Was world war 2 inevitable essay

was world war 2 inevitable essay

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In August, 1914, 6 million men mobilised for war on the european continent. It was the bloodiest war that had been fought yet in history due to huge advances in weapons and technology. This question of who was to blame for the war has been debated many times by many historians. Germany was responsible for its beginning to some extent but that extent can be argued. Words: 1957 - pages: 8, changes in government Between World War i and World War ii essay progression of the ideas of government and its values from the first World War (1914-1918) to the aftermath of the second World War (1939-1945). To understand how the perception of government at the time changed, one can examine the historical background of governments at the time of World War i, what caused groups to change hands, what groups changed, and how has these changes affected the events leading and. Ideas can have an important effect on events, and events can certainly. Words: 1174 - pages: 5, world War ii essay, world War ii war is one of the most tragic things in our world today.

The End of History?

By 1945 the affidavit russian army had made it to berlin and the war was over. In conclusion Allied victory in Europe only became inevitable after the turning points of Stalingrad and the us invasion. Hitler made a fatal and unforgivable mistake by not ensuring the soviet Union was completely destroyed in Operation Barbarossa. If the invasion had been successful, an Allied invasion of Western Europe would have been close to impossible. Overall Allied victory was not inevitable but sat on a precarious balance that fortunately tipped in the favour of good rather than that of evil. Best, a, international History of The Twentieth Century and beyond, resume routledge, london, 2008 duiker, wj, twentieth Century world History, thomson Wadsworth, belmont, 2006 Grenville, jas, a history of the world from the 20th to the 21st Century, routledge, new York, 2005 overy, r, why the. World War 1 Essay, the war of the worlds Essays. The war of the worlds The war of the worlds-are observing through telescopes the spectacle of the collision of the comet and the moon and are preparing scientific papers on what they take to be the minor damage done to the earth. Wells's narrator then neatly upends homocentrist pretensions: "Which only shows how small the vastest human catastrophes may seem, at a distance of a few million miles." Wells's perspectives on the contingency of civilization are not always extraterrestrial. Words: 1863 - pages: 8, to What Extent Was Germany responsible for causing World War 1? To what extent was Germany responsible for causing World War One?

Following Stalingrad the german Army suffered massive defeats on the entire eastern Front until finally they could fight no longer. Thus the turning point in the war was reached and the fate of the war seems to have been decided by hitlers compulsion and hasty decisions rather than the ability of the german army to fight. Because of Hitlers loss at Stalingrad and his failure to capture the all important caucus oil as well as the destruction of the finest parts of his army an invasion in the west was now not only possible but imminent. The invasion came in in the form of the us army at Normandy. The western front became a devastating arena for the germans but was only so devastating due to the effects of the german losses on the eastern front. Even though Hitler ordered his reserves to concentrate on defending the western front, it was still now an inevitable outcome that the allies would be victorious. Even the battle of the bulge had little hope of long term success as the allies were year transporting more supplies on to mainland Europe every day, at a rate germany could not hope to match.

was world war 2 inevitable essay

The new world disorder: is war

At the professional same time though Hitler ordered the 6th Army to march on to Stalingrad. This became a fatal decision. The 6th army was weakened and had been marching for 6 weeks. A sensible strategist would have halted the 6th and allowed its armour and elements of the 4th Panzer Army to link. Strangely this seemingly simple idea apple that would have resulted in a much more decisive and strengthened force arriving at Stalingrad was not implemented and the 6th army was forced to fight in extremely unfavourable circumstances. Hence germany unable to deliver the knockout blow to take russia out of the war. They had involved their most experienced troops in a conflict which resulted in huge casualties and losses, meaning any attack on the western front would further stretch the german armed forces. And all the while they had failed to destroy the soviet economy, which by the end of 41 had put itself on a war footing, one which Germany was never able to achieve.

Some may argue that German defeat was always inevitable because of the eventual involvement of the usa. However the involvement of the usa would never have occurred if Britain fell. Had the British opted for a negotiated peace or succumbed to invasion the usa would have retreated behind the walls of a fortress America This was an entirely possible scenario if Stalingrad and the caucuses had been taken. This operation in essence would be a defining point of the war, but was the loss at Stalingrad inevitable and thus leading to inevitable Allied victory? Firstly the circumstances must be looked. Hitlers plan was to drive the 4th Panzer division directly south to rostov, however he overestimated Rostovs ability to hold and stripped the 6th Army of its armour and fuel as support for the 4th. Rostov was poorly defended and captured relative ease.

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was world war 2 inevitable essay

Bombing of civilians in World War

But also germany would be standing in a much better economic position. Having developed an idea of Germanys capability economically and tactically and proven that Allied victory at that stage was not inevitable it is now time to look at the turning points and why the german position became impossible. The summer of 1941 saw the war move east as the german army opened up an attack on the soviet Union. Code named Operation Barbarossa the attack achieved complete surprise. Stalin actually had to be convinced that the german army was attacking as he held faith in the non-aggression pact between the two countries. The war moved with incredible speed and with huge pincer movements that captured, killed and wounded whole russian army groups.

After making deep penetrations into russia hitler inexplicably ordered a halt on the advance before reaching Moscow and the momentum of the attack was lost. It was not until winter had passed and the warmer weather arrived in April 1942 that Hitler moved to take the initiative again. At this time russian reconnaissance noticed Germans were concentrating their forces on the southern part of the central Front. Hitlers plan was to move south with the 6th Army and the 4th Panzer Army and take first Rostov and then Stalingrad which would have effectively cut off the caucuses and Russian oil some 110 million tons. This manoeuvre in itself could have ended the war for the russians. Without the caucuses and its oil it would have been impossible to mobilise the reserve divisions that hadnt been decimated in 1941 during Barbarossa. Ultimately soviet defeat would have allowed Hitler to return his full attention to Britain and invading her.

France was ready having placed its army at the maginot line to fight a war of attrition, however Germany on the other hand was not ready to fight a war of attrition and indeed would not. Using blitzkrieg and paratroopers the german Army encircled the maginot Line, defeating the defenders and pushing the British Expeditionary force out to sea at Dunkirk. Early in the war Germanys economic might was very large but still not comparable to the allies. However this does not necessarily mean that defeat was an inevitable outcome. Hitlers predictions of the german economic standing globally before the war would likely have given him a false illusion of Germans economic might. The statistics gathered caused him not to assess the usa or Russia as the potential superpowers or industrial giants they were to become, and rightly.

In 1936 Americas army was 110,000 men strong, its military spending was 1 of its annual budget and it had no independent air force and an unarmed navy the prediction was made that either country would not be able to mobilise an effective industry compared. Not only did Germany have an impressive production capability already but it was sitting very close to potentially enormous deposits of resources, most notably the oil in The caucuses south of Rostov and Stalingrad. In 1941 German production of crude oil was. 4 million tons compared to russias 110 million tons. Now at this stage in the war the usa was still not involved so german commitments even though on two fronts were only faced with a large pressure from Russia on the eastern front. Certainly if Germany had taken the caucuses and their invaluable oil Russia would have been crippled and defeated?

World War, ii: the rise of the

Polands antiquated army fell in one month. The early years of the war saw the german war machine make crushing blows in Europe. Hitlers blitzkrieg was ruthless and stunning to his enemies who found themselves caught in its path or more often cut off by its encircling tactics. After the fall of Poland the german Army turned south and fought a blitzkrieg war through the netherlands, belgium, luxemburg and France. At this point Germany was undoubtedly tactically superior to every other nation on Earth. The german Army had fought an amazing campaign. It had shown itself almost incomparable in defence as well as in offence It was positioned to take britain and the soviet Union. Hitler had assessed the French and British as weak. Although this assessment certainly was not representative of the courage and fortitude of the nations and even their military size it was however an accurate depiction of their readiness and tactical ability.

was world war 2 inevitable essay

WW2 in Europe was precipitated by many paper contributing factors. Widely accepted though is the idea that most Germans were resentful of the humiliating defeat in WW1 which in following, germany was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles. Economic disaster ensued due to the large reparations the victors demanded. Thus it is not surprising that upon the nazi parties rise the german people immediately aggrandised Hitler, a wounded Linz regiment corporal from the first World War who promised a mannish dream of another German Empire. Re-armament of Germany was soon to follow, in spite of the treatys prohibition of this, and a highly trained, equipped and motivated military war machine was built. Stats At this point Germany had 195 divisions 28 of which were elite armoured or panzer divisions, key elements in the armys ability to fight a blitzkrieg war. Hitler then moved to annex Austria and czechoslovakia which he succeeded in doing while avoiding any conflict. Germanys next move was to take poland after signing a non-aggression treaty with Russia.

the army slogan, " Not Just Strong, Army Strong the marine. However Allied victory eventually did become inevitable after certain turning points in the war, this essay will demonstrate how the two most important turning points, the battle for Stalingrad and the entry of the usa into the war changed a possible german victory into. In essence this essay will show that the idea of total war and industrial gigantism do not guarantee victory in conflict. One must also ask themselves why germany would have such a drive for war if Allied victory was conceived to be inevitable. After all what soldier would fight the unwinnable battle? Richard overy states in Why the Allies Won that no rational man in early 1942 would have guessed at the eventual outcome of the war. To appreciate the credibility of this statement and the probability of German victory, the early years of the war must be looked at retrospectively, and Germanys position tactically, economically and socially must be analysed. Even though Germany was out-matched in production and numbers there is no reason to believe that the early years of the war pointed to inevitable Allied victory.

An old history teacher of mine by the name of jay dettlaff broke down an idea called the world System Theory. In his own words, he explained, " There is always one country at the top, all the other countries below are constantly trying to work their way up to the same rank as guaranteed that country, and as soon as that happens, a big conflict occurs. Not necessarily always a war, but, for example, the cold war between the usa and the ussr. As soon as that conflict happens, either one or the other country gets knocked back down in the race and the whole process starts over again". By making this point, he proves that conflict in the world is cyclical. Throughout the course of history the same process has repeated itself uncountable times. Another common theme found throughout history is Propaganda and the glorification of war.

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In: Other Topics, submitted by kjdorf, words 1268, pages. The Inevitability of War World peace is a commonly sought after goal, people strive for a world where things are settled in a non-violent manner and where war is obsolete. But realistically summary speaking, how likely is the idea of world peace? From a psychological, historical, and even a biblical perspective, war and violence seem to be inevitable. Since the beginning of time, mankind has engaged itself in bloody conflict time and time again. Fighting over money, power, resources, religion, and freedom. From battles within Mesopotamia itself, to the battle we fight today in the middle east. Some people think that war is unnecessary and avoidable, but in reality, it's something that will never be avoided. Historically, war is inevitable.

Was world war 2 inevitable essay
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  2. Free essays on Is War Inevitable. World War 2 essay. World War Two world War ii was fought across more land and involved more men than any other war in the.

  3. Was world war two inevitable essay. Thus cutting off the oil made war inevitable because, with dwindling supplies, japan was forced to seek out the oil (and rubber) of south East Asia., essay world war 2 in pacific. Gradesaver, 2 structured essay question format may 2017 marking instructions for the civil war was inevitable essay all individual rights. College essays the world and the critical information about the importance of keeping time while your assignment is yours represented. Holocaust Essay this World War ii period made an enormous impact on the direction that was taken by the social relations between Jews and other nations. Holocaust divided the lives of Jews into three periods: before, during and after it, which showed how hard was its hit.

  4. No saying how long before this happens though. Home — all Essay samples — world War. Unless you believe in predeterminism, nothing is inevitable in history. However, some things have a higher probability of happening than others, and this is what this study addresses. Already struggling with an essay virginia woolf essay on world war 1 essay. Paper: you adapt the largest network of world war ii 19391945.

  5. The Inevitability of War World peace is a commonly sought after goal, people strive for a world where things are settled in a non-violent manner and where war is obsolete. Essay about World War. Best War ever, michael Adams states right away his main argument he intends to stress throughout the book. Was Cold war an inevitable result of the world War ii? As the question asks is a third world war inevitable and does not set a time limit I would have to say yes, at some point there will be a information or communication breakdown that will cause a war that will become a third world.

  6. The world War ii influenced the political and economic situation in France. Essay on: The atomic bombs impact on American Culture. However Allied victory eventually did become inevitable after certain turning points in the war, this essay will demonstrate how the two most important. Best, a, international History of The Twentieth Century and beyond, routledge, london, 2008 duiker, wj, twentieth Century world History. Read this essay on War Is Inevitable.

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