Eye for detail resume

eye for detail resume

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We can boil all this down to a couple of key ideas. First, you are capable of carefully reviewing your work to find mistakes. Second, people with good attention to detail will organize processes and policies to prevent errors for complicated projects. Furthermore, you can spot when something is out of place and figure out why it is important. Above all, you are trustworthy: you can be relied upon to follow orders and complete your work within the expected time. For an example of the first one, checking your work, this is a common requirement for many marketing positions. One of my first jobs involved working on direct mail campaigns, where we mailed a letter with a credit card offer to millions of people.

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An executive assistant who doesn't spell a customer's name tag or write down a message correctly might offend an important customer. A billing clerk entering the invoice as a 5000 charge rather than a 500 charge could cause countless hours of drama when the customer realizes their bill is wrong. A lawyer missing a single word (or comma!) in business a hundred page contract can cost the company millions of dollars! In other cases, certain mistakes may be very hard to correct (loaning money to the wrong person) and the company will want to prevent these errors. The recruiter and hr manager are probably referring back to a job competency sheet. It will list off characteristics such as: Provides accurate, consistent numbers, provides information in a useable form and on a timely basis. Maintains lists and schedules to ensure details are not overlooked. Able to manage tasks in compliance letter with company policies and operating procedures. Writes down important details so the details are not lost or forgotten. Able to notice patterns in data and turn them into useful insights. Work requires little or no checking.

What do they want and Why does It Matter? Attention to detail is a common requirement for jobs where the consequences of a mistake are particularly drastic or friend difficult to fix. For example, pharmacists and nurses often need to be very diligent in ensuring the details of a medication are correct, since the wrong medicine at the wrong time could injure or kill a patient. In an office or retail environment, this skill may be required for people who manage money, important documents, and sensitive relationships with important customers and public officials. If getting the details of a task wrong would cost the company money or embarassment, they will probably ask for this skill. The ability to notice small things and ensure they are handled correctly is often called to as "attention to detail" and people who are good at this are labeled "detail oriented". So what Are They looking For? While almost every employer expects you to follow instructions, some jobs are particularly sensitive to small mistakes.

eye for detail resume

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However, they, too, started somewhere resumes and their soft skills have played an important part in their ascent. Marissa mayer, who has led Yahoo! For years, worked on a supermarket checkout as a summer job, an experience, which, she says, taught her the importance of working quickly. Warren Buffet started out delivering papers, as a school boy, and, according to one source, claimed his bike as a deductible expense, highlighting early financial acumen. Richard Branson discovered the importance of supply and demand from early age, by selling budgies whilst at school. All experience, for them, as for many, proved to be good experience, indeed! Related Career Advice articles.

Its always far better to use something that you can talk confidently about, instead of overstating your involvement in something during a work placement. Your next career move if you have longer term ambitions, once successfully hired, make sure that you seek out opportunities to strengthen and acquire soft skills needed for your next career step. Soft skills are harder to teach; success depends on someones self-awareness and ability to receive feedback—two soft skills in their own right! Unsurprisingly then, companies frequently offer fewer training courses on soft skills. If you find this is the case in the business, you join, develop your influencing by persuading your boss of the benefits of addressing this, for example, through a mentoring programme. Achieving promotion to a managerial level without having had experience of managing a team can be a challenge. If there are limited opportunities to gain these skills at work, consider volunteering in a team leader capacity, or use your hobbies to your advantage. When we think of prominent business leaders, many of their personal qualities come to mind, like their ability to motivate, lead or innovate.

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eye for detail resume

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Having delivered detailed, structured answers for competency based questions, listing adjectives and soft skills will be tempting. However, words in isolation are meaningless: every answer in an interview needs to be supported. Lets suppose youre an economics graduate applying for a job as a research analyst in a commercial organisation. Obvious strengths required for this position would be numeracy and analytical skills. However, the person specification in the job description may read: Organised and productive, and able to work to strict deadlines quality conscious with an attention to detail Able to take responsibility, ownership and be a trusted team member Articulate—excellent communication skills—both written verbal Enthusiastic, self-motivated.

For example, i have a strong analytical and numerical bias: this underpinned my achievement of.1 in economics. More personal strengths would include communication, taking ownership and meeting deadlines. Whilst I was working in retail, i assisted a customer who was seeking a replacement, favourite, discontinued item. Having exhausted all store and warehouse stock options, i contacted head office, spoke with the buying team and as a result I managed to secure a replacement item, direct from the supplier. I personally sourced and arranged express transportation, communicating throughout with the customer, and the item arrived to meet their ideal timeframe. A structured well-articulated answer that demonstrates your personal initiative and contribution to a successful outcome will make a more favourable impression than a string of individual words. If you are a school leaver and are likely to be asked about your teamwork experience, you could use examples from a duke of Edinburghs Award; those wood uncomfortable nights in a tent will have paid off!

Whilst arguably both examples indicate customer service skills, the language of the second example is more action-orientated and suggests a greater awareness of service standards and the importance of customer service. In addition, the second example highlights and implies further soft skills such as, teamwork, collaboration, attention to detail, work ethic, flexibility, and organisation. The second example also provides a helpful description of the company and includes achievements. This helps a hiring manager benchmark experience and indicates a level of business acumen and personal contribution. Waitressing, example one: waitress and Barmaid, worked in local hotel during holidays; waitressed for weddings and worked behind the bar. Example two: waitressing and Bar work, seasonal corporate and private event work within local historic country house hotel.

Worked in team coordinating silver service at events of up 160 guests Served and provided event support at drinks receptions of up to 250 guests Supervised bar area; took beverage orders, prepared drinks and replenished bar inventory maintained health safety standards and ensured customer-focused service. Teamwork, communication, organisation are evident as soft skills in this role, together with time management. Anyone who has worked in a bar, or even been a customer, will recognise that resilience is also strongly implied! Start your job search by uploading your cv now Register having impressed with a cv that professionally conveys your soft skills and the positive contribution that you have made in your early jobs, you can confidently move forward. The next step is the interview There are some common interview questions that are frequently asked across different sectors and job levels. These common, often competency based questions, are favoured for early/entry career roles, as behaviours and potential are the best indicators of performance, without like-for-like experience. A tried and tested method of answering these is using the star method, which is a popular technique to support your answers and emphasise both your hard and soft skills. One traditional interview question that provides the perfect opportunity to highlight your soft skills is, What are your strengths? You may breathe a sigh of relief at this point.

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Key responsibilities: Proactively engaged with customers and delivered high levels of customer service at all times. Operated pos terminal, processed customer payments and managed refund procedures. Managed customer queues during peak trading promotional events. Liaised with stockroom colleagues to optimise stock replenishment. Ensured plan all product displays met brand guidelines at all times. Created in-store merchandising presentation to increase rate of sale and sales performance. Maintained high standards of store housekeeping and high level of security vigilance. Key achievements: Contributed to the achievement of store kpis; womenswear delivered 5 increase on sales. Assisted with overnight turnaround of new in-store format to ensure no impact to trading.

eye for detail resume

Subscribe for weekly newsletters, written by our career experts. You have successfully subscribed to the career Advice newsletter. Review job descriptions of similar roles to assist with the descriptions of your responsibilities homework and experience. Here are two before and after examples from a cv, to illustrate how carefully considered descriptions will make this experience more impactful, and, importantly, highlight soft skills: Sales Assistant, example one: Part-time sales Assistant, working in a womens fashion shop. Helped customers, staffed the till and fitting rooms. Kept the shop tidy and helped with deliveries. Example two: Part-time sales Assistant, working within a city-centre located shop, for a 2 billion privately-owned fashion brand.

networking, conflict resolution, building relationships, teamwork, delegation, diplomacy, giving feedback, decision making, supervising, managing, achieving resolutions, collaborating, negotiation, motivating, persuading, inspiring, facilitating. Personal skills, resilience, empathy, self-awareness, growth mindset, stress management, receiving feedback, adaptability, self-assessment, assertiveness, confidence, tolerance, emotion regulation, patience, persistence, perseverance, problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, troubleshooting, positivity, organisation, planning, time management, service orientation, commitment, desire to learn, work ethic, emotional intelligence, flexibility, accuracy, taking. If specific skills arent listed in the job description, choose the most relevant ones to highlight. For example, strong influencing skills may not be the best option to emphasise for a data entry position, when attention to detail is another one of your strengths. Some soft skills are universally valued in the workplace, in particular, communication, organisation, and teamwork. Its a happy coincidence therefore that these skills are likely to have been utilised or acquired within bar work, waitressing or shop work. While you may not have seen these jobs as long-term career options, when including this experience within your cv or talking about it in an interview, make sure, industry language and terminology is used. This will convey greater professionalism and committed attitude. Otherwise, it could read as being a job just to pay the bills.

Therefore, if you present personal qualities that indicate greater potential, you will be an extremely welcomed prospective hire! Highlighting transferable soft skills, within a cv and subsequently face to face, will undoubtedly assist a positive interview. There are few, if indeed any jobs, where soft skills arent beneficial. Teamwork might not be high on the list of requirements to become a lighthouse keeper, but time management and attention to detail will be! So, what are soft skills? Hard pdf skills can be measured, even tested; soft skills, although a little more subjective, are nonetheless critical to success. A list of desirable skills will often be found within the person specification, or similar section, of a job description.

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All experience is good experience, especially for those all-important soft skills. Graduates and school leavers applying for first jobs are likely to be faced with the challenge of demonstrating their match for a position, without having held a prior, corresponding role. While shadowing a journalist with a national newspaper, or a senior lawyer with a city firm provides a good work experience placement, for an application process, the jobs that you held to generate income during student years hold a great deal of value, too. Part-time and holiday work, however eclectic, can strengthen an application. Presented well, and selectively, the soft skills that you instinctively utilised or acquired in these jobs may well be the reason you get hired. Good qualifications are still valued; however, employees are placing increasing importance on wider sources of competence. In fast-paced, competitive work sectors, hard skills are continually changing, making softer skills even more prized. Recruitment is a considerable investment writing for businesses; at a minimum, companies need to hire individuals who can fulfil specific duties.

Eye for detail resume
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  1. If the attention to detail is this poor, what does that mean once that. Recent First: having the most recent work on the top of your resume. 7 common resume mistakes that people think add t they rea lly. Innovative and passionate problem solver with a keen eye for detail. Describing Attention to detail skills On a resume. How to show, don t tell, em ployers you know how to manage the details of a project.

  2. As many employers seek this skill, it is not surprising to see man y students list on their resume that they have strong attention to detail. Demonstrate attention to detail by writing a well-organized resume free of misspel lings and grammatical errors. Use headings to separate significant areas such. I m angling gently away from i have a great attention to detail as a term or general phrase to describe yourself, because my experience has. Teamwork might not be high on the list of requirements to become a lighthouse keeper, but time management and attention to detail will be!

  3. A resume can be too long, so knowing how to give the right amount of detail can. Follow these tips to figure out how to make your resume shine. Attention to detail is a highly coveted skill in many occupations. If you overlook details and make mistakes, you won t last long as a reporter. The page contains a list of attention to detail skills and examples needed for a j ob application, interview, resume and cv and in any type of work.

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