Against homosexuality essay

against homosexuality essay

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Every human being goes through challenges and pain. But the homosexual ideology seems to reason that this particular challenge makes a person different from everyone else in some way, in much the same way that a person diagnosed with bipolar disorder will often see the world around them as the real problem —. That is where this whole gay identity thought process evolved from. LifeSiteNews: your journey seems inherently linked to discovering the person of Jesus Christ in Christianity. People in the culture will tend to write you off as a christian nutcase because of this. What role has Jesus played in your journey away from same-sex attraction? Do you think jesus has a role to play in the life of anyone seeking to leave the gay identity behind? Bailey: Most people assume that, because i do support counseling and professional conversion therapy as avenues to consider within this journey, i myself have been through some sort of therapy.

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It is the only way for them to remain salesman secure in the falsehood. LifeSiteNews: What does someone who leaves the gay lifestyle have to look forward to in the years to come? What have you gained the most? Bailey: I see myself differently. I see other people differently. And I see the world around me quite museum differently. That doesnt mean that everything in my life is now blissful and stress-free. And it doesnt mean that I dont still feel the human pangs of loneliness and depression on occasion. But I see my insecurities as identifiable weaknesses that can all be understood and overcome with time, in light of my own proper acknowledgement and truthful recognition of my individual human weaknesses. I now understand that homosexual behavior is not the legitimate answer for the pain that I may still feel inside of myself during rough or low times.

So it is on purpose that I call this journey a restoration rather than a change or a conversion. There is no way to fully comprehend or predict the personal cost, effort and sacrifice involved for any individual, until that person embarks upon this journey by personal choice, by his or her own free will. Society should not be expected to make any accommodations for those who therefore refuse to take this journey, and remain trapped in the self-serving cycle of their own dysfunctional sexual behaviors. Nor should responsible parents be denied word the lawful ability to seek out the professional help that their children may desperately need and desire. The reality of this entire issue is that homosexuality is a harmful behavior pattern, and not a human identity or a human right. People often wonder why would the gay activists be trying to outlaw professional means of therapy and counseling for the pursuit of freedom from unwanted homosexual behaviors, if they truly embrace the tolerance that they preach? What is it that they are actually so afraid of? I will tell you that what they fear the most is the breakdown and destruction of the inward lies that form the foundation of their own gay identity, and everything that the gay rights movement has been built upon. That is why gay activists will always insist that this form of dysfunctional sexual behavior is who they are.

against homosexuality essay

Disctimination, against, homosexuals, essay

Gay activists, for example, vehemently insist that this journey ive taken is harmful. They have even managed to get bills passed in California and New Jersey which outlaw counseling for persons desiring help toward becoming free from their homosexual behaviors and addictions. I barbing freely admit that this freedom ive found is a journey that could very well involve a lifetime, rather than a simple transition of just a few short years. We didnt end up in this mess overnight, and we shouldnt expect to remove ourselves from it overnight, either, i will often tell people. I also acknowledge that this journey will cause some inward conflict, pain and emotional discomfort at times, even when it is chosen as a path. But I do believe that sexual restoration is ultimately a very healthy choice in the end, and not a harmful one. Nothing of extraordinary value is ever going to be easy to achieve, write after all.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews from Texas where he lives with his wife della and his two college-aged daughters, Amber and Amanda, bailey spoke about what he has gained by leaving behind the homosexual identity, the role of God in bringing about sexual healing, about. The following interview has been condensed. LifeSiteNews: What happens to someone when they abandon a gay identity? Is the pain, the loss of friendships, and the total switching of inner gears worth it? Bailey: When a person abandons their inward belief that it was homosexual behaviors that define them as a person, then they must set out to rediscover what it is that actually does define their personhood. They must learn to embrace and give those higher human ideals a greater value and meaning within their own character and existence, than they gave to the homosexual addictions which they allowed to dominate their thinking and reasoning in the past. Is it all worth it? I would answer with an emphatic Yes, of course it is! But not everyone will agree with.

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against homosexuality essay

Discrimination, against, homosexuals essay

All bailey wanted now was to become more like jesus, more Christ-like. As he began acting more and more on this spishy desire, bailey noticed a transformation begin to take place in his sexual desires. The homosexual desires began to decrease. For the first time in his life, bailey began to see himself differently, this time through the eyes of past a savior who — he now realized — loved him unconditionally. He has left behind what he calls the self-defeating environment of my own, very negative self-image and moved into an unshakable understanding of his value and self worth as a beloved child of God. Dean bailey with his wife della and daughters Amber and Amanda.

Bailey wrote about his entire journey in his 2011 book titled. Beyond the Shades of Gray. Most of the book is available online at his website. He speaks publicly about his struggle with homosexuality, telling audiences that homosexuality is a sexual addiction and dependency, not a condition to be socially accepted and celebrated. It is merely one of the many evidences of the broken, spiritual condition of our human race, he tells people.

Bailey was now a young man in the military. Although in the meantime he had gotten married, he continued to crave male intimacy and experience gripping same-sex attractions. An intimate but non-sexual encounter with a military male friend whom he greatly admired eventually led to explicit homosexual behaviors. The encounter severely damaged the relationship bailey had previously enjoyed with his wife as she felt she could no longer trust the man she had married. Having experienced homosexual acts, bailey now struggled inwardly with intense homosexual desires that could only be allayed through carnal gratification, or so it seemed to him.

Feelings of insecurity only intensified these inclinations. His previous homosexual experiences drove him to seek answers to his insecurities through further homosexual encounters. A downwards spiral ensued as bailey attempted to satisfy his desires, but only saw them grow in intensity the more he indulged them. Looking back, bailey now realizes how homosexual acts had become an addiction for him. Bailey credits God for acting powerfully in his life to save him from himself, change his life for the good, and ultimately bring about his deliverance from homosexual attractions. God led him on a journey of trust that ultimately led to the heart of Jesus Christ. Here bailey experienced the love, acceptance, and affirmation he had always craved. To put it simply, says bailey, he fell in love with the person of Jesus. He experienced Him through prayer and through reading the bible.

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It was during a sleepover at the boys house that bailey was introduced to sexual play, including streaking and oral copulation. The experience not only robbed him of his childhood innocence, but awakened in him a sense of sexual curiosity. From here, bailey became preoccupied with images of male nudity and with taking more daring sexual risks with different boys. As he assignment grew older, the sexual acts bailey performed with other boys became as a source of comfort to him, making him believe he was being loved and accepted. But while such acts would make him feel good for a while, he says they were never able to help him overcome the constant theme of emptiness and brokenness he felt inside. The sexual activities quickly became addictive. When a schoolgirl refused to go on a date with him that seemed to signal to the now-teenage bailey that he was not a normal guy. Then, a few years later, a sexually awkward one-night stand with a woman seemed to confirm to him that he did not have what it took to be a man. Dean bailey as a young man in the military.

against homosexuality essay

By Pete baklinski, dean bailey, 50, is not afraid statement to tell anyone he is living proof that sexual orientation can in fact be changed. But he prefers to use the word restored rather than changed. Bailey remembers how from an early age he felt different from other boys. He felt he did not fit in and thought of himself as awkward, out of place. He remembers never feeling treasured or affirmed by his dad who was an alcoholic and who consumed pornography. Bailey believes this began a pattern of turning to other males to find the affirmation he never received from his dad. When a new outgoing boy began to attend school when bailey was in grade three, he remembers trying hard to become the boys friend.

will lead to landlords seeking greater security from tenants. Reported in, the times and, citywire, the high court decision (Etherton J) in fact held that parent company guarantees can effectively be avoided through a cva, provided the value of the guarantee is recognised in the proposal. In other words, guaranteed creditors must get a better deal than ordinary unsecured creditors. Whilst the landlords advisers, Addleshaw Goddard and, lovells, are keen to emphasise the judges ruling against guarantee stripping, a well-crafted and balanced cva remains a powerful tool for managing minority creditors claims. Bible supporting homosexuality joke shakira homosexuality pros and cons arguments on homosexuality manny mayweather homosexual how to break perceptions of stereotypes of homosexuals lamar boschman homosexual manic street preachers homosexual homosexuality in regency england schizoid personality disorder and homosexuality curing homosexuality alabama homosexual peliculas bible. Looking back on his past, bailey says he now sees that he has been brought out of what he calls the sexual confusion of homosexual behaviors to a sexual clarity in mind and heart.

According social theorist like klingelhofer. (1989 homosexuality of an individual can be treated by use of social means. This are people are normally fixated as certain stages of their childhood and owl therefore they require some kind of social treatment whereby they are reacquainted with the right sexual orientation through, for instance, behavior modification. Some homosexual individuals may be helped to successfully reorient their sexual make up due to some form of corrective or what experts call reparative therapy, although in such cases, there are cases of depression that are reported just before and after treatment. It is necessary that such individual be helped because members of society tend to be very judgmental and discriminative to such individuals. This may help them to fight the stigma that comes with one being looked at as a homosexual-be it gay or lesbian. Members of society should be a accommodative of such people and even help them to become socially upright by encouraging them to embrace their respective genders and all that it pertains.

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Below is an essay on "Homosexuality" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Name: course name: course instructor: Date of submission: Homosexuality, based on what we know about homosexuality, if someone wants to be cured of their homosexual desires, they should be allowed to. Due to a number of reasons. First, some of them become homosexuals not because it is their liking but as a genetic problem that is way beyond their control. Treating such a problem can be a bit difficult because no medical operation can be carried out on such a patient and successfully treat him. According to Scott. (1994 genetic disorders tend to be very difficult to treat. However, owing word to the fact that homosexuality is not merely a genetic problem but also cause by social forces within an environment in which one grows, social measures can be taken to ensure that such individuals are helped to get back to their respective sexual.

Against homosexuality essay
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  1. According to a 2005 essay by Brian Clowes, PhD., and david Sonnier Child Molestation by homosexuals. Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality (aftah). Dissertation french vanilla cappuccino sur volkswagen blues table Alexander: Is this a nature vs nurture homosexuality essay good Thesis for.

  2. Most Christian churches condemn homosexuality and back up their beliefs with the bible. Discriminated against, and what homophobia means and how. Argumentative essay on homosexuality and ministers. Religious morals and ethics against homosexuality vs human rights and dignity pdf. Aktivraum beispiel essay who to write good essay statement of the problem research paper yesterday against homosexuality essay living together before. In his essay " Against Homosexuality he proposes much more punitive legislation against gays and lesbians.

  3. Get help with your, homosexuality, essay, check out tips in writing. Homosexuality, essay, homosexuality, essay - m read, homosexuality. Homosexuality in the society, essay, writing Service, homosexuality in the society, essay samples, help. Homosexuality acts against the purpose. Below is an essay on homosexuality " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. New essays on singular thought essay login persuasive essay against homosexuality essay with in text citations apa page writing a reflective essay ppt.

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