Essay about today's readers

essay about today's readers

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What makes a friendship good or bad? (Contrasting Ender and his friends with Bonzo and his friends and, earlier, Stilson friends and Bernard friends.) What about the population laws, and those who defy them? Are adults justified in deforming the lives of children in order to win a war? Is it true that children would be better soldiers than adults for the reasons given in the book? These are not trivial questions. In many forms, they are precisely about the questions that young readers will face or already do face, not in the details, but in the general moral drift. The book does not present one side as purely good, the other as purely evil. Rather it shows the real world: That both sides can have powerful good arguments and yet risk terrible costs; how do you make such decisions? Children need to know.

essay about today's readers

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These memories take deep root in those readers for whom the story is especially powerful. Beyond that, the book does provoke serious questioning. Under what circumstances is war morally acceptable? Ender takes responsibility for destroying the buggers, but is he "guilty" of a war crime? (A two-fold question: given what the humans actually know, was there a war crime? And presentation if there was, was Ender guilty of it? Then why does it feel satisfying for him to take responsibility for the consequences? there are also many other areas that can be explored which are derived, not from the language, but from the what-happens-and-why of the story: Why is Ender a good leader, and the other toon leaders not so good?

Research Area, how Will reading Ender's Game benefit Today's teenager? Submitted by ncte my worries about the damage it does a book to be required reading have long since been dispelled. Unlike scarlet Letter, which was never a good book, merely "edgy" and anti-establishment in a long-gone era, ender's Game seems not to lose much from the onus of being required reading. One thing adolescent readers gain is that the book does not lend itself to the standard toolset of literary analysis. Find the metaphors and the symbols and what do you have? A few obvious and uninteresting observations, because this book is not about how cleverly the writer has encoded his "meaning." Indeed, few things are more frustrating than the endless letters from high school students pleading with me to tell them the theme of Ender's Game. I'm not distressed by their asking - it's easy enough to tell them "do your own work, please, and good luck." What distresses me is that there are actually teachers of literature who think that that is a useful and meaningful assignment, as if fiction. Ender's Game has primary value because the story gives the readers a hero's memories. That is, they have had the experience of dealing with enormously difficult moral issues and deciding to make personal sacrifices, take personal risks, impose self-discipline, and submerge the self in the good of the group.

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essay about today's readers

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However, in relation to the play, is it accurate to say that reality is completely separate from art? Obviously wilde recognized the absurdity of Victorian culture; otherwise, he could not have created a play whose humor is so relevant to both its nursing contemporary and present-day audiences. The dialogue between characters, not the actions, is what makes The Importance of being Earnest so humorous and transcendental (77). The characters revelations are true and consequently the farce is extremely comical. The Importance of being Earnest set many precedents. It is one of the first plays to deal with modern issues, such as the new Woman. Wilde influenced many other artists to explore and critique societal norms and their ridiculousness.

The Importance of being Earnest will withstand the test of time through its satirical comedy and relevance to all audiences, because all audiences and readers, regardless of the time period, can relate to love, marriage, and the absurdity of society. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation. The Importance of being Earnest topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers. High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. Rating ( 0 score) - 0 votes.

Surprisingly, in act three, the audience discovers that Miss Prism is the author of a novel of revolting sentimentality (act 3, 502) and more shockingly is an unwed mother. These revelations about Miss Prism blatantly contrast with Victorian acceptability. In spite of her deviations, doctor Chasuble professes his love for her. This is yet another way in which Wilde portrays modern relationships and love. With his depictions of Bracknell and Miss Prism, wilde creates an obvious paradigm between what a proper woman should. Through their characters he is mocking the victorian standard for woman because the audience can see that Gwendolyn and Cecily are truly the better women in thought and action.

These ground-breaking elements contrast and spoof Victorian ideals, yet are subtle and humorous enough that the audience (especially at the time of the plays debut) is not offended by the plot or the characters. In todays world, there is nothing offensive about The Importance of being Earnest, but it is necessary to keep in mind that compared to contemporary plays and novels, this is somewhat more modern. It still has the classic elements of a story line of that period: male-oriented, god-fearing, white, moneyed, and aristocratic (Raby 7). Although a majority of the characters live entirely for pleasure, the audience can still relate and enjoy the play. In such a hierarchical society where white men dominate, wilde is careful not to offend or marginalize his target audience while launching a social critique. According to interviews (taken at the time of the plays production wilde adamantly insisted that The Importance of being Earnest is not realistic because realism is only a background, it cannot form an artistic motive for a play that is to be a work. In other words, reality has no bearing in his art, which perhaps is why he included the word trivial in his title.

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Despite jacks protest that his parental status has with nothing to do with Gwendolyns happiness, lady Bracknell refuses to give her approval of the engagement because in her superficial world, everyone is forced to live in an age of surfaces (act 3, 495). To lady Bracknell, marriage has nothing to do with love and affection, but with rather solely relies on the respectable social image that is created. Lady Bracknell is the stereotypical Victorian woman whose utmost concern is outward appearances and societal impressions. Money, status, and manners are the only necessities in life, without which one is destined to become associated with the detestable lower classes. In addition to lady Bracknells archaic beliefs, miss Prism and Doctor Chasuble also illustrate conventional Victorian ideals. It is evident that the two are in love, but repress their emotions because unruly behavior is not proper. Their relationship is an obvious contrast to jack and Gwendolyns and Algernon and Cecilys, who admittedly are guilty of nonsense and reckless extravagance (act 1, 436).

essay about today's readers

Gwendolyn is well educated and very opinionated in her beliefs, as evidenced by her desire to proposal not be labeled perfect because that would limit her intentions to develop in many directions (act 1, 441). Likewise, cecily, while not as well educated, is steadfast in what she wants from Algernon, such as her insistence that his name be Ernest. Gwendolyn and Cecily create much of the comedic elements of the play through their relentless demands of Jack and Algernon. For instance, when in act three the women discover the deceptions of Jack and Algernon, they do not submissively forgive the mens antics, but rather refuse to speak to either man until he delivers an adequate explanation and apology. These young men about town and revolting daughters (15 called so by critic Peter Raby, create a distinct dichotomy to the stern Lady Bracknell and Miss Prism, cecilys governess. There is a sense of old society versus new society whenever Jack, algernon, Gwendolyn, and Cecily interact with the older characters. As Gwendolyns mother and Algernons aunt, lady Bracknell is excessively concerned with image and money. When she hears of Jacks desire to marry Gwendolyn, she questions him about his financial wellbeing and his personal habits. She is offended when she discovers that Jack has been adopted because it displays contempt for the ordinary decencies of family life (act 1, 450).

has nothing, but looks everything (Wilde, act 3, 497). The two men, who the audience later discovers are brothers, are actually not as different as they first appear. Outwardly, they act very differently and constantly criticize one another on his actions, but in reality, both have the same ulterior motive and acts solely for his own benefit. Jack pretends to have a brother so that he may travel to london to see gwendolyn. Similarly, algernon, despite his claim that marriage is extremely problematic (act 1, 446 pretends to be jacks brother so that he may journey to the countryside to see cecily, the girl he has never met but wishes to marry. Both men pretend to be named Ernest in order to impress Gwendolyn and Cecily (obviously another pun on the title of the play). Hilarity ensues in both action and dialogue in terms of what the characters continually call nonsense. Jack and Algernon both pursue women who could be labeled modern women (relative to the contemporary victorian woman).

In fact, the title of the play alone gives the reader some inclination as to what the story is about; the importance of being serious and resolute, which not coincidentally are two of the most important Victorian ideals. First performed in paper London in 1895, The Importance of being Earnests plot centers on two couples who must overcome many hilarious obstacles on their journey to marriage. The play was critically acclaimed from its first performance and was instantly accepted by the public; a foreshadowing of the stories timelessness. Underlying the story line, wilde illustrates the polite conventions and restrictions of Victorian society (Worth 126). This is aptly by wilde in his droll depictions of aristocratic British men and women at the end of the nineteenth century. Despite his critical tone, wilde does not alienate the members of his audience, but rather sheds light on the absurdity of societal traditions, such as courtship, engagement and marriage, while at the same time reaffirming the beliefs of his audience. To explore wildes criticism of the absurdity of British culture and its implications in modern life, one must first examine the characters and plot of The Importance of being Earnest. The two central figures are jack and Algernon who are friends in spite of their seemingly artificial oppositions.

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When a performance is over, what remains? The event scorches on to the memory an outline, a taste, a trace, a smell a picture. It is the plays central image that remains, its silhouette, and if the elements are highly blended this silhouette will be its meaning, this shape will be the essence of what it has to say. Peter Brook, the Empty Space my sabbatical year is coming. Oscar Wildes farcical comedy, the Importance of being Earnest is subtitled a trivial Comedy for Serious people. The playwright himself penned this, so the reader is inevitably inclined to ask himself whether this deprecating subtitle is accurate. Despite the simple database humor, the play is not trivial, but rather a biting and relevant social commentary on Victorian era values and principles that undoubtedly serious people can decipher within the lines of the comedy without feeling threatened about their own beliefs.

Essay about today's readers
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Their correspondence became The lifespan of a fact, the third incarnation of the essay. I think it underestimates the knowledge range of his readers, he says.

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  1. Use these great worksheets to help your students write excellent compare/contrast essays. The Importance of being Earnest. When she hears of Jack s desire to marry Gwendolyn, she questions him about his financial wellbeing and his personal habits. Essay about, summer Traveling. This is the fourth and final essay in a series of we the audience posts designed to introduce my readers to the citizen artists working in some of south Africa s most challenged areas. For a look at all four essays, start reading here.

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