Writing a letter to someone who inspires you

writing a letter to someone who inspires you

An Open, letter, to, my most Inspirational Friend

I never once felt pressure to make changes or additions to any part of the manuscript. I listened to her comments and suggestions, then made the changes I felt necessary. Steven Spires Graetna, louisana Three little Shrimp, inspired books, 2013 The oak tree, inspired books, 2015 m "When I first contacted Esther, i wrote, 'teach me and I will be grateful.'  How far she took me in such a short time, teaching me craft and. As a Writing coach, Esther has brought her extraordinary skills and knowledge to each and every one of my projects. She embraces each manuscript as if it were her own. Esther coaches, Esther teaches, Esther inspires, and Esther cares. Esther always, always goes far beyond all expectations. When she says she has her clients in both her hard drive and her heart drive, she means.

Writing, prompts That Will, inspire

She is an expert in the children's market and I feel very blessed to have her on my team! —lisa maggiore Chicago, il ava the monster Slayer: a warrior Who wears Glasses, sky pony publishing, fall, 2015 m Esthers critique was pivotal in helping my story three little shrimp become a publishable childrens picture book. After Hurricane katrina i began to write the stories that had been stored away in my mind for years. Before getting three little shrimp published, i decided to have it professionally proofread just in case i had missed something grammatically. I found Esther and made arrangements to have my manuscript edited. I just knew she would think the same thing about my story as everyone else did that it was awesome! When she returned it a few weeks later, i was dumbfounded! My perfect story needed work! As I read through the thoughts and suggestions Esther had made, i realized that I had done the right thing by sending it to her. In our conversations, i felt Esther was on my side and that she was truly interested in the success of my story.

I took esther's picture book class at the newberry library and enjoyed her so much that I paid for a coaching session. Esther loves picture books and embraced my flawed manuscript with open arms. She gave my manuscript a lengthy review and helped make the story resume better, literally! I took a suggestion she made and wrote it into the manuscript-in my own words of course! Esther gave me confidence in telling "my" story and challenged me (with a huge smile on her face) to make the story more. "Can the stakes be higher? Can you raise the ante?" But she also gave solid publishing advice which, as a novice in all things writing, i gobbled.

writing a letter to someone who inspires you

Describe a letter you wrote to someone

As my coach she was very encouraging with the project overall. She asked great questions and shared very helpful, time-proven information. But most importantly she gentle nudged me to move from just sharing memories to telling a story that would grip the hearts of children thesis and their parents. . On December 1st, 2015 my decade old dream came true. I remember fishing with dad was released. Since then sales have been great (it is currently being sold at 6 Coscto locations in the seattle area). More importantly parents have told me that it is a story that grips the heart of their kids And theirs too! I included Esther in the dedication of my book to communicate how thankful I was for her remote coaching. —jason Dorsey redmond, wemember Fishing with Dad, just Dust Publishers, 2016 m Esther is a writers dream!

Esther's encouragement and enthusiasm were invaluable as I tackled something completely new and overwhelming. I couldn't have done any of this without her and I look forward to working with Esther on my next Almigal book. " —wendy kupfer, delray beach, fl let's hear It For Almigal, handfinger Press, scbwi spark honor Award m Esther has been an amazing book coach.  She was full of ideas, suggestions and guidance when it came to my picture book manuscript.  Everyone needs a team when writing a book and I felt lucky to have esther on my team.  She kept coming up with new ideas and has generously given of her time and expertise to jakes Kindergarten Checkup. De freitas San diego, ca jakes Kindergarten Checkup,. Dees Publishing, 2016 I had the great opportunity to work with Esther for a couple sessions.

Writing a, love, letter : Ideas, tips and

writing a letter to someone who inspires you

Sample, letter to a friend, who, is Hospitalized

I would never be in the place i am today if it wasnt for Esthers genius in her field. —maureen Stolar Kanefield, Chicago, the magic of Maxwell and His tail, magic Tale Press Inc., 2014 http m, is Esther Hershenhorn immensely knowledgeable about the childrens book industry? . Is she knowledgeable about plot and character and theme and all that is literary? . Can she spot problem areas in your manuscript and give you cogent suggestions on how to improve your story? . does she send you an array of impressive hand-outs you can refer to when shes not around to answer your questions?

But you get something more than all that with Esther: you get someone who cares. . She cares about your story and she cares about you, the writer. Esther gives you encouragement when you doubt yourself and your story, empathy when things dont turn out like you had hoped, and she celebrates with you when things finally turn out right. Should you consider contacting Esther if you need help with your current writing project? . —karen Kulinski, griffith, Indiana, rescuing ivy, high Hill Press, 2015 m "Esther Hershenhorn is an absolute treasure and I can't thank her enough for all her help and advice with writing, publishing and marketing Let's hear It For Almigal! Esther's knowledge and experience about every aspect of children's books is incredible. I originally reached out to Esther for writing guidance and editing, but not only did she help me create an adorable and engaging story, she also helped me tremendously in all the steps that followed, including marketing, school visits zindagi and web design.

I cannot imagine a better literary guide, editor and friend than Esther Hershenhorn. —Amy Andrews, chicago, illinois, the boy who Dreamed of Infinity, candlewick Press 2019 "Upon hiring Esther to edit Jacks Tales, i immediately gained an incredible editor, a writing coach, a mentor, an ally, and a publicist wrapped in one awesome package! Not to mention she is fun to work with, a genuinely inspiring person. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her! Esther is my game changer, and I told her that as long as I pursue a career in writing childrens books, Im not letting her." —jim Westcott.

Rochester, ny, jacks Tales, splashing Cow books, 2015 m, esther Hershenhorn is truly an awe-inspiring teacher, coach, and mentor. Esther believes in her students and energizes them to believe in themselves. She has transformed me from a fledgling childrens writer to a published author. Esther encouraged me to continue my journey with endless help and guidance, as she does for all her students. Esther took me through the steps necessary to create a highly-recognized award-winning childrens picture book. Her infinite amount of knowledge in the world of childrens book writing and publishing is unsurmountable. She prepares information for her students that will be used for a lifetime. Esthers warmth, dedication, and unique energy are qualities that make her a consummate professional. She has a naturally addictive personality that makes her students wanting to come back for more.

Write a letter to someone who inspires you from your favorite author

Esther was generous with her time, she stood strong, cheered me to find my voice and tap into the depth of a story that would entertain and inspire readers to believe in themselves. In a million years I would never have found the courage to write a children's book in a manner my grandmother would have told it! Esther truly showed me tinogona, it is achievable! Salinas, california, the girl Who buried Her Dreams in a can, viking books for young readers, October, 2015 m, i worked with Esther through scbwi-illinois laura Crawford Memorial Mentorship program. From the very first meeting I was blown away by Esthers zeal, her commitment to the mentorship process, and her human warmth. She read my previous work, got to know me as a person, and very quickly discerned the heart of my story. She is an expert editor, guaranteed able to see both what a story is missing and what is already working. She guides gently, inspiring rather than proscribing, but at the same time, she presses for real effort, hoping to bring the story into its very best form. This mentorship inspired me, taught me more than i ever could have learned from books or lectures, and resulted in my signing with Rosemary Stimola (of Stimola literary Studios) and getting a contract with Candlewick Press.

writing a letter to someone who inspires you

She simply gave me permission to be a hero - to write like a hero - to tell my tale of a hero. —joe lawson, author, imperial,. Tackling Tires, splashing Cow books, september, 2016, esther is an exceptionally talented coach for children's book writers. Known from the Oprah Winfrey show as 'the girl who buried her dreams i knew my fans would want my picture book autobiography to inspire and motivate their children. Except, i had no idea how to write such a story! Not only was Esther reflective and insightful, she helped me bring my grandmother's traditional story-telling style to the book in a way that book would resonate. As a first time writer, i stumbled and felt overwhelmed.

April, 2017 m, esther was undoubtedly the Prime mover on my writing journey. She literally read three short sample paragraphs of mine and instinctively believed (way before i did) that I was a writer. She spent the next ten years encouraging, inspiring, instructing, motivating, and coaching me to cross the finish line. There were so many times she just refused to let me give. And now my first Middle Grade fiction chapter book is getting published. I think she's happier for me than. Now, after all this time, i realize what Esther really did for.

John Wiley, 2004, oh! Where do i begin guaranteed when it comes to Esther? Let me start by saying she is priceless when it comes to editing and brainstorming. I recall the many times i asked her question after question via email or on the phone regarding writing issues I had encountered. She never tired of answering them. Instead, she embraced me and helped me to work through them. Working with Esther has been an absolute pleasure.

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Featured Article, thanks to all authors for summary creating a page that has been read 2,028,737 times. Did this article help you? Other coaches may have followed her lead, but on the writing field, Esther Hershenhorn is the Phil Jackson of Writing coaches. Time spent with her is truly transformative, both for the author and for the work. —Esme raji codell, chicago, il m, when I gave up my own editorial service, i searched for someone who could take it over for me who had the same dedication to the care and nurturing of writers that I had put into the job. I found that person in Esther Hershenhorn. —barbara seuling, author, how to Write a children's book and Get It Published.

Writing a letter to someone who inspires you
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  2. Esther has been an amazing book coach. She was full of ideas, suggestions and guidance when it came to my picture book manuscript. Everyone needs a team when writing a book and I felt lucky to have esther on my team.

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