Level 4 essay

level 4 essay

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Education and sports are two sides of the same coin means success. Playing sports in the schools by the students has been made compulsory; teachers and parents should promote the children on their own level to play the game business for their growth and development as well as make future of the country. Sports nourish the life of us in many ways. It teaches us discipline and continuity in the work to get the goal. It keeps us fit both physically and mentally and thus socially, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually. It is best way of entertainment and meditate the mind in such a polluted and pressurized environment where everyone becomes ready to give tension and create problems for other one. It enhances the concentration level and memory power and fills the mind with positive thoughts. Related Information: Slogans on Sports, paragraph on football, paragraph on Sports and Games. Essay on Sports, essay on Importance of Sports, speech on Sports.

level 4 essay

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It has been promoted to a great extent in the schools and colleges by the government of the country. Indian athletes are showing their full participation in every national and international level sports and continuously trying to achieve the quality and standard. Since Indian athletes had win only few gold medals in the last Olympic Games however they had played with full courage and enthusiasm. India is leading in many sports like hockey, wrestling, cricket, etc. The selection of best sportsperson is done from the students playing well the schools or state reviews level. Now the condition of sports in India has become changed and it has become the good field to get popularity and success. It is not separate from the education and it is not necessary that if one is playing good sports he does not need good education or if one is going good in education he should not involve in the sports.

Sports are the best ways to deal with the losses and profits in the life by making the balance between body and mind, excitement and sorrow. Playing sports for some hour on daily basis has been made necessary in the schools for the welfare of the children and better future of the country. Sports Essay 6 (400 words). Many sports are played in India from ancient time and hockey has been declared as the national game of the country. Especially children are very fond of playing game in the playground in the nearby areas of home or they generally participate in the school. Many school level, district level, state level, national level, and international level sports activities are organized for the maximum participation of the children and youths of the country. However, sometimes disappointing performances of Indian athletes at the national or international level like olympic or common wealth game shows the poor condition of sports and facility provided to the athletes in India. Still the Indian athletes have not achieved a standard in the international sports however it seems that soon they would do as the criteria and scope of sports is increased in the current years.

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level 4 essay

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Sports and education both together are the best ways of achieving success in life. Sports Essay 5 (300 words everybody understands that, sports and games mean only the physical and mental fitness. However it has many hidden benefits as well. Sports and good education both together become the way to achieve success in the life of a child. Both should be given equal priority in the school and colleges to go ahead and make the bright career of the students. Sports mean not only the bodily exercise however it means to promote the concentration level of the students towards study. There is a common saying about the sports that A sound mind in a sound body means there should be a well working mind in the fit body in order to go ahead and get success in the life.

As the health of the body is essential for getting healthy all through the life, lamb it is also necessary to have a mental and intellectual fitness to concentrate completely on the target. Playing sports brings highest level of confidence and teaches us discipline which remains with us whole life. Motivating children for the sports and make them interested in the games should be started at home and school level by the equal participation of the parents and teachers. Sports and games become very interesting and can be played by anyone anytime however it should be practiced from childhood for better achievement of the goal whether in the study or other. Sports and games are of many types and named according to the rules and ways of playing them. Some of the sports are cricket, hockey (national game football, basket ball, volley ball, tennis, running, skipping, high and low jumping, discus throw, badminton, rowing, swimming, kho-kho, kabaddi, and many more.

It is the useful means of getting entertainment and physical activity on daily basis. It is the character and discipline building technique which holds with us whole life. It makes us active and gives us energy and strength. Playing sports and games continuously means motivating the mental and physical growth. It makes us learn about how to maintain the physical and mental balance as it improves the concentration level and memory.

It makes life too peaceful to tackle any difficult situation. It develops sense of friendliness and removes all the differences between two people. It keeps body in shape which makes us strong and active however it also keeps mind peaceful which brings positive thoughts and keeps us away from the many diseases and disorders. It gives us lots of energy and strength as well as removes all the tiredness and lethargy by improving the blood circulation all through the body and promoting the physical and mental well-being. It improves ones capability, work efficiency and prevent from being exhausted mentally and physically. It is the integral part of improving the quality of education among students.

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It makes a country to feel proud if its citizens win the match. It brings encouragement and london develops the feeling of patriotism. It is the way to reduce international level tension among many countries. It helps in improving the physical and mental strength of the person as well as the economic and social strength of the country. Sports Essay 4 (250 words sports and games both are very important and easy way to improve physical and mental fitness. Now-a-days, the scope of the sports and games has been increased by the effort of the government. Anyone of us can establish a good career in the sports for whole life together with the maintenance of food health and fitness of the body. It has become a very good way to achieve success and good job.

level 4 essay

We can never unseen the benefits and importance of playing the sports on regular basis. Sports provide a person the feeling of well being and encourage living a healthy life. It keeps us always fit and healthy as well as away from problems of drug addiction, crime and disorders. Sports are organized at national and international level by the government of the country for motivating the students to take part and get daughter popularity through sports. Any of the sports is very simple however need full devotion and hard work to get practiced on daily basis. Now-a-days, sports has become most efficient way to establish a better career for whole life as it provides equal and good job opportunities to all. It is the medium which enhances the economy of host country organizing the sports activities.

Students should be encouraged and motivated by their parents at home and teachers in the schools. It is necessary for the growing children so that they may develop good habits and discipline which they may continue to their adulthood and pass to the next generation. Sports play great role in improving and maintaining the health and fitness, improving mental skills and concentration level as well as social and communication skills. Playing sports on regular basis prevents person form the many diseases and disorders of the body organs especially overweight, obese and heart problems. Children should never be demoted for playing the sports instead they should be promoted. Sports Essay 3 (200 words). Sports are most easy and convenient ways for the very good physical and mental exercise. It is very useful for growth and development of the individual as well as the country.

Generally the topic of benefits and importance of sports are argues by the people. And yes, any type of sport is deeply connected with the physical, physiological, mental and intellectual health of the person. It helps in maintaining the physical and mental fitness of the person. Playing presentation sports on daily basis help in developing the mental skills. It also improves the psychological skills of the person playing. It brings motivation, courage, discipline and concentration. Playing sports has been made necessary in the schools for the welfare of the students. Sports Essay 2 (150 words sports are the physical activity done in particular ways of style and all are named accordingly.

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49 site_phone 7 (3452) u0443u043b. 104, u0422u0426 u0414u043eu043c, 1 7 (3452). Sport is a vigorous physical activity involves physical exertion and skill generally statement played by two teams against each other by following the set number of rules in order to win or defeat other team. Sports are very much liked by the children in their school time. In order to let students know the benefits and importance of the sports all through the life, teachers assigned them the topic of essay on sports in the school to write something in their own words. So, students you are at right place, here we have provided some easily written and simply worded long and short sports essay. Sports Essay 1 (100 words sports are the physical activities with different names according to the ways of playing them. Sports are generally liked by almost all the children whether girls or boys.

Level 4 essay
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