Frindle book report

frindle book report

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Nick says that he can't as he and his friends swore an oath to keep using. Then Mrs Granger becomes a little mysterious. She pulls a letter that she has written to him out of her desk drawer and makes him sign his name and write the date on the back of the envelope, so that when he does eventually come to read it he will know. When over two hundred kids end up in Mrs Granger's classroom after school on the same day, parents begin to call the principal to complain. The principal, Mrs Chatham, decides to pay a visit to nick's parents at home. She explains what has been happening at school and Nick's parents listen carefully, but his mother feels that the whole thing is rather a fuss over something pretty silly. Mrs Chatham says that Mrs Granger feels that there should be standards, that kids can't be walking around using words like "ain't" and at that, nick pipes up that the word ain't is a rialto in the big classroom dictionary that Mrs Granger says.

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Three rows away another child calls out that he has a couple of frindles in his backpack and would be happy to lend one to nick. Mrs Granger and warns him about disrupting her class. When class pictures are taken two days later, instead of saying "cheese" when the photographer instructs them to, every fifth grader says "frindle" and holds one up on camera. As the photographer had no more film with him this was the fifth grade picture for the year. Several teachers were not very happy about this and Mrs Granger was absolutely furious. Although nobody had intended to make the teachers angry everyone in the s school enjoyed using the new word and found it great fun. Mrs Granger did not find it fun. She posted up a notice on the bulletin board that said anyone heard using the word frindle instead of the word pen would be kept after school and made to write "I am writing this punishment with a pen" one hundred times. This seemed to have the opposite of her desired effect as it just made everyone want to use the word even more. For weeks there were kids in her classroom after school until Mrs Granger called Nick into her classroom and asked him to stop the children from using his word.

However, he devises a plan to make the report itself shredder be the time-waster and writes a report so lengthy that reading it aloud takes up over half of the language arts period. Mrs Granger tells Nick that words mean what people decide they mean and that is how a language is born. This tidbit stays in Nick's mind and he decides to introduce a new word himself. Whilst walking home with his friend Janet, he picks up the gold pen she has just found and says, "Here's your frindle." The plan took shape that night at home and the next day nick goes to the local store and asks for a frindle. Each day for five days, nick sends a friend into the store asking to purchase a frindle until on day six, when Janet goes in to ask for a frindle, the lady behind the counter does not even ask what she means, merely asking. Nick gathers the kids together and they agree that fr this day on they will never use the word pen again it always refer to it as a frindle. The following day, nick raises his hand to tell Mrs Granger that he has forgotten his frindle.

frindle book report

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We are thankful of their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Nick Allen is a basically good kid with an exceptional imagination. He is known for elaborate time wasting questions that can take up most of a class, but heading into fifth grade, nick realizes that pulling off some of his more elaborate stunts is going to be more challenging, especially now that he and his classmates. Mrs Granger for language arts. Mrs Granger has a fearsome reputation and an obsession with widening her students' vocabulary. At the start of the year Mrs Granger sends a letter home with every student explaining that every home is expected to have a dictionary which pleases his parents but makes Nick realizes that he is not going to enjoy fifth grade as much. It does not take long for Nick to find out that Mrs Granger is immune to the time-waster question; when he asks whether all of the dictionaries just copy words from each other, she asks him to research the subject and write a report. Not only does Nick have homework to do but he also book misses out on a friendly game of baseball down the street because his research takes up most of the evening.

They exchange pens or frindles and the student and teacher who began as adversaries end as friends. Andrew Clements is a prolific childrens book author, writing sixty-seven books between 19, including series such. Pets to the rescue and, benjamin Pratt and the keepers of the School. His books often deal with themes of precocious children interacting with the adult world and proving themselves clever enough to overcome great odds. Frindle remains his most critically acclaimed book, winning over 35 awards including the Phoenix Award for a book that increased in acclaim well after its release. In a 2007 poll, the national Education Association named. Frindle one of the 10 best books for children. These notes were contributed by members of the Gradesaver community.

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frindle book report

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Although Nicks father is suspicious of the whole phenomenon, he doesnt want his son to get robbed and he cuts a deal with Bud to create a trust fund for Nick out of a part of the profits. Nick is completely unaware that his creation of the word frindle will turn into a windfall for him someday. The hype continues to build, as the word spreads nationwide, and Westfield finds fame as the home of the original frindle. However, the chaos surrounding frindle has scared Nick off his prankster ways, and he becomes book more quiet and studious. He goes to talk to Mrs. Granger, and while she wont give him the note until the chaos is over, she does encourage him to keep being himself and makes clear that while she didnt always appreciate his disruptive nature, she does appreciate his creativity and hopes he will continue being.

This gives Nick a new look on life as he heads into middle school. The book ends ten years later. Nick is now 21, and has inherited a large sum of money from the trust fund his father set. He also receives a package from Mrs. Inside it is a new dictionary, the first that has the word frindle officially recognized in it, doing as well as her note saying that she realizes she was wrong to try to stop him and now teaches all her students about how the word frindle. A few months later, she receives a letter from Nick informing her that hes set up a scholarship in her name.

Granger tries to shut down the use of the word by meeting with Nick, discussing her objections, and having him sign a letter that he wont use the word anymore. She says shes writing a note for him to read that shell give him when the whole affair dies down. He agrees, but its taken on a life of its own by now. To try to stop the word from spreading further, Mrs. Granger begins punishing students she hears saying frindle, giving them detention and forcing them to write lines.

This leads to more unintentional consequences, as she winds up giving out so many detentions that parents and bus drivers complain about the impact on their schedules and work hours. Eventually, the problem gets to the point that Nick and his family get a visit at home from Mrs. Chatham, the principal of the elementary school. A very intimidating and stern woman, she attempts to portray the use of the word frindle as a rebellion and blames Nick for starting. Although Nicks parents try to convince him to drop the whole thing, nick maintains that there was no disrespect intended and he doesnt get what the problem. Soon, a reporter named Judy morgan comes to the school and starts investigating the frindle phenomenon, interviewing both Mrs. The paper has a circulation of over 12,000, and soon frindle is on the tongue of every person in their town. However, the media, as media often does, makes the situation sound a lot more dramatic than it actually is, and the drama surrounding the word escalates. A corrupt businessman named Bud Lawrence sees an opportunity and decides to start merchandising the word frindle without cutting Nick in on the profits.

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Instead of apple answering him, she gives him a homework assignment to research and write remote a paper on the origin of words. While working on this assignment, nick begins to question why words have to be called what theyre called. He decides to rename the word pen, and comes up with the alternative word frindle. The next day in class, after giving his report, nick begins using the word frindle to describe pens, and it soon catches on with his classmates. It doesnt take long before its spread around the school, and students from different classes and grades are starting to use. However, not everyone is a fan. Granger didnt like the word from the start, and as its use spreads, she finds it more and more disrespectful. A student of traditional English, shes bothered by the perceived disrespect to the long-running word pen.

frindle book report

Some elements in the book tom have been compared to the process by which memes spread on the internet today, despite the book being written before the internet became widespread. Fusing elements of school dramedy with larger issues of society and the law, Frindle has become a modern-day classic in the twenty years since its release. The story begins on the first day of fifth grade in 1987, as young Nicholas Nick Allen begins the new school year at Lincoln Elementary School in Westfield only to find out that his teacher is the strict, traditionalist Mrs. He has a reputation as a prankster in previous years. Shes best known for telling students to look up the answers to their questions themselves. The two quickly get into a battle of wills, with Mrs. Granger having little tolerance for his playful ways and Nick trying to liven up the class with his jokes and disruptive questions. One day, he tries to derail the class discussion by asking where the meaning of each word brought up in class comes from.

the story? SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics. . This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of. Frindle by Andrew Clements. Frindle is a 1996 middle-grade chapter book by childrens novelist Andrew Clements and illustrated by Brian Selznick. Centering around a fifth-grade boy who invents a new word for what is normally called a pen, leading to a series of unexpected events and a growing battle with school authorities, Frindle explores themes of imagination, childhood creativity, the different way students and teachers view. It also explores the power of language and the many ways it influences society, as well as how a small act can have massive unintended consequences.

Nick also demonstrates selflessness as he gives away his trust fund money as gifts to his parents and friends. Consumerism, drinking, Drugs smoking, user reviews, parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written. Jamie and James, march 14, 2010 age 6, not for my oldest, or my youngest, good story, but not ready yet. Ok, my son's second grade teacher read this to his class, father's and when he told me this, i read. This was not for 7 year olds! Parents, it was a good story. Continue reading, adult Written by email protected. April 9, 2008 not rated for age, kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008 not rated for age, cool book must read!

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Jump to navigation, common Sense says, a lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this book. This novel encourages readers to explore the creative side of language as the characters develop an appreciation for resumes a made-up word. Readers can also learn that not all questions and curiosities equate to disobedience, but rather, to a hunger for knowledge and the freedom to be unique. Positive role models representations, nick's interaction with his teacher Mrs. Granger is one that displays the ways in which a figure of authority can learn from his/her students and vice-versa. Granger acknowledges Nick's good intentions and even encourages him at the end of the story by telling him that she believes he'll go far. There's an inspiring mutual respect for each other's opinions and ambitions between Mrs.

Frindle book report
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  2. Frindle is a 1996 middle-grade chapter book by children. Nick Allen causes all sorts of problems with one simple word: frindle. This book has been reviewed by focus on the family Thriving Family. Frindle by Andrew Clements is one of those books. Written for thir d to sixth graders, it s a story that will keep any reader entertained throughout.

  3. Tale of creative troublemaker a surefire winner with kids. Read Common Sense media s Frindle review, age rating, and parents guide. The Frindle community note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, chara cter list, theme list, historical context, author biography. Andrew Clements, author, Brian Selznick, illustrator Atheneum books.9 9 (112p) isbn. More by and About This Author. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Frindle by Andre w Clements.

  4. Frindle is about a fourth-grade boy named Nick who has a reputation fo r making life difficult for teachers by doing small things that annoy them. Reading Frindle with your students and wondering how to make boring book reports fun? This lesson will provide you with ideas on how to spruce. Have you ever thought about where things get their name from, and who gets to come up with the names for objects? Well, in the book frindle, nick.

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