State your hypothesis

state your hypothesis

The six-Minute, hypothesis, rule

Photograph each piece of filter paper for your results as well. 7 Repeat the experiment. All good scientific data can be replicated. Repeat your experiment at least one time and see if you get the same results. Ideally, you will repeat at least three times total. 12 If your results are not the same, think about why that might. Propose solutions to address this problem. For our example, run multiple trials of the same color candy.

1 Lab report hypothesis

Make detailed observations plan during the process. Take pictures and write down resume notes. Document everything you did during the actual experiment. Write down all results. Ask yourself the following questions as you go and write down the answers. Did anything not go as planned? Did you skip or add steps in the procedure? Did anything surprising happen? For our example, record the distances traveled of the spot from the original sample and record the total distance the water traveled. 11 take pictures of your experimental set-up and at each stage of the process.

10 For our example, the known food dye is a constant variable. Other constant variables are using the same temperature and amount of water for each run, using the same type of filter paper, and comparing all of your unknown candies to the same food coloring dye. List your variables, identifying all three types in your experiment. Make sure you only have one independent variable per experiment. 6 Perform the experiment. Now that youve parts done all the proper preparation, you are ready for the fun part. Follow your written procedure and do the experiment.

state your hypothesis

Hypothesis, statements - finish, your

A properly designed experiment has only one independent variable. 8 For example, the write independent variable is the color of the candy used in each run. You can test a blue and brown m m and/or a red and green skittle. It is unknown and will be compared to the known constant variables of the food coloring dye. The dependent variable is the condition that the scientist observes in response to the independent variable. 9 The dependent variable is the dye that makes up each candy. At the end of the experiment you will observe the dye that makes up the color of each candy. The constant variables are conditions that stay the same between experiments. Constant variables or controls allow you to determine that the dependent variable is changing only in response to the independent variable and not some additional changing variables.

Use another popsicle stick to transfer the dye to a spot on the filter paper about 1 inch (3 cm) from the bottom. Spot a drop of known food dye on a separate sheet of filter paper to compare to the candy. Place the filter paper in the water so it is just barely touching and let the water rise up through capillary action. Remove the strips when the water is about a quarter inch from the top of the paper. Mark the strip at the highest point the water rose. Let the filter paper dry, then analyze the paper to see if the dyes have similar color spots on the filter. 5 Identify your variables. There are three types of variables in any given experiment: independent, dependent, and constant. An independent variable is one that the scientist manipulates.

Definition and Examples, how to, state

state your hypothesis

Hypothesis, testing - statistics How

This proposal is based on research and must be either supported or refuted through experimentation. 5 A hypothesis is usually written as an If this than that statement. 6 For example: If an m m is green, it will be made up of yellow and blue dyes. 4 Plan the paperless experiment. Make a written step-by-step procedure for your experiment. Having everything planned beforehand ensures everything will go smoothly when you alumni actually perform the experiment.

Mentally go through every step while writing your procedure. Come up with an alternative strategy if the first attempt doesnt go exactly as planned. For candy chromatography 7, you will be comparing the chromatograph of known food dyes to that of colored candies to determine what dyes were used. Here is a condensed sample procedure: Set-up the experiment by filling your glass with water at the bottom. Attach filter paper to the popsicle stick using the binder clip. Extract dye from the candy by placing it on top of a drop of water for three minutes. Removing the candy leaves you with a small droplet of dyed water.

Take detailed notes while doing your research to simplify the writing process. Write down all of your sources so they can be properly cited. Lets say we want to do an experiment using chromatography to identify the food dyes used in certain candies. Youd want to research what chromatography is and what it can be used for. 3 2, gather the necessary materials.

Once youve done your research, you should have a good idea of what materials youll need to complete your experiment. Make a list of all of the things you will need. Gather the materials you already have at home and ask a parent to help you get the rest. Keep everything in one place so youll have easy access to it when youre ready to begin. For candy chromatography, youd need different colored candies such as skittles or m ms, filter paper strips, water, a clear glass or beaker, food coloring, popsicle sticks, binder clips, and a ruler. A hypothesis is a proposed answer to a scientific problem.

Hypothesis for a dissertation: Top Tips

Repeat experiments if necessary. Day 5: Analyze your data and draw some conclusions. Start drafting your report and outlining the board. Day 6-7: make clear concise figures of your data, write the final report, and put together the board. Part 2, performing the Experiments 1, do the proper background research. Before starting any experiment you have to do a little bit of background research on your problem. Use reputable sources such as the books from the library and websites ending.

state your hypothesis

If you only have a week to finish, make a daily schedule and stick. If you thoroughly plan everything beforehand it will be easier to finish on time. Be sure to leave extra time in case goods you run into unexpected bumps in the road. Try a schedule similar to the one listed below. Day 1: List topics and research potential projects. Day 2: Choose a project and gather the materials. Day 3-4: Perform the experiments. If you have an experiment that takes multiple days try condensing days 1 and 2 into one day to give yourself more time.

week to complete. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding which project is best for you. Does it interest you? Do you have access to all of the necessary materials? How long will it take to perform the experiments? Is there enough time to repeat everything if it doesnt work properly the first time? 4, make a timeline for completion.

Once youve chosen a statement topic, research some projects that fit with that topic. There are two general types of projects: investigation and invention. Investigation projects seek to answer a specific question. 1, if you want to know the why and how something happens, choose an investigation project. Invention projects seek to solve a specific problem. Try searching online or find books at the library to find potential projects. Search for both investigation and invention projects to give you a variety of options. Some examples of quick projects include dna isolation from strawberries, chromatography using colorful candies, making a simple circuit, and growing salt or sugar crystals.

Your, science fair Project

We use cookies to summary make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, choosing a project 1, list some topics that interest you. The first step to create an amazing science project is to pick a topic that interests you. If youre interested in the topic, youll want to make the presentation the best that you can because it will be fun. Start with a general topic such as physics, chemistry, or biology and get more specific from there. 2, research potential projects.

State your hypothesis
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  6. Using an alpha level.05, test the null hypothesis, and state your decision about whether or not the researcher should reject the null hypothesis. A hypothesis is a proposed answer to a scientific problem. This proposal is based on research and must be either supported.

  7. It is important to be as specific as possible and to state your hypothesis in a way that you can easily measure to see if you are correct. If appropriate, state the relationship between the independent and. If the results of your science experiment did not support your hypothesis, don't. State your hypothesis : Possible answer: I predict that the orchids will grow best with a medium concentration of fertilizer. In summary, in order to conduct useful research, be sure to state the direction of your hypothesis statement! My hypothesis was ( state your hypothesis, along with why you think that would be the outcome).

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