Argumentative essay on puppy mills

argumentative essay on puppy mills

Puppy, mill Action week: Humane society International

There was high demand for purebred puppies across the nation and puppy mills sprang up throughout the midwest more than ready to supply. These mills usually were once for raising pigs or chicken, but the farmers retired from this and began another more profitable business selling puppies. As owners made more and more money from the sale of each litter they bought new dogs instead of improving facilities or vaccinating their dogs. They bred female dogs every cycle, which is very unhealthy, a private breeder would wait a cycle. The puppy mill owners cut many corners private respectable breeders would never dream. They keep dos in wire cages stacked one on top of the other (A). The waste of the dogs on top falls onto the dogs in lower cages.

Puppy, mills : The humane society of the United States

Every living thing on earth? The most prominent animal rights organization is people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (peta). The group gained recognition by having essay celebrity spokespeople which got them media attention. Peta is an invaluable asset to the cause of animal rights. The exposes they produce show people the shocking truths of what goes on behind closed doors. This caused many people to make a conscious choice to support companies that provide animals with ethical treatment. There are over five thousand puppy mills in the United States under the regulation of the United States Department of Agriculture (A). In the nineteen sixties as the country was getting back on its feet after the war the middle class began to flourish. Families had extra money and wanted to spend it on things that were once out of their reach such as purebred dogs. The process of buying a purebred dog was long and tedious because their breeders took pride in the quality traits their breed had and only wanted to place their dogs in the very best homes. It was also very expensive.

To one in which animal rights activists and their opponents debate whether animals have the same moral rights as humans?(Controversies 13). The progress that has been made as said in the" is that animals have gained a voice. There are several prominent animal rights groups as well as laws roles protecting them. The problem that remains is how to get these laws enforced in order to provide animals with the living conditions that they rightfully deserve. This is difficult because animal rights organizations are forced to spend valuable time arguing for animal rights against those who still hold these old time views that animals are nothing more than property. This viewpoint is deeply engrained in our culture. In the bible it is written man has dominion over?

argumentative essay on puppy mills

Chicago bans the sale

Dogs along with all other animals are living beings therefore they have the right not to suffer. Thousands of years ago humans captured baby wolf pups and trained them to hunt as well as protect. The companionship the animals provided won them a special place in the hearts of their owners. Genetic tests have shown dogs most likely developed from wolves. According to cohn, as these wolves evolved under the care of humans different breeds acquired certain traits as a result of artificial selection. The most involved study that has been done on dog genetics and evolution was completed by robert wayne an evolutionary biologist at the University of California-los Angeles. The genetic data strongly suggests that the wolf is the progenitor of the domestic dog?(Cohn 725). Genetic evidence shows that humans saw early literature on the significant help a dog could provide as a pet? During the past two centuries, the status of animals has gone from one of no rights?

The dog is known as man? S best friend they are loyal and loving providing their owner with joy. While the job of some dogs is to protect its owners others take part in talent competitions. These tasks require intelligence along with the hard work and dedication of a loving owner. Some feel that humans are superior to animals because humans are more intelligent than animals? Do smart people suffer from pain differently than dumb people? If not why would we believe the suffering of a dog is any different or less important than our own?(Wilson).

Puppy, mill Pups in Pet

argumentative essay on puppy mills

The missouri pet Breeders Associaiton

If given the opportunity the to change one trend in clothing from the last two decades what would you choose and why? Puppy mills Essay, research Paper, animal abuse in puppy mills is a momentous problem in the United States. A puppy mill is a commercial breeding facility where dogs are forced to survive in inhumane conditions. The horrible conditions make them susceptible to disease and early death. The majority of these puppy mills are located in Midwestern states, their heartless owners see the puppies as nothing more than a cash crop. As the puppies reach seven or eight weeks of age they are sold to wholesale brokers.

After being given a bath, these sickly puppies usually end up in pet store windows. The humane society of the United States (hsus) believes that profit is the main reason for this inhumane treatment. The larger the number of puppies sold, the more profit can be made. As bad as the conditions are progress is being made.?The Animal Welfare Act requires wholesale commercial breeders to be licensed, inspected and regulated to ensure humane standards of care?(Bell 72). However, this law and others like it are not enough, the organizations responsible to end this abuse must wallpaper institute strict policies and enforce them because puppy mill owners do not believe animals have rights. The poet Lord Byron wrote? The poor dog in life the firmest friend, The first to welcome, foremost to defend?(Cohn 725).

Should factory workers earn a percentage of a companys shareholder profits, considering how they are often underpaid yet work in difficult conditions? Are designer clothing prices unethically high when you consider that a significant part of the world lives below the poverty line? How does the garment industry affect what becomes a retro trend? Do you think they should have little to no say on what people want to wear or purchase second hand? Do you believe that white collar crimes committed in the clothing industry should be punished more or less than they are now?

What influence do celebrities and athletes have on clothing lines and should they face public criticism for what happens to a companys failure (or success)? What does the standard of education have to do with how the fashion industry is managed in todays world? Do you think the fashion industry plays a role in preventing schools from adopting dress codes for their students? What is your opinion on whether children should be allowed to wear whatever they want in order to feel more comfortable among their peers? How important is corporate espionage in the clothing industry and should the government take a greater role in protecting large corporations in this field? Should the fashion industry be more concerned about workplace health and safety requirements in their factories? Do you believe that the fashion industry should be held responsible for damages made to the environment?

Human rights essays: examples, topics, questions

Do you think there are negative book psychological effects that come with owning certain fashion products (i.e., name brands)? Should manufacturing laws and employees rights be universal when products are sold internationally to more stable economies? Do you think technologys influence in how companies sell their products can be held responsible for ongoing maltreatment of factory workers? What do you believe has been the biggest shredder historical trend to affect the way garments are produced and consumed? Should more people care about the factory workers who make the clothing we purchase? Which age group and demographic do you think has the greatest influence on the fashion industry? Should new parents care about the brand of clothes their children wear when the materials and construction of said clothes are of the same quality?

argumentative essay on puppy mills

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Argumentative essay on puppy mills
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