Who is responsible for global warming essay

who is responsible for global warming essay

Anthropogenic, global Warming - fact or hoax?

Global warming also alters the patterns of survival of the organisms including humans on the earths crust. A large mass of the land in United States is likely to become warm. The presence of sulfates may limit the warming in certain areas, but in most of the land mass, warming will surely occur. However, scientists are not able to predict with certainty, which parts will remain wetter or drier. However, there is a general shift in the direction of augmented rainfall and evaporation. Global warming is also responsible for the melting of the glaciers in Greenland and the Arctic.

Global Warming

In addition, much more. Read More : Essay on Global Warming-The Eternal Menace with"s. What is global students warming and how does it manifest in the atmosphere. Global warming is the phenomenon of increase in the temperature of the earth. The earths temperature has risen by regeneration about one degree fahrenheit in the past century with an accelerated warming during the past three decades. There is strong evidence that most of the warming happening in the earth since the last fifty years can be attributed to human activities. . Human activities have altered the chemistry of the atmosphere through the accumulation of greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of global warming. This means gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. These gases have heat-trapping properties but it is not known how the earths surface reacts to them. Global warming brings along with it threats like affecting the climate of the earth and disintegrating the health of the people. Also included in this is the phenomenon of alteration of the crop seasons.

Free 800 words essay on global warming and its impact for school and college students. Introduction, bangkok struggles to protect slum-dwellers as floods worsen screams a headline in a report posted by david Spike on the website job One. This is a direct result of the phenomenon called global warming. Some other examples of global warming are: The rising of sea levels throughout the world. The unfreezing and de-icing of the Arctic by september 2037. The melting of the polar ice caps. If global warming is not contained, it will lead to: Trouble for anglers and those who rely on ocean animals or their livelihood. A continued rise in average online global temperatures. A reduction in species diversity, widespread death due to air pollution.

who is responsible for global warming essay

Can big oil be sued for causing global warming?

They say that this was a period of cold conditions. This argument assumes that the earth has some natural temperature to which it always return which is untrue. Again, the climate of the earth may have remained that way or even gotten colder if the assertion is to be believed. Conclusion, this paper has shown that global warming is real. It has listed the causes of global warming as pollution, deforestation and the natural causes which result from the heating of the surface of the earth. The effects of global warming which includes melting glaciers as a result of the warming of the planet, erotic weather patterns, health issues and the loss in habitat have also been discussed. The prediction of scientists on the future effects of global warming if it goes unchecked has also been considered. In fact, if the current rate continues then more than a million species of habitat could become extinct by the year 2050. However, some of these consequences have already been felt like the melting of glaciers, hurricanes, father's change in weather patterns and flooding and even the emergence of new infections and spread of others like malaria and asthma to new zones.

Myths about Global Warming. There are also some scientists who do not believe in global warming. A number of myths have been proposed to support this argument. Victor (2011, p 5) explains the scientific myth that argues that scientists are able to determine the safe level of global warming. He expounds that once this level has been set then the society optimizes to achieve that goal which is a myth since no one knows how much warming is safe. Others also argue that the global temperatures are rising at a rapid rate which is untrue since this argument has not been experimentally recorded from the recent satellite, balloon and mountain top observations made in the recent past. Some scientists argue that the global warming is caused by the earth recovering from the mini Ice Age (13) (Page 2007,.

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who is responsible for global warming essay

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Consequences of Global Warming, global warming is a holidays general concern of nearly everybody. The global temperature trend has recorded an increase since the 19th century. Saliken et al (2009) argue that this warming trend over the last 50 years has doubled compared to that of the last century (p. The global average surface temperature is expected to be between.8 0C and.0 0C higher at the end of the 21st Century. This increase would result into loss in biodiversity (Metz 2010,. The other effects include the rise in sea levels which may affect low-lying cities and islands with sea water, variations in rainfall patterns resulting into droughts and fires, flooding, melting of icecaps, loss of habitat, and spread of diseases due to changes in weather patterns.

In order to check on global warming a legally binding agreement between signed up countries was made. This agreement was referred to as kyoto Agreement and targeted to achieve emissions reduction targets of all greenhouse gases by 2012 relative to 1990 levels. As at August 2011, 119 countries and one super national Union, the european Union, had signed and ratified the agreement with a general overall emission target.6.This agreement is effective since countries that were responsible for 55 of 1990 emissions like russia have already. It also set penalties, review annual meetings and embraced a market based approach to offer incentives to members finding it expensive to achieve emissions reduction. . Some people vie this agreement as an expensive agreement aimed at achieving little emissions reductions thus may not succeed in obtaining its set targets. However this view may not hold water due to the increase in signing and ratification of the protocol by countries and unions.

  Pollution is one of the human activities that may lead to global warming (Maslin 2006, p 12). Scientific research has shown that there has been a considerate increase in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide since the start of the Industrial revolution. Maslin (2006, p 12) continues to say that since 1958, there has been an annual increase in the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. He asserts that the average concentration of approximately 316 parts per million by volume (ppmv) in 1958 increased to nearly 3Melts (2010, p 7) confirms this when he says that there are a lot of green house gases emitted into the atmosphere of the earth. Such emissions from industries, cars and power stations produce more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Deforestation which is the conversion of forested areas to non-forest land or the general degradation of forests is also a cause of global warming. Forests can extract carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere. Research has shown that tropical deforestation contributes 90 of the present total biotic carbon dioxide released into the air. The accumulation of carbon dioxide as a result of burning of timber or leaving timber to rot is a cause of rise in the global temperature. Forests also act as carbon absorbers through photosynthesis and through this process the level of this gas is reduced. Naturally, there may also be an increase in global temperature due to the trapping of the long wave infra red radiations by green house gases. During the heating of the earth, on average about one third of the solar radiations is reflected back to space while the rest are absorbed by the earth itself. The warming of the earth results into the emissions of infra red radiations which may be trapped by the naturally occurring green house gases.

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Houghton (2006, p 18) argues that the major cause of global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide. Since carbon dioxide is a good absorber of radiations from the surface of the earth it acts like a blanket over the earth surface hence the increase in temperatures. The rise plan in temperature results into a subsequent rise in the quantities of water vapor in the earths atmosphere which provides further blanketing. The predicted results of global warming include a rise in sea levels, changes in weather patterns (rainfall patterns increased likelihood of extreme events like flooding and hurricanes, loss of biodiversity and spread of diseases like malaria as a result of change in weather patterns. Causes of Global Warming, global warming may be caused by natural and human factors. Both factors result into an increase in the levels of greenhouse gases. Some of the naturally occurring greenhouse gases are methane, carbon dioxide, water vapour, ozone statement and nitrous oxide which together form a blanket effect on the earths surface. These gases regulate the temperature of the earth surface when their levels are maintained. Any imbalances in their levels result into changes in global temperatures.

who is responsible for global warming essay

Nonetheless, it your is a growing problem, partly because it combines high profits, increasing demand, abundant supply, relatively low risks of punishment, increasing sexual tolerance worldwide, and varying perceptions of the problem in the global community. Central Intelligence Agency estimates that almost a million people worldwide are enslaved each year, including twenty thousand in the United States, it is impossible to know how many people are actually trafficked. The exponential growth in contemporary slavery and human trafficking is inseparable from increasing levels of economic. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earths surface due to the effects of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases for instance, carbon dioxide resulting from burning fuels or from deforestation trap heat that would otherwise escape the surface the earth surface. There is no universal definition of global warming. However, the natural Resources Defense council (nrdc) defines it as any rise in the regular temperature of the earth surface. It also notes that the increase may be because of natural occurrences within the earths atmosphere or by man made influences.

it is increasingly difficult to separate criminal activities from legitimate global transactions. As national boundaries become more absorbent and as different legal and political systems are more integrated, uncertainties about the legality of various activities abound. What some countries regard as serious problems are often viewed as lower priorities for others. Furthermore, show more content, often, highly organized global criminal networks are involved in cybercrimes. Human trafficking is probably as old as human civilization. Throughout history, human beings have enslaved each other and forced each other to work under the most inhumane conditions, justifying this exploitation in many ways. From ancient Egypt to the present-day united States, slavery was and is an integral component of economic life. Contemporary slavery is the transporting of victims under false pretenses from one nation, or province, to another, where they are subjugated to forced labor or prostitution.14 Compared with the global drug trade, human trafficking receives much less attention.

The gases that are responsible for the earth's atmospheric Greenhouse Effect are water Vapor and Carbon dioxide." The same carbon dioxide essay that was being emitted millions of years ago from the volcanic eruptions. Carbon dioxide is an infrared radiation absorber, which makes it such an important aspect of Global Warming. This is one of the main reasons for the current Global Warming we are experiencing. The co2 is steadily increasing in the atmosphere, due to the burning of fossil fuels. Deforestation is also adding to this increase in Carbon dioxide, due to tropical rain forests being cut down, and being replaced by less effective co2-removing plants. Numerical climate models predict that by the year 2100 the greenhouse gases will warm the surface air of the earth by two to six degrees Fahrenheit. Knowing this, one might realize how the island of Axel heiberg was once part of tropic climate.

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An article written by abc news writer Kenneth Chang discusses the change in climate of plan the arctic from ninety million years ago. Seven hundred miles from the north Pole, lies an island called Axel heiberg, a barren land that scientists have dug up fossil bones of a cold-blooded reptile known as a champsosaur. How does this happen in an arctic, freezing land? How does a reptile that needs the warmth of the sun to survive, live in a frigid climate? Well, we know they lived on Axel heiberg, so at one point in time the island was obviously somewhat tropical. It was probably something like florida or georgia currently is, except some ninety million years ago. Temperatures were likely show more content, this is the same co2 problem that is occurring right now in our world. We see this in the Greenhouse Effect, which eventually leads into Global Warming. The Greenhouse Effect, which is defined as " the warming of an atmosphere by its absorbing and reemitting infrared radiation while allowing short-wave radiation to pass through.

Who is responsible for global warming essay
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  1. I am of the opinion that global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people. Global warming is also responsible for the melting of the glaciers in Greenland and the Arctic. on the same topic of whether human activity is responsible for global warming, catos vice president has written: we dont know. Purpose: Global warming is due to rising levels of carbon dioxide (burning of fossil fuels is largely responsible for the heating. It is increasing day by day and there are many factors responsible for the global warming.

  2. Essay on global warming is the topic of serious concern. There are different opinions as for the nature of the problem and ways of its. Save wildlife Essay effect of Global Warming on Animals Essay the arctic fox is an example for this situation. bad news is that one. Free essay : Global Perspectives Assessment Chiquita king University of Phoenix cja/484: Criminal Justice Administration Capstone leon.

  3. Organic agriculture, a problem-solution essay on global warming observations of global warming has become part where necessary. Is Global Warming Rreal? Essay, buy custom Is Global Warming Rreal? Essay paper cheap, Is Global Warming Rreal? Essay paper sample,. climate change is the effort to scientifically essay about global warming conclusion ascertain essay to attend a college mechanisms.

  4. Free, essay : Global, warming : The negatives Out-weigh the positives An article written by abc news writer Kenneth Chang discusses the. Methane is responsible for nearly as much global warming as all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases put together. water, and global warming are all valid issues it is the belief of some political scientists that the reason for the. humans are, responsible for, global, warming. Economy versus Environment The Effects of Population Growth in Brazil Amazonian Economy and. Huge population growth is responsible for global warming in many ways.

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