Irihapeti ramsden thesis

irihapeti ramsden thesis

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Ma on Art, wellington, 1901. Waitangi: maori and pakeha perspectives of the Treaty of waitangi, oxford University Press, auckland, 1989. Maori Artists of the south Pacific, raglan, 1984. Seven maori Artists, wellington, 1986. The Treaty of waitangi, wellington, 1987. Eruera - the teachings of a maori Elder, wellington, 1980.

Irihapeti ramsden: The public Narrative on Cultural Safety koptie

General - maori awatere,. Maori sovereignty, auckland, 1984. Tikanga Whakaaro: key concepts in maori culture, oxford University Press, 1991. "The Exhibitions of maori Art in Auckland (documents the new zealand Art Student Association summary Antic, november 1987(3.116-122. Whanganui: Photographs of a river, Anne noble, sarjeant Gallery, wanganui photoforum, (51/52 september, 1982. Maori Proverbs, auckland, 1963. The coming of the maori, narrative christchurch, 1966. Maori is my name. Historical Writings in Translation, (ed. "Translation and the Treaty now see hear! Greg Burke 1990,.23-4.

Waikato Art Museum Contemporary maori Art: waikato Art Museum. Walker, tim "Everything is Connected - the Art of Michel Tuffery art nz 70,1994,.64-7. So database am i paratene matchitt, now see hear! Art, language and Translation, wellington City Art Gallery, (ed. Greg Burke 1990,.238-249. Three contemporary maori Artists, robert McDougall Art Gallery, christchurch, june, 1990. Zelenka, gloria "headlands: Utopia: a discreet Investigation Art nz 64, 1992,.62-3.

irihapeti ramsden thesis

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Mendelssohn, joanna "headlands: The sydney view Art nz 64,1992. "weaver of Lines, history and Genealogy". Art nz 49, summer 1988/1989. Te wehenga o rangi raua ko papa: na Cliff Whiting, national Library of New zealand, wellington,. Panoho, rangihiroa "Haonga te taonga art nz spring 1986,.31-33,82. Panoho, rangihiroa "Another view of the Photographs of laurence Aberhart Antic, december 1990, (8.22-27. "The parihaka paintings new zealand Listener, night 20 December, 1975. Te waka toi, catalogue, wellington, 1992. Te waka toi, creative new zealand taiarotia, contemporary maori Art to the usa, wellington.

(including Peter Robinson, jacqueline Fraser, fiona pardington. "The Arts of the maori (review). Te ao hou, march 1968 (38.25-28. McDonald, Ewen "headlands: Pacifically Speaking". Art nz 64, 1992. "Ragged house Photographs: Ans Westra's 'washday at the pa photofile south Pacific, Spring. "Cliff Whiting: Art is Part and Parcel of his Life-Style te maori, october, 1974, vol.

Cultural safety and nursing education in Aotearoa and

irihapeti ramsden thesis

N dedication: Irihapeti merenia ramsden

Dunn, michael "headlands: Refiguring New zealand Art Art nz 64,1992. Ensign, riemke "Telling Pictures: New zealand Artists Response to new zealand Writers Art.1991,.58-62, (including Hotere and Kahukiwa). Te koha 0 te Whenua; the gift of the land, massey university, palmerston North, 1988. French, Blair "A Choreography of Form: The paintings of Shane cotton Art nz 60, 1991,.63-5. George, ta'i "tivaevae.272-3, Standing in the sunshine, sandra coney (ed. "Letting the Stone Speak". New zealand Listener, 18/8/1984.

"Artists on the marae te maori, june, 1973. 5 (2) Hemara,. "Tapping the Springs of Creativity: New maori singh Arts Craft International, 1988: (vol. 6,.22-24 Hubbard,. "beyond kia ora: The paraesthetics of Choice" Antic, december, 1990 (8).28-29. Mane-Wheoki, jonathan "Cultural Safety: Contemporary Art From New zealand Art nz 79,.66-9.

A fuller bibliography follows which allows for wider ranging reading pewrtinent to essay topics and the examination. Certain books will be put on Desk copy for use with essays at the fine Arts Library at Elam. These reserved book titles will be announced at lectures when the essay topics are handed out. (ii) Other lilbraries with collections of material on maori and Pacific art and culture include the following. Main University of Auckland Library; Auckland City Art Gallery research Library (by appointment only and the auckland Institute and Museum Library. (iii) Students will be advised of any upcoming exhibitions of maori and Pacific Island art or taonga and performance events relevant to course material.

(c) Audio visual A range of historical and contemporary video material relevant to the course is held in the audio visual Library, english Department. This material can only be viewed in the library facility. Video will also be used from time to time in tutorial and lecture contexts. Bibliography contemporary austin,. "a description of the maori marae thesis, School of Architecture, university of Auckland,. "Maori Art Today art New zealand 45, summer 1987/88,. (ed.) Mana tiriti, wellington City Art Gallery, 1990. Contemporary maori Art, waikato museum of Art and History, 1977.

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1 essay and 2tests Examination 50. 1 essay examination 25 75 In either case wherever the examination is higher than word the coursework it will be the mark recorded. If you decide to take the test option, both tests must be sat. Note that in general students fare better in coursework than in the final examination. Essay 1 2 topics: These will be given out in the first lecture on July 23, alt. Resources (a) guest Lectures: guest lecture slots have been scheduled. Lecturers will include contemporary maori and Pacific Island artists, maori carvers or weavers, curators and lecturers. Students are to be advised and content and schedule will be discussed during the course. (b) reading: (i) Samples of reading material relevant to tutorials and lectures are enclosed within this booklet not included in online version.

irihapeti ramsden thesis

Tutorials are optional but it is recommended that students attend in order to gain an insight into the topic. The programme runs weekly starting from the second week of term (30 July - 1 August) at the following times: Wed.00-1.00 GOl (N.B reliant.'s) Wed.00-4.00 GOl Fri.00-1.00 GOl Fri.00-4.00 GOl July 23 and 25 no tutorials July 30 and. August 6 and 8 Mana and It's Vessels August 13 and 15 Nga poropiti august 20 and. C.A.g visit, matchitt: exhibition of Papa kainga august 27 and 29 te moemoea no iotefa bottled Ocean exhibitions September 17 and 19 the customboard mural design solution September 24 and 26 ways of viewing the other October 1 and 3 Cultural Ownership October 8 and. Slide test 1 august. Essay 1 august. Slide test 2 october. Essay 2 october 3 The requirements of this paper are one 2,000 word essay and a three hour examination at the end of the semester. The weighting of classwork to examination consists population of two possible options:.

art? July 25, charles Frederick goldie: the mana of the artist versus that of the sifter. July 30, landscape and people as taonga, august. Maori/Pacific Connections, august 6, nga poropiti, august 8, rangi and Papa separated Again August 13 Paratene matchitt August 15 Separation of Rangi and Papa revisited August 20 first test august 22 guest Lecture : Jim vivieaere august 27 guest Lecture: tivaevae maker August 29 Community. This will be a time for students to share their views and explore the field of Contemporary maori and Polynesian arts. Some tutorials will be held within the context of the art gallery or museum.

Because of the business pioneering nature of this shift in focus the contributions of both student and lecturer are vital to it's ongoing development. With your kete and our kete of knowledge and experience, we will build something together. Background, the paper 'maori and Polynesian Arts' was first taught in 1993 in the Art History department. Introducing students to a range of current activity in maori and Pacific Island visual arts, this paper encourages students to make connections between taonga and forms being produced today. It looks at major developments in the work of these artists since the 1950's and explores a range of ideological positions for reading current maori and Pacific art. The importance of cultural change as a survival mechanism, the traditional base leading artists have started, departed from or returned to; the cross cultural assimilation and redefinition involved in their work, first Nation art context and the implications of outside cultural definition and analysis. Historical models and contemporary theoretical positions will be referred to providing a context for the innovative work of contemporary artists operating within this paradigm.

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114.205, lecturer: Rangihiroa panoho, department of Art History, university of Auckland. Kia ora koutou, talofa lava, kia orana, malo e lelei, ni sa bula, fakaalofa lahi atu. He huruhuru te manu karere, he ao te ra uhia. When the bird has feathers it flies away, when clouds come the sky is covered. Change is a very important component in Polynesian culture. This quality has only been acknowledged recently with greater scholarly attention being paid to the exciting diversity and rich permutations of cultural expression which have found expression around the pacific rim shredder most spectacularly since the arrival of palagi/pakeha. This course is one of a growing number being run within the context of tertiary institutions around Aotearoa addressing the work of First Nation artists. This new attention acknowledges the importance and uniqueness of our south Pacific cultural context and heritage.

Irihapeti ramsden thesis
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  2. a description of the maori marae, thesis, school of Architecture, university of Auckland,. Ramsden, irihapeti robyn Kahukiwa and diane Prince: After Mana tiriti, art nz 59, 1991,.72-5. First introduced in the doctoral thesis of maori nurse, irihapeti, ramsden in 1990, cultural safety encourages health care workers to move beyond cultural sensitivity and competence, to consider imbalances. Orange, claudia j, a kind of Equality: Labour and the maori people, ma thesis, auckland, 1977, p 7 (for separatist trend").

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