Blood eyes wallpaper

blood eyes wallpaper

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Please serve him with a cup of tea. Come on, tea is ready for you all". Thus Baba takes care of His dear devotees at any time and at any place. Submitted to sboi group by - hetal Patil devotee's experience a great experience of sai's miracle in our life This is the greatest experience i have faced in my life - the Blessing miracle of Shirdi sai, the Great. My husband and I were going for a walk one early morning around 5 am a few years back and it was pitch dark with very few lights on the street. Suddenly one bike came and two men were on it with face covered and only their eyes could be seen.

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By write the time they all reached mid-way, it was already nine at night. As per practice, authorities of the temple leave for their homes at about nine or ten at night. So a wave of worry passed in Nanasaheb's mind whether they will be allowed to enter the temple or not, let alone having darshan. After walking for more one-two miles,. Covering total of 6-7 miles of their journey, nanasaheb was felt hungry. He said to baba mentally, "Baba, i will not ask more from you, but please take care to provide atleast a cup of tea on completion of this journey, so that my hunger is appeased". Saying these words to baba, nanasaheb started will walking towards his destination with double speed. At about eleven, they reached near the temple and saw doors of the temple open from a distance and the priest when seeing few men nearing the temple, shouted right from his place, "Is Nana coming"? It was considered to be an insult as a person of such high profile position was being called by his short name. But Nanasaheb was not angry at this, instead he was very happy and replied, "Oh, how did you come to know that Nana is coming?" Priest answered, "I received an aerial message from sai baba saying - my nana who is thirsty, hungry and tired.

As a part of his complete surrender, nanasaheb never doubted Baba's words. In fact, his immediate actions were to abide by baba's words bearing full confidence that whatever Baba will do, will be best for him. Lord Ganesha temple was situated in deep forest of Padmalay and to reach there one had to cross the forest. The temple was about 10 miles from the nearest railway station. Nanasaheb, serving as a deputy collector, a very respectable position in those days, had made all arrangements for reaching there. But when he reached the point of starting, he did not get any conveyance to reach the temple because train was late by few hours. On reaching the station in evening with his friends, daddy due to unavailability of any other means of conveyance, he decided to cover the distance of 10 miles by walking.

blood eyes wallpaper

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Sincerely divya, submitted to sboi group by - sht, a cup Of tea arranged For Nanasaheb by shirdi sai baba. Nanasaheb Chandorkar, an ardent and staunch devotee of sai baba, needs no special introduction since in Shri sai satcharitra there are many instances wherein his name has been referred. Devotees who were fortunate to be living in Baba's times were indeed incarnations of Almighty, otherwise how could they take birth when Baba was in bodily form on this earth. Stories of such incarnations are really wonderful which contains messages for book us from sai baba. We are aware of an incident wherein Nanasaheb Chandorkar's thirst was satisfied by baba Who appeared to him as a woodcutter. Now another more interesting incident of the same kind is being shared in this post. It is very well known that Nanasaheb was of spiritual intellect and thus any place of worship attracted first his attention and earnest desire to go for darshan of any deity was always present in him. He had immense faith in Baba and Baba too reciprocated his faith.

My husband was selected and was asked to join in 3 t his previous company did not let him resign until Dec 3rd week. I was thinking "sai you got us this close and now this is happening".My husband somehow convinced the present company to wait for 6 weeks for him. All this happened because of sai's grace and nothing else. I too had applied for the dependent visa based on my husband's visa approval. My visa too got approved without showing a salary slip only because of sai in 2 months time. I would like to say this to all sai devotees. Do not lose faith and i will help you in times of need. You just need to be more sincere and devoted in your prayers.

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blood eyes wallpaper

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Lets keep on reciting sairam whenever we can. Baba will bless us all. Thanks regards, neeta - "Life is not about waiting for the storms to supervisor pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain!". Neeta, submitted to sboi group by - sht, i have been experiencing sai's grace ever since i started believing in him. Last year my husband applied for his H-1 visa. By god's grace it got approved, but finding a job in last year's economy was so tough.

We both searched for nearly 2-3 ere would be interviews setup. My husband would wait for weeks but to our dismay there was no positive response. Meanwhile i had finished reading the "miracle" book of sai in one week. I also did Satcharitra saptaha parayan. I was so disturbed and used to cry often asking sai "you gave us this visa then why don't you help us find a job? Why are you testing me?".I had almost given up hope when an offer came up in last week of november.

I wondered whether to open it or not, but somehow, i opened and the moment I saw Baba snaps I was overwhelmed. Still I could not recollect what it was, but then I saw that udhi was on tha snap of baba, and then looked into the cover. It was baba udhi sent as response to my mail. I just can't say how glad. He blessed me again.

I frequently feel his presence and for every problem he answers. I am so blessed to know him. Due to my health issues, i am not able to start my career. Yet I believe in him and i am sure he will give me the best I deserve. I shall go to temple this evening. Thank you baba, thank you so much. You are always there for me and i am so grateful to feel your presence in every moment of my life.

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We just need to work hard and have faith in him in our tough times and on good times also. Rest is sai's divine blessings., sairam, i guaranteed was reading all the miracles of baba a month before and also few mails of request for udhi. I needed udhi and I thought I could also mail and get that powerful udhi blessed by baba. So i just tried and mailed Ashokji. Yesterday, while i was reading baba mails, and then I was disappointed that I didn't get Udhi. May be that service is for people living abroad. Yesterday thought of going to baba temple but I was bit sick, so i dropped that thought. This afternoon I just went out and after coming home, i recieved a post with my husband's name.

blood eyes wallpaper

Also he lost his confidence and was the time to start using our savings money. I was on maternity leave for an year and my husband was. So we both were getting money from govt t on my last day of my parayana they selected my husband and there was no limit to my happiness. On Thursday his office hrm sent him an offer letter. I couldn't thank enough to sai to let my dreams come true. That money job was a contract position yet they liked my husband and offered a full time position with a nice pay. I prayed sai when I was doing parayana that i am gonna leave one of my favourite food until me n my family visit Shiridi to get sai's Darshan and I left my favourite food Junnu to him. I would like to suggest to all sai devotees never loose your hope and believe sai. He will definitely take care of his children.

my husband was failing in the job interviews. I did sai satcharitra parayana 3 times yet my days were too horrible. I believed one saying from my parents if u wanted some thing, if that happened to you that's good for you. If that doesn't happened it's more good for you. I always remaining these words and was praying for his divine blessings. I started parayana again with more Sradha and Saburi. On that week my husband attended one interview with an Indian company. We don't have any hopes on that to get the job.

We went to the hospital the next day (which happened to be a thursday) and summary they did all the tests and they told us that my son was anemic and he just needs iron supplements. Thank you so much Baba for taking care of my little one and being with. We will never forget the blessings you have showered. Be with us and bless us all the time baba., sai devotee, om Sri sairam. My husband was out of it field since we got married and I was so worried about him. I prayed sai to give us a good life by giving a nice job for my husband. He started applying to his jobs yet he couldn't get any.

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Experience of devotees: devotee, jai sairam, my two year old son was having high temperature and we took him to the professional doctor. The doctor checked him and ordered for some blood tests. On that evening the doctor called us and said that he was concerned to see his blood test results a little abnormal and prescribed an antibiotic and told us that if he doesn't get better with that he suspects something more serious. After three days my sons fever was subsided and the doctor called us back for another blood test. We got the blood test done and that evening the doctor called us and told that the blood results were still abnormal and that we should immediately take our kid for further testing to the hospital and that he made all the appointments necessary. Upon pressuring a lot he told us that he was suspecting some kind of leukemia. Hearing that we were all heart broken and we cried a lot. That whole night we were only praying to baba to save our kid and that he should be healthy. I applied Baba's Udhi to my sons forehead and somehow felt confident that we will come home with smiles.

Blood eyes wallpaper
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