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Photo from, max Pixel, sometimes rationally thinking through these what-if scenarios was all I needed to do to let go of this scarcity mindset. Think about what you actually need and wear in your wardrobe. Chances are you dont need as much as you think. You dont have anything to match or wear with an item. Sometimes you buy something you like, but for some reason, it doesnt work with the rest of your wardrobe. You try to convince yourself that the item will workas soon as you find the right The key to a smaller, but more loved and useful wardrobe is the ability to mix and match the pieces. Keep things that you can wear in lots of ways, with lots of other things you own. If an item is already causing you trouble because you dont have the right pieces to make it work, thats a sign its not a good fit for your lifestyle or your wardrobe.

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Try to limit the things you keep in your wardrobe that are very specific to one event or occasion. Keep things that are versatile enough to work for a variety of different occasions in your life. Youre keeping an item just in case or as a back-up. My thought process was something like what if I cant do laundry for 45 days in a row? Shouldnt I make sure i have enough clothes so i can wear something new for all 45 days?! In reality, i do some kind of laundry almost every day. And if we ever are without laundry for more time than usual (away on holidays, our washing machine breaks down, etc.) even if i only had 7 shirts, i could wear each one twice and be decently clothed for two weeks. Another thing i often found myself doing was overstocking. I thought if I like to wear black t-shirts I better make sure i have 10 so i always have one available! Again I reminded myself that I can do laundry and have an item clean again small very easily.

Sometimes you have an item you rarely wear but are keeping just in case a certain occasion arises. Instead of keeping something you rarely have occasion to wear, try to think of alternatives you own that you could wear for that occasion, but also reviews wear other times. Versatile pieces are essential to a minimal wardrobe. For example, i had a few dresses that i only wore when we were on a tropical vacation. Because of the style or cut of them, i didnt usually wear them at other times. I also had a few dresses and skirts that I could wear regularly and also wear on a tropical vacation. I realized I only need to keep the ones that I could wear for more than one occasion.

fb write about yourself

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Only keep the items that you absolutely love and would feel excited to wear again. Rather than storing them with your current wardrobe, box them up and put them out of sight. Or keep them in a spare closet if you have one. For example, if youre planning to lose weight, youll probably want to treat yourself to a few new items to celebrate when you. Only store the items you currently own that you absolutely love, and then add a few new pieces as needed. The great thing about a minimalist wardrobe is that you dont need many pieces to have a complete wardrobe. You can easily have a versatile wardrobe with 30 pieces or less. By saving only the pieces you love and adding in a few new pieces if your weight changes in the future, youll still have a functional capsule wardrobe without storing boxes and boxes of clothing in various sizes. Youre keeping an item for a certain type of event or occasion.

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fb write about yourself

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Try to figure out what your signature style is, meaning the types of clothes you look and feel symbolism best. Think about your favourite kinds of outfits, or your go-to outfit choice when you want to look and feel great. For me, i feel best in skinny jeans, a longer loose-fitting top, a cardigan and a pretty necklace or scarf to finish it off. Thats my signature style. Once you figure this out, its easier to resist trendy items and stick with what works best for your body and life. Let any trendy stuff go thats no longer working for you, its just taking up space.

Figure out your signature style and shop for those kinds of items when adding to your wardrobe. Your weight has changed and you have clothes in multiple sizes. I think you should only federalist keep clothes in your closet that fit you right now. Having clothes in sizes that dont currently fit, adds to the visual clutter in your closet and makes deciding what to wear more difficult. Plus, if your weight change is not something you are happy about, seeing clothes that no longer fit can cause negative feelings. If you want to keep some clothes in different sizes than you are wearing right now, i recommend being very selective about what you keep.

If you dont need or want a little black dress, let. If having a little black dress fits your taste and lifestyle, but you dont love or wear the one you have, let. Then shop thoughtfully for a new one. Take your time to find a replacement that really suits your body and needs. Another example of following someone elses rules is with color. I like to wear a lot of dark neutrals like black, navy and grey.

But I had it in my head that wearing mostly neutral, dark colors is against the rules and you should include brighter colors or patterns. But I realized I dont actually like wearing bright colors or bold patterns. Let go of trying to follow someone elses rules and figure out what works for your body, preferences and lifestyle. Thats how youll end up with a wardrobe you love! You tried a new trend, but it doesnt work for your body or life or is already out of style. Maybe you bought something trendy to update your wardrobe, but the item isnt working for your body or life, so you never or rarely wear. Or the trend quickly passed and its already out of style.

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Sometimes we allow ourselves to be restricted to someone elses rules. Maybe youve heard there are certain classic wardrobe staples everyone should own, like a little black dress. But plan when you try on your classic black dress, you realize it actually doesnt paper fit quite right. Dont keep something that doesnt look and feel great just because its a classic staple you should have. If you dont love the way it looks and feels, you wont wear it anyways. Your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle. Dont be afraid to make your own rules.

fb write about yourself

Keeping it in your closet will not get the money back. In fact, keeping it will only prolong your negative feelings, making you feel guilty every time you see. If its not something that you love, you are never going to wear resume it anyways. Its just taking up space in your closet. Let the item. Use it as a lesson for how to make better choices when shopping in the future. Its something you are supposed to have in your wardrobe.

Sometimes you buy something you think youll love and wear, but it just doesnt work for you. Maybe it shrank or lost its shape in the wash. Or it doesnt match with anything else in your closet. Maybe you bought something trendy, but never feel comfortable. Or you wanted something new but settled for something that was just ok, rather than waiting to find something you love. Whatever the reason, its in your closet but you arent wearing. Its time to let it go, the money is already spent.

However, a lot of us, myself included, have a hard time letting go of some of our clothes, even though we no longer love or wear them. So i started looking at the reasons why we keep clothes we dont wear anymore. I realized there are some common reasons why we keep clothes we dont wear anymore. I think a lot of people face these common stumbling blocks when trying to purge their closet. They can make it difficult to let go of what you no longer love and wear and create a minimalist wardrobe you love. Understanding why its hard to let go of clothes you no longer wear is the first step. Once we understand whats making us want to keep clothes we dont wear, its easier to move past resume these mental blocks and effectively purge our closets. this post contains affiliate links.

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Fb write about yourself
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  7. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fender. Fb -55 Banjo, natural. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo park, s website was launched on February 4, 2004, by mark zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo saverin, Andrew McCollum, dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Judging a person by their butt is despicable.

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