Television business plan

television business plan

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92 San Marino completed its switch-off on Thursday 2 December 2010. Serbia launched its first dtt transmissions in 2005. The first dtt-only channel was made available in 2008. As of 2013, the dvb-t2 network covers Belgrade and much of Vojvodina, several cities in Šumadija and Western Serbia and the southern city of niš. 93 Digital tv switchover for 98 of citizens started on 1 September 2014. Transition progressed in six stages. First switchoff took place in Vršac on 94 Last switchoff took place on Slovakia : Slovakia finished analog transmission broadcasts on Monday, 31 December 2012.

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Macedonia : Analog transmissions were terminated on Saturday, 86 Malta terminated all analog services on Monday, the switch-off was originally planned for Wednesday but was delayed for unknown reasons. 87 Monaco switched off their analog tv broadcasts on tuesday montenegro : Has shut down analog signals on 88 Netherlands moved to digital-only terrestrial broadcasting on Monday, 11 December 2006, being the second country to. The switch-off was noticed by few, since the overwhelming majority receive tv via cable and only around 74,000 households relied on terrestrial over-the-air broadcasts. 89 The switch-off was helped greatly as cable continued to use analog distribution, and thus consumers' old tuners continued to be useful. In March 2018, major cable provider Ziggo has announced that it will gradually phase out analogue cable tv transmissions in the next two years. 90 Norway : The switch-off of the analog transmissions started in March 2008 and was completed on tuesday 1 December 2009. Norway started its dtt service on the saturday 1 September 2007. 91 Poland : The switch-off of the analog terrestrial transmissions was completed on tuesday, further information: Digital terrestrial television in Poland Portugal : Digital broadcasts started on Wednesday portugal's government hoped to cover 80 of the territory with dtv by the end of 2009, and. The switchover began on Thursday romania has one student of the highest pay-tv penetration rates in Europe, with over 98 of homes receiving cable or satellite tv services. Also over 90 of population is covered with dvb-t2 digital terestrial television signal. The last analog transmittors were switched off on when tvr decided to order the shut down due to low demand and high operating costs.

Ireland : Digital television was launched in Ireland as saorview on Friday 24 At launch it had 5 standard-definition channels and 1 high-definition channel. The analog service was terminated on Wednesday 84 and was replaced by a second multiplex for saorview. A small number of low power independent analog re-broadcast systems remained licensed until the monday 31 December 2012. 85 There has been no date released for the shutdown of analog cable, and many major cable companies (e.g. Virgin Media ireland ) are still actively offering analog. Analog satellite was discontinued on Thursday 27 September 2001, making the uk and Ireland the first countries in Europe with digital-only satellite. Israel started digital transmissions in mpeg-4 on Sunday analog transmissions ended on Thursday italy : The conversion to digital television progressed regionbyregion. It started in Sardinia on Wednesday, and was completed on Wednesday, when the last analog transmitters in the Province of Palermo were shut down. Kosovo (partially recognized state has shutdown analog signals on Latvia remote 's analog television completely converted to digital broadcasting on tuesday lithuania : The switch-off of the analog terrestrial transmissions was completed on Monday, luxembourg shut down their last analog transmitter on uhf channel.

television business plan

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The switch-off of terrestrial analog transmitters was completed on tuesday 25 november 2008, except one main transmitter in Bad Mergentheim, which was shut down in June 2009. Analog satellite receivers were still used by 6 of households in 2010 - the highest in Europe. The analog satellite transmissions were switched off on Monday, being the last in Europe. However, analog cable is still used by about 30 of the population and 55 of all cable broadcasts, so therefore a cable switchover parts is unlikely to happen in the near future. The cable tv provider Unitymedia switched off analog cable on 77 georgia : Analog broadcasts should have been switched off, but due to the flooding in Tbilisi, which occurred on the night of 13 to logue switch-off happened on 78 Greece : The analog terrestrial. 79 80 Hungary : Hungarian analog terrestrial transmissions stopped on Thursday, after completing two phases that ended on 31 July and 31 October, respectively. Iceland : All analog terrestrial transmissions were switched off on Monday, 2 February 2015.

74 Analogue cable was switched off on 9 February 2016. 75 Estonia 's analog television was switched off completely on Thursday, analog closedown warning broadcast in Finland. Finland ceased analog terrestrial transmissions nationwide at 04:00, saturday, 1 September 2007 76 (the switch-off was previously planned for midnight on 1 September but a few extra hours were added for technical reasons). This was controversial, as the cost of a digital tv set in Finland at the time was heavily criticised and saw a substantial decrease in how much the television license cost. Cable tv viewers continued to receive analog broadcasts until the end of February 2008. France switched off all analog services (terrestrial, satellite and cable) on tuesday, 29 november 2011. This included overseas departments and territories such as guadeloupe, french guiana, martinique, mayotte, réunion, french Polynesia, new Caledonia, saint Barthelemy, saint Martin, saint pierre and Miquelon, and Wallis and Futuna. Germany started the switch-off in the berlin area, beginning on Friday, 1 november 2002 and completing on Monday " Simulcast " digital transmissions started in other parts of the country in an effort to prepare for a full switchover.

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television business plan

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67 Armenia : Has shut down analog essay signals on Austria : Began analog switch-off on Monday, progressing from the west to the east. 68 The analog broadcast was shut down nationwide at the end of 2010 regarding the main transmitters. 69 The last analog translators were switched off on azerbaijan : Began analog switch-off on Sunday, completed on 70 71 Belarus : Analogue broadcasting was disabled in uhf band and in the vhf band (channels 6-12). The final analogue switch-off occurred at the end of 2015. Belgium : Media regulations are under regional legislation.

Flanders switched off analog television on Monday 3 november 2008, while in Wallonia, all analog services were switched off on Monday, making the country completely serviced by digital signal. However, analog cable is still used by many cable subscribers, so therefore a cable switchover is unlikely to happen in the near future. Bulgaria : The analog signal was officially terminated on Monday, 30 September 2013. 72 Further information: Digital terrestrial television in Bulgaria croatia : Analog television broadcasts were switched off for all national tv channels on tuesday t 12:35 and for local tv channels on Saturday 20 november 2010. 73 Cyprus terminated all analog transmissions on Thursday moved to digital-only transmissions in mpeg-4 on Friday czech Republic : The last analog retransmitters in the south-east Moravia and the northern Moravia - silesia were switched off on Saturday, denmark switched off all terrestrial analog services.

A few border analog transmitters targeting North Korea were switched off in June 2015. Failed verification 65 Qatar : The analog terrestrial transmissions were terminated on Monday, 13 February 2012 and was replaced by a multiplex for Nilesat. The government plans to shut off analog cable by qatar was transitioning from using mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 for its terrestrial broadcasts, a process which began on Sunday, qatar adopted dvb-t2 in February 2013. Analog satellite transmission were switched off on Monday digital television launched terrestrially throughout Arab world on Monday (known as Nilesat). Saudi Arabia : The analog terrestrial transmissions were terminated on Monday 13 February 2012 and was replaced by a multiplex for Nilesat. The government plans to shut off analog cable by saudi Arabia was transitioning from using mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 for its terrestrial broadcasts, a process which began on Sunday saudi Arabia adopted dvb-t2 in March 2013.

Singapore launched digital terrestrial television under Mediacorp in June 2006 (dvb-t) and December 2013 (dvb-t2). The country announced that free-to-air broadcaster Mediacorp will transmit all its free-to-air channels digitally in dvb-t2. Analogue tv channels will be switched off in end 2017 and Mediacorp tv channels will be broadcast in digital only. 66 On 6 november 2017, imdb announced that it had further extended their analogue broadcasting till 31 December 2018, in order to facilitate more time for Singapore households to switch to digital tv as soon as possible. On the same day, an "Analogue" watermark is placed bottom to the channel logos to differentiate televisions using analogue broadcast. 7 taiwan : Digital television launched terrestrially throughout taiwan on Friday, analog terrestrial television ended transmission on Saturday, the shut down of analog cable television is in progress. United Arab Emirates : The analog terrestrial transmissions were terminated on Monday, 13 February 2012 and was replaced by a multiplex for Nilesat. The government plans to shut off analog cable by United Arab Emirates were transitioning from using mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 for its terrestrial broadcasts, a process which began on Sunday united Arab Emirates adopted dvb-t2 in February 2013. Europe edit Albania : Analog broadcasts were switched off on Andorra completed its switch-off on tuesday 25 September 2007.

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Analog terrestrial television transmissions in the yardage remainder of Ishikawa Prefecture and 43 other prefectures stopped analog broadcasting at noon on Sunday, along with the analog satellite services; three remaining prefectures ( fukushima, iwate, thesis and miyagi ) that were destroyed or heavily damaged in the.0. 61 like netherlands, germany and Sweden, an analog cable service (known as Dejiana since ) continued to be broadcast, but starting on, all cable providers in Japan were required to convert from analog to digital within the next three years. The last cable providers shut down their analog services on 62 All television stations across the country are now broadcasting only in digital, ending an analog-digital simulcast period that began on Monday 1 December 2003 in the kantō region (which expanded to all other prefectures. Malaysia : The first dttb services were rolled out on, starting in a few test areas, while full nationwide coverage to an estimated 98 populated areas is slated by the end of the analog-digital simulcast period. 63 The official launch of digital broadcasts happened on by prime minister. Analog broadcasting official completely turned off Saturday t 00:00 mst by shut down of analog cable television last analog transmitters in nationwide end transmissions. South Korea : Digital switchover progressed regionbyregion, with the first analog transmitters in Uljin, north gyeongsang Province ending transmissions on Wednesday, 1 September 2010. 64 Analog broadcasting official completely turned off Monday 31 December 2012 at 04:00 kst by shut down of analog cable television last analog transmitters in seoul, gyeonggi Province and Incheon end transmissions.

television business plan

Zfb-tv (analog channel 7) and zbm-tv (analog channel 9 the two television stations in Bermuda, have now switched to digital channels.1 and.2, respectively. 57 like its parent nation (the United Kingdom ) and unlike the United States, canada and the bahamas (which have been transitioning to atsc bermuda switched over to dvb-t. Mexico : Digital broadcasts commenced in 2000, with the first being Tijuana 's xetv an English-language television station that primarily served San diego, california between the 1960s and the early 2010s. Analog shutdown was originally scheduled to occur in 2021, but on Thursday, 2 September 2010, mexican government advanced the analog airport shutdown from 2021 to 2015., areas began to be switched over regionally depending on the presence of digital television stations and a campaign headed. The first digital switchover was to begin on tuesday, in Tijuana, but was postponed to 18 July due to the 2013 Baja california state elections. 59 The switchover was completed nationwide on 31 December 2015, when all remaining analog television stations left the air. 27 Mexico then instituted a nationwide remapping of network stations in late 2015 requiring most of them to map to the channel number in either Mexico city, or for regional networks, the main metro area served by the network's flagship station. Asia edit Analog closedown warning broadcast in Japan. Japan : The analog shutdown began on in suzu, ishikawa.

Switch-over commenced Switch-over completed Albania. 49 Gabon had turned off all analog signals on 50 Ghana : Analog switch-off occurred in June 2015, switching to dvb-t. 51 Kenya : Analog switch off was supposed to take place in 2013, however media houses challenged the move in court and the switch off has since been moved to 31 December 2014 for the metropolitan areas and their surroundings while in the rest. Mauritius : Analog shut off on Switched to dvb-t. 52 Namibia : Analog signals were terminated on 13 September 2014. Rwanda : Shut off the last of its analog signals in March 2014. Switched to dvb-t, 52 with plans to upgrade to dvb-t2 in the future. 53 Tanzania : Shut off the last of its analog signals in July 2014. Switched to dvb-t2 52 54 Zambia : Analog shut off on 31 December 2014. 55 56 Americas edit bermuda : The bermuda Broadcasting Company terminated over-the-air ntsc-m broadcasts as of March 2016.

In other cases government policies have been introduced to about encourage or force the switchover process, especially with regard to terrestrial broadcasts. Government intervention usually involves providing some funding for broadcasters and, in some cases monetary relief to viewers, to enable a switchover to happen by a given deadline. The switchover process is being accomplished on different schedules in different countries; in some countries it is being implemented in stages as in Australia, brazil, India, mexico, and the United Kingdom, where each region has a separate date to switch off. In others, the whole country switches on one date, such as the netherlands, which switched off its analog terrestrial services on 11 December 2006. 1, on, berlin became the world's first city to switch off terrestrial analogue signals. 2, luxembourg was the first country to complete its terrestrial switchover, in September 2006. 3, technically the United Kingdom and Ireland were the first countries that turned off analogue signals - in the form of satellite television on 28 September but terrestrial signals in the two countries were not switched until 2012. Contents, timeline edit Transition progress: Transition completed; all analog signals terminated Transition partially completed; most analog signals terminated Transition in progress; broadcasting both analog and digital signals Transition in early phases or has not yet started Broadcasts analog signals only no information available 2002. This date was generally viewed as an internationally mandated analog switch-off date, at least along national borders.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. The digital television transition, also called the digital switchover, the analog switch-off aso or the analog shutdown, is the process in which older analog television broadcasting is converted to and replaced by digital television. This primarily involves the conversion of analog terrestrial television to digital terrestrial. However, it also involves analog cable conversion to digital cable or internet protocol television, as well as analog to digital satellite television. Begun by some countries around 2000, this is an involved process because the existing analog television receivers owned by viewers cannot receive digital broadcasts; viewers must either purchase new digital TVs, or converter boxes which change the digital signal to an analog signal which can. In many countries, a simulcast service is operated where a broadcast is made available to viewers in both analog and digital at the same time. As digital becomes more popular, it is likely that the existing analog services will be removed. In some cases this has already happened, statement where a broadcaster has offered incentives to viewers to encourage them to switch to digital.

Television business plan
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  3. Dhs engages closely with our private sector and community partners to provide advice and assistance about protective measures they may implement. Television Business, report rbr -tvbr is focused on the business side of the radio and television industry, offering deep financial and regulatory coverage. Writing a comprehensive business plan is the first step in starting a business. Your business plan will: guide you as you make your business a reality. The digital television transition, also called the digital switchover, the analog switch-off (aso or the analog shutdown, is the process in which older analog television broadcasting is converted to and replaced by digital television. Create an investment-worthy business plan with our template builder.

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