Easy reader biographies

easy reader biographies

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It shows how jay applied hustling techniques to the music business and eventually built his empire. And related to that, i also recommend The 50th Law, which while not technically a biography tells the stories of many such individuals and will stick with you just as long. No hiding Place: An Autobiography asylum: An Alcoholic takes the cure by william seabrook in 1934, william seabrook was one of the most famous journalists in the world. He was also an alcoholic. But there was no treatment for his disease. So he checked himself into an insane asylum. There, from the perspective of a travel writer, he described his own journey through this strange and foreign place.

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This is a book about her political and social acumenher ability to turn a meaningless position into a powerful platform for change and influence. I read this book and came away so impressed. We can learn a lot. The fish That Ate the Whale: The life and Times of Americas Banana king by rich Cohen buy on god Amazon The book sucked me in completely. The subject, samuel Zemurray, is fascinating and compelling. The writer has a voice that is utterly unique. Since reading this book, i have explored all of this further: I studied Zemurray (whose house was not far from mine in New Orleans and still stands) and use his story in my latest book the Obstacle Is The way. I interviewed the author, rich Cohen. The book has all sorts of things going for it: its the American Dream, its history via microcosm, its drama/violence/intrigue, and its a course in business strategy and leadership. Empire State of Mind: How jay-z went from Street Corner to corner Office by zack omalley greenburg buy on Amazon Just because i didnt want grading this list to be all stuffy old classics, i thought Id put this interesting (and unofficial) biography of jay-z. This is a biography that also functions as a business book.

No question, this is a big book but I learned a lot. For instance, i guaranteed had no idea that Edison had been mostly deaf (and that that deafness fueled and improved many of his sound inventions). I didnt know about his friendship with Henry ford or what a shrewd businessman Edison was. If you like big biographies, read this. Eleanor roosevelt Volume One and Volume Two by Blanche weisen cook buy on Amazon The prospects Eleanor roosevelt faced when she entered the White house were not good. First Ladies hadnt done anything in decades besides party planning and a few of her predecessors had had nervous breakdowns. She wanted to do something different.

easy reader biographies

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His concepts pioneered the modern concept of maneuver warfare (and were used for the first Gulf War). His method of problem solving and problem analysis known as the ooda loop is now used in write boardrooms and everywhere else. He also perfected the art of Getting Things Done whether that was golf in war or in the bureaucracy of the pentagon. You need to know and understand John boyd. Edison: a biography by matthew Josephson buy on Amazon Older biographies are better in my experience. This one is 50 years old and thats right in the sweet spot. It didnt have to be trendy, it didnt have to psychoanalyze, it didnt have to be political correct or controversial. It just had to be a sweeping, conclusive picture of the man. Modern enough to be historically accurate, old enough to still have respect for ambition.

How nuts is that? You can basically understand the entire period of American history from the civil War through wwi through one man who saw it all. Great biography of politics, the press, and American society. Eisenhower in War and peace by jean Edward Smith, i did not fully appreciate what a strategic and political genius Eisenhower was until this book. He won wwii, ended Korea, kept us (mostly) out of vietnam, twice prevented the use of nuclear weapons (which sent a world changing precedent and those are the big ones in the book. He was a master of making it all look easywhich is why i think we forget to study him. Boyd: The fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War by robert Coram buy on Amazon boyd was a world class fighter pilot who changed warfare and strategy not just in the air, but on the ground and by sea.

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easy reader biographies

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Totto-Chan is a special figure in modern Japanese culture—she is a celebrity on par with Oprah or Ellen, with a magazine, news show and exalted position to boot. The book describes a childhood in pre-wwii japan as a poorly misunderstood girl who obviously suffered from attention disorders and excess energy. It wasnt until she met a special school principal—unlike any i have ever heard of—who finally got her. And I mean understood and cared about and unconditionally supported her in a way that both inspires me and makes me deeply jealous. If only all of us could be games so lucky.

All the Great Prizes: The life of John hay, from Lincoln to roosevelt by john Taliaferro, buy on Amazon. I had this recommended to me by a random old lady in an elevator in Austin. I suppose you never know where good book recommendations come from but this one turned out to be fascinating surprise. In his early 20s, john hay started as a teenage legal assistant in the law office of Abraham Lincoln. He ended his career as the secretary of State for William McKinley and Theodore roosevelt.

Apparently, because this book. Its 1,000 pages and youll read and learn from every single one. It is incredibly long, but as one of the first books someone gave me when I moved to hollywood, it holds a special sway over. Like huey long and Willie stark, robert Moses was a man who got power, loved power and was transformed by power. We can learn from himmostly what not to be and who not to become.

Buy on Amazon. Socrates: a man For Our Times, napoleon: a life, and, churchill by paul Johnson, these are short, clear, but eye-opening biographies from paul Johnson as part of a series. I strongly suggest reading all of them. Each is a fascinating figure for their own reasons. Paul Johnson is the kind of author whose sweeping judgements you can trust, so you leave this book with what feels like a very solid understanding of who his subjects are a people. Totto-Chan: The little girl at the window by tetsuko kuroyanagi. Buy on Amazon, the book has sold something like 5 million copies in Japan, which is insane.

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I proposal have not lived many years so my selection of biographies is only just getting started. I imagine i will take and add to these favorites the older I get and the more i read :. Plutarchs lives Volumes One two by Plutarch, buy on Amazon, there are few books more influential and ubiquitous in Western culture than Plutarchs histories. Aside from being the basis of much of Shakespeare, he was one of Montaignes favorite writers. His biographies and sketches of Pericles, demosthenes, Themistocles, cicero, alexander the Great, caesar, fabius, are all excellentand full of powerful anecdotes. The power Broker by robert Caro. Buy on Amazon, could the biography of the former parks commissioner of New York be the definitive study of power and legacy?

easy reader biographies

washington, you have to understand the American revolution. To understand Rockefeller, you have to explain the gilded Age. To understand Amelia earhart, the author must make real to the reader what it was like to be a woman in the early 1900s. Often times, they do it better than books specifically about those topicsbecause there is a narrative and a lens through which to access the themes. Of course, a powerful biography—or autobiography—always has a moral. Whether its a rise and fall story, a story of redemption, a story of power corrupting, a story of love—every biography of a man or a woman teaches the reader. It teaches us to be like the subject or often, to be nothing like the subject.

Toklas review., queen Elizabeth ii - presence - history - pictures (royal biographies by heinz duthel 2010). Queen Elizabeth ii - presence - history - pictures (royal biographies by heinz duthel 2010) review. Håkan Dahlström, smart people read biographies. Generalizations are usually worthless, barbing but you can pretty much take this one to the bank. Look at their libraries and youll see, one biography and memoir and autobiography after another. Of course, they read other thingsits called being well roundedbut biographies are usually the core. Theres a reason—its some of the most actionable and educational reading you can.

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Biography, babe ruth - pbk (History makers) (Easy biographies) review. The "Easy biographies" series focuses on the childhood and young-adult years of famous men and women who overcame obstacles to achieve greatness. Inspirational and informative reading for students with big dreams., steve jobs biography As Graphic novel?? Steve jobs: Genius by design Campfire Graphic novels Since the launch of Steve jobs' biography by walter Isaacson you have probably been planning to read it but just haven't found the time, not to mention that it's., michael Jordan, micheal Jordan in 2006 (about this pic)Michael Jeffrey jordan (born. biography Of Michael Jordan, michael Jeffrey jordan (born February 17, 1963 also known by his initials, mj, is an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte hornets. He played 15 seasons in the national Basketball. The autobiography Of Alice. The autobiography of Alice.

Easy reader biographies
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  2. Biographies " series focuses on the childhood and young-adult years of famous men and women who overcame obstacles to achieve greatness. Chandler, who teaches sixth-grade at Sequoia middle School in Redding, california, has her students read biographies and implements some ingenious.

  3. The general sections of any biography as outlined by our sample biographies will have;. This is to enable the reader to easily and quickly get to know. Easy, reader, biographies, introduce key features of nonfi ction with these easy -to- read biographies of must know. To understand Amelia earhart, the author must make real to the reader what. History books are more digestible when youve read biographies, because you.

  4. The following is a format for the chiropractors, or any other doctors like optometrist biography that a potential. It allows the reader to see you. Some of her other writings include poetry, ballads, and an easy -to- read biography of Scott Joplin. Read, public Finance settlements and Negotiations: leading Lawyers. Other titles in the Graphic Library: Graphic. Biographies series: Amelia earhart.

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