Go green go paperless

go green go paperless

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Its easy- simply contact us on 133 233 or visit a branch and we can make the switch for you. Alternatively, log into self Service centre to manage your policies and preferences. Which insurance policy types will be sent to me by email? Comprehensive plus Car Insurance, comprehensive motor Insurance, third Party fire and Theft Insurance. Third Party Property damage Insurance, home buildings Insurance, home contents Insurance. Home buildings and Contents Insurance combined. Landlord Insurance, strata title Insurance nsw, ctp green Slip nsw. Boat Insurance, caravan Insurance, trailer Insurance, transport Accident Insurance (NSW/QLD/ACT).

Easiest way to go green?

Securely receive your insurance policy information straight to your inboxIt's easy to go paperless. It's easy to go paperless, click to register or log into self Service centre. Click on my details and 'Switch to email'. Why switch to email? Customers have told us they would like more the choice in how they receive their documents. Receiving your insurance documents by email is: Convenient sign up to receive your policy documents anywhere, anytime. Simple organise, file and view your policy information in a way that suits you. Secure receive your insurance policy information straight to your inbox. Once you have made the switch to email, insurance documents for any eligible current and future policies you may take out with us will be emailed business to your chosen email address. How do i switch to receive my documents electronically?

Instead, only essential pre-trip information will be sent to you via e-mail. By going paperless, luxury Travel do save money. And we would like to pass these savings to the environment by pdf contributing 5 to a conservation organisation for every pre-trip information kit sent via email instead of getting it printed. By our humble estimation, this project would generate at least 10,000 for charity every year. We sincerely look forward to your endorsement of green technology, clean environment and conservation, while assuring you of our usual high level of service. Conservation is important to our planet and we can all play a part by using environmentally friendly tools available to deliver vital information, while at the same time help to reduce carbon output, save our forests and reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous materials used. We look forward to having you explore more of this beautiful earth in the years ahead! Enjoy these benefits: Sign up to conveniently receive your policy documents anywhere, anytime. Simply organise, file and view your policy information in a way that suits you.

go green go paperless

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Have more tools I didnt mention? Share your tools and tips in the comments. Popular search terms for this article: going paperless in the office, how to shredder go paperless in the Office, paperless office tips, best way to go paperless, best way to go paperless at home, going paperless office, tips for going paperless in the office, how. Go green, go paperless with luxury travel. Going green and paperless is the new mantra for today's businesses that want to attain efficiency and speed in their processes, while playing their part in protecting our precious earth. Luxury Travel certainly endorses this and wants to play our part! So as we usher in 2012, we will reduce the massive printing of our briefing kit.

Well fear not as there are e-signing solutions like. DocuSign, so youll be able to avoid paper even when you need to sign off on contracts and legal documents. You can securely send documents and acquire signatures while reducing travel and courier expenses too. Document Management Systems, if all of the options above still dont cut it, youre probably pretty crazy about going paperless, so a document management system (also known as ecm) is your best option. These systems can capture information from a variety sources like your scanner or even many office products like ms office, account systems etc. And create a document database that can index a whole variety of information. On top of that many systems include distribution controls and workflows so processes that involve documents can be visualized and tracked. Now that youve read through some of the solutions ive used to go paperless, its time you use some of this arsenal for your own betterment.

Going Paperless Is the easiest way to go green at the Office

go green go paperless

Go green go paperless - johnston Printing Ltd

For home or small based businesses an economical light duty scanner will do the trick. Here are a couple options that are reasonably priced and get the job done are the. Fujitsu from ScanSnap S1300 and the, neatDesk. If youre in a high-volume, office environment then youll want to go with a professional high-volume scanner like. Panasonic workgroup scanner or an Epson WorkForce Pro. Online Storage and Document Apps.

Once youve got your documents scanned in its best to put them into an online storage or document application like. Drop Box or, google docs. Once upload you can take your documents on the road for access anywhere anytime and easily share them with co-workers, essay family or friends. You also prevent the possibility losing all the valuable data if your hard drive hits the fritz, and as an added bonus there a lot easier to search for! E-signing Documents, if youre going paperless for a business might be thinking Well what about all my contracts and legal documents? I need a way to get them signed still.

The benefits include being able to receive auto reminders, paying bills on time while avoiding penalties, and saving on postage. Online bill pay services and Electronic payments. If youre still using your old checkbook, its time to ditch it and start using electronic payments. Outside of using your banks online bill pay there are online bill pay services that allow a secure account to pay all your bills in one place. There are a variety of different options but the best free one.

My check Free from fiserve. This eliminates check purchases, postage costs, allows same day or auto payments, and provides better overall payment tracking. For more options check out this article, the best Bill pay services. Scan Old Documents, not only will you have less in your file cabinet (or on your desk if youre the messy type) youll be able to find all your data a lot faster, given you actually take the time to come up with a naming. Using a scanner with auto-feeder you can remove paper clutter by digitizing paper files, save space, eliminate file cabinets, eliminate folders, find documents faster, and easily e-mail documents. There are tons of options out there but here are some good one to consider based on your needs.

Go green with fcb s Paperless Statements - florida community bank

The average office worker uses way too much paper around 10,000 sheets in a paper year. To put that into context 10,000 sheets of paper weighs about 100 pounds and stacked would stand just over 4 feet. Like your filing cabinet? After you read this you probably wont anymore: A 4-drawer filing cabinet costs about 25,000 to fill and 2,000 per year to maintain. Its easy to see how we could all benefit from less paper and more organization in our lives, therefore i put together a list of my favorite tools anyone can use to go paperless (or at least limit the amount of paper you are currently. Paperless Billing Options, it may not seem like much to switch from your traditional paper bills but the impact can be huge. Electronic billing options are way easier to keep track of and provide a lot more value than their paper counterparts.

go green go paperless

yes but its very difficult. With some diligence and flexibility to change your old ways, you can have a pretty big impact. Lets assume that youre over the whole go green initiative since recycling placates your conscience and the whales are safe, thanks to Drew Barrymore and that guy from, the Office. . The environmental effects of going paperless will be secondary to the impact on your bottom line. . The more important and better question is: How much can you save by going paperless? Consider these stats from industry experts: Paper not only costs the environment, but using paper over digital records can really hurt your wallet: The associated cost of printing, copying, postage, storing, and recycling can be as much as 31 times the purchase price of paper.

Its paperless fewer bills in your mailbox result in less clutter. If you need a copy of your bill for your records, you can easily print one at any time. Its green paperless billing is better for the environment. Its convenient review your account at any time. Youll receive a monthly e-mail notification when your bill is ready for viewing. Its secure a unique user id and password mean your account information is secure. Start today by accessing, smartHub icon below. . Please confirm the accuracy of information before submitting. All electronic transactions made from this friend web site are secure and private.

Paperless Office: Top 5 reasons to go green azeus Convene

Make life even simpler. Sign up for Auto bill pay. Your directv bill we be automatically entry deducted from your checking account, credit card, or debit card every month without your having to lift a finger. Enroll in Auto bill pay. Go paperless - sign Up! Skip to main navigation. Join our growing list of members who are taking advantage of our free and secure way of viewing their utility bills online.

Go green go paperless
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  4. View Tagging leaderboards for Community. Go green, go paperless with luxury travel. Going green and paperless is the new mantra for today's businesses that want to attain efficiency and speed.

  5. The, go, green, advocacy was formulated in response to the growing demand to help. "Support : go, paperless : Safer, simpler, Greener ". Sign up for, paperless, billing and make your life safer, simpler, and green. Go, green, by going, paperless! Don't get lost in a sea of paper when online statements are just a click away with Transaction Manager! Print and Design Series.

  6. Go, paperless - sign Up! Northeastern remc your Local cooperative. Its, green paperless billing is better for the environment. Securely receive your insurance policy information straight to your inboxIt's easy to go paperless. Ctp, green, slip nsw. Go paperless with Law Practice Optimization.

  7. Online registration for your postpaid ebill is easy now. Provide your number, email id activate ebill instantly to receive your postpaid bills monthly to the registered email. Go, green with paperless solutions. Do you want to take your marketing game to the next level? In times of companies thinking more about Corporate social Responsibility and going green it is necessary to at least try to go paperless.

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