

Journalism 492M, magazine Writing, monday wednesday, 1:25-3:15, spring 2009. Roche, e-mail: Instructor Website: m, course blog: journal492M. Office: journalism Program, 108 Bartlett Hall. Telephone: (413) 545-5930, office hours: Thursdays 9:30-2, or by appointment. Please sign up for an appointment on my office window. Student goals for this course * to build on skills acquired in journalism 300 * to report, structure and write longer features database in a magazine style * to report, structure and write different types of short features * to learn about the magazine publishing industry. Texts, required (available at umass Textbook annex).

On writing well william zinsser
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  2. Anyway, i just started reading. William, zinsser s On Writing Well, a book i should have read a long time ago. For new writers, or those looking to get back in the habit, we recommend William Zinsser s On Writing Well. On Writing Well - william Zinsser. Handbook for Writers - prentice hall. Roget s International Thesaurus.

  3. He was born, william, sydney porter in Greensboro north Carolina on, september 11, 1862, and his life was not easy. This is a" from. On, writing, well by, william, zinsser and something I struggle with when writing tutorials. Strongly suggested, on, writing, well, by, william, zinsser. Writers Market 2008, Writers Digest books. Tags: consulting, fee, freelancing, writing, posted in make money blogging 8 Comments ยป For this reason, On, writing, well is particularly helpful for.

  4. Folks that like the Elements of Style will also enjoy. On, writing, well by, william, zinsser. Full story: On, writing, well, 30th Anniversary Edition: The Classic guide. Writing, nonfiction by, william, zinsser, here s another angle: screen shot. 273"s have been tagged as travel- writing : Roman payne: A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot. In books, literature, writing, september 11th, 2012 3 Comments.

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