Detroit essay

detroit essay

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The automation of manufacturing processes was the dream of every industrialist at the time; it had a massive cost cutting effects. It led to a reduction in the labor costs while increasing production output. However, other factors played a critical role in the move towards automation; union strikes were a common occurrence in Detroit. The distribution of production plants throughout the country, and more so, in small rural settings would reduce the labor unions ability to unionize the workers. The labor unions dictated the number of output; however, machines would not demonstrate in case the output levels were exceeded. The automakers knew of the adverse effects of automation; however, they hid the facts and stated, somehow truthfully, that automation would ease the work conducted by the laborers and eliminate the hazardous jobs.

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One of the main contributors of deindustrialization in Detroit is the lack of land for industrial expansion; this emerged after the war. A survey conducted in 1951 revealed that only an insignificant 367 acres were available for industrial expansion; however, the land was along Detroits rail corridors, and was a necessary feature for the transportation of raw materials and finished goods. The most disturbing thing is that the land was distributed across 36 sites; the largest site was 54 acres. In contrast, ford Motor Companys wayne, mi construction and assembly was situated in 229 acres. The factory was built in 1952. Factories that were built in the period between 1940s and 1950s were solid multi-storey factories that suit the technology that was available at the time. However, the technological advancements in the 19s required larger single-storey factory buildings; this design was appropriate to accommodate automated tools; however, there was no sufficient space to accommodate these new factories within the city. The factor that attracts the largest blame for Detroits deindustrialization is the onset of automation. Automation required large single-storey factories; furthermore, it reduced the number of workers required to do a task significantly. A good example that portrays the adverse effects of automation is the ford rouge complex case; the number of employment opportunities at the facility declined massively from 85,000 in 1945 to a low of 30,000 in 1960.

Automation was an effective way of reducing labor costs, reduction of production disruptions and maximizing output, and maximizing profits; all these are capitalist goals. Since the 19th century, capitalists have always used urban renewal as a strategy for staving off market collapses. After the end of the second World War, the United States witnessed a wave of urban development; however, this was undertaken in a much grander scale. Large freeways and other infrastructural projects were undertaken to allow for the development of cities and suburban areas. The high consumption spending of the suburban lifestyle pushed back the economic crisis, at least for a period; however, this was at the cost of the urban communities, which fell into paper poor shape and neglect. This was the fate of Detroit. The other cities suffered too; however, detroit had a unique effect due to the severity of its history of racial discrimination and the sole reliance on the manufacturing industry.

detroit essay

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Capitalism and deindustrialization in Detroit, a general agreement exists that capitalism is characterized by paper private ownership of the factors of production, the production of goods and services in the market is profit oriented, and the market is characterized by the existence of wages, prices, and. The majority of the automobile manufacturers in Detroit were capitalists. The years prior to the second World War witnessed a massive increase in employment opportunities, which peaked during the war. However, the period after the war was characterized by a massive adoption of automation technologies. The automobile manufacturers were driven by the profit motive and they had to look for ways to cut costs. Thus, the onset of automation was a blessing in disguise. In the pretext that automation would simplify the tasks performed by the laborers and eliminate the hazardous tasks, they automated their production processes. However, the real motive behind the adoption of automation was cost cutting and a reduction of industrial unrest resulting from union activities.

In the war period, detroits automotive manufacturing industries had been converted to manufacture military equipments such as tanks and airplanes among other military equipments; thus, blacks and other immigrants continued to flock the city due to the availability of unskilled employment opportunities. Furthermore, the federal government had declared zero tolerance on the military job recruitment. This led to the black population shifting to detroit to surpass the foreign-born immigrants. This period of growth was not without conflict. The Black population in Detroit had swelled massively, along with the massive growth that had been witnessed in the automobile industry since 1910. This was aggravated further in the war period, which saw an increase in the black population, more so, after the pearl Harbor attack. The 20th of June 1943 marked the commencement of Detroits problems; what commenced as a fight between black and White youth led to a three-day demonstration on the streets of Detroit.

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detroit essay

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It is alleged that the city has never bounced back from the effects of the riots; this allegation can be contested. However, one fact is for sure, the riots were the turning point for the city; the social and economic unrests rocked the city and they still do; furthermore, deindustrialization had a massive and detrimental effect on the citizens of the city in 1967 resume and the. To the present day, detroit is still struggling with many of these problems; companies are continually moving from the city, and so do the residents. Detroit is destined to collapse, a closer investigation on the period after the second World War reveals that Detroit was destined to collapse before the 1967 violence. The industrial boom, which characterized the state in the 20th century, and the promise for ample employment opportunities for the unskilled laborers had a massive effect on the citys population; the population grew from less than half a million people in 1910 to over.5. It is believed that the citys population peaked by the end of 1950s; however, the population levels dropped massively and hit the pre-war levels by the end of the next decade. The massive decline witnessed in Detroit can be attributed to many factors; economic, political, social, and technological factors combined in a way that was unmatched in any other part of the United States.

Detroit relied uniquely on a single industry. Therefore, these effects had a massive effect on the city as opposed to their effects on any other city at the time. The federal housing and transportation policies changed significantly in the 1940s and 1950s; this resulted in subsidized construction of suburbs. Furthermore, the era was witnessing technological changes, which had a massive effect on the manufacturing industry and resulted in a reduction of the number of unskilled employment opportunities available. Furthermore, this contributed to the decentralization of the automotive factories. After the end of the second World War, detroit was the fourth most populous city in the us, and was dubbed the industrial powerhouse.

The African American class, which was an economic middle class was established by 1910. However, the late 1910 saw the commencement of the first World War and like all Americans, detroiters were engaged in the war valiantly. The post war era saw Detroit grow geographically to over.9 square miles. Furthermore, the city witnessed cultural development with the opening of the detroit Institute of Arts, the fox theatre among other movie theatres, and the masonic temple. In 1922, the ford motor Company launched the 40-hours week; this was so appealing and made the city an attractive to new Americans and the immigrants alike. The onset of the Great depression had an overwhelming effect on the city; however, the election of Franklin roosevelt and his signing of the new deal saw Detroit bounce back to its initial progress.

Numerous construction projects were initiated; the detroit zoo was constructed and renowned woodward avenue was extended. New housing projects were also initiated in the city. The year 1932 witnessed the funding of the new deal interior design project; this allowed the renowned muralist diego rivera to finish his wall painting titled, detroit Industry. After the second World War, detroit was the leading economy in the united states accounting for 1/6 of the countrys employment opportunities. The post war abundance provided many opportunities for growth; however, the city was racially segregated and conditions in the city were beginning to deteriorate. The post war era is discussed in terms of the black and white conflicts; these were the significant populations in the city. However, there were other groups like the latinos; there were very few scholarships that were offered to these groups. Nonetheless, the African Americans were engaged in the fight against racial discrimination in housing and employment, and by the end of 1953, detroit prided itself as the city with the largest number of Black owned businesses in the United States. In the 20th century, detroit witnessed two major riots; one in 1943 and the other in 1967.

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For 50 uninterrupted years, detroit was under the rule of Progressive liberal Democrats. This paper will investigate the causes of the decline legs of Detroit Michigan; it will try to look at capitalism and its link to the ultimate demise of Detroit; gender and the contribution of deindustrialization on the decline of the state. A brief History of Detroit Michigan. Detroit has a rich history. The history is characterized by massive immigration by people looking for employment opportunities and full of hope of attaining the American dream. By the close of 1880, detroit was an immigrant state; there were over 116, 00o people from over 40 different nationalities. The latinos were growing in numbers, and they came to work in the railway industry. In the onset of the 20th century, the population had grown immensely, and by 1910, detroit was the largest state in the United States. It was the only state hosting the auto industry; furthermore, it was engaged in the production of metal crafts, stove works, railcars, iron, copper, and brass.

detroit essay

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Detroit essay
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  4. Detroit was once envied by the entire globe, and was the best place to live on the planet. Who are we essay. German immigrants just like me (Detroit Free press 11). Well, they may not be exactly like. Their countries and subsequent arrivals into detroit, their lifestyles upon moving to detroit, and the Americanization process that occurred when they arrived. Detroit photo essay assignment.

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