Jada williams essay

jada williams essay

13-year-Old, jada, williams persecuted over her essay on Frederick douglass

The hp continues: Williams said she began to feel singled out by teachers after turning the essay in to her English class, earning Ds — a change from her previous. She also said the schools treatment of her changed in general, the rochester City newspaper reports. I love to go to school and I feel like theyre taking that away from me, williams told the paper while fighting back tears. Her parents transfered her to School. 19, but after witnessing several fights in the first few days of her attendance, williams told the city newspaper she doesnt feel comfortable there either. What is going on in our schools? Well, i guess we know: slavery, prejudice, ignorance, violence.

Jada, williams, student, Allegedly harassed For Award-Winning

John seiler: Kids finally are figuring it out. According to the essay huffington Post, a 13-year-old girl in Rochester,. Was harassed by public school officials after she wrote a paper comparing her school to modern slavery. She was forced to leave for another school. The girl is Jada williams and she wrote in an essay about the great abolitionist Frederick douglass, according to the hp, making comparisons between a slavemaster discouraging Frederick douglass from learning to read and modern education struggles in her district. She young scholar wrote: When I find myself sitting in a crowded classroom where no real instruction is taking place i can say history does repeat itself. I feel like not much has changed. The same old discrimination still resides in the hearts of the white man. What a brave little girl! She gives me hope for America.

I chose denzel Washington. Were not talking about just six teens, or even the with million-plus teens who drop out year after year. Were really talking about school being something that many, maybe most, young people tolerate or survive. If the first step is to feel the problem, to make it human and personal, then what better start than to chat with it on Facebook? Note: Now its your turn to help these teens discover the future of education. You begin at edzedomega. While ken is collaborating with tpt (Twin Cities Public Television) on Ed Zed Omega, ezo isnt tv, its live online aug. The participatory documentary is a localore project presented by the Association of Independents in Radio.

jada williams essay

Petition update, jada, williams reads her essay, change

Ed Zed Omega hopes to immerse people because it tells itself not just with texts and Facebook, but as them. And as fiction, because all talk of the future is fictional. How do we get at the authentic fiction of a big question such as the future of education? Not the way were going now, which has quest to learn, homeschooling, charter schools, magnet schools, finnish Lessons, sir Ken Robinson on ted, american Graduate, khan Academy, jada williams essay, every Child Left Behind, Thiel Fellowships and about eleventy-zillion other points of view shouting. To get a dialog going about education which is not stuck in the past, lets start with the small picture, a clean slate: a group of teens who honestly felt their futures are best served by quitting high school. Because, when you talk to a teen, the past or ideology dont get you very far. Inherently the talk focuses pragmatically on the future. Xavier Washington : we got this idea that we would reach out to some famous persons and let them know about EdZed.

13 year old, jada, williams said harassed for writing essay comparing

jada williams essay

13 year Old, jada, williams, writes Controversial, essay, comparing Her

What was it that education was supposed to do for them? Will museums play a role in their learning? The zed Omegas will be listening; will the people of the Internet be able to make this turn out right? And heres where, narratively, things twist yet again: because where do people go to have these conversations with the zed Omega teens? Why, on Facebook and Twitter of course, where they live the consequences of their decisions out loud online. Mary johnson : Nicole, edwina, lizzie and Jeremy are also zed omega—slang for so done—with high school.

Mary j is their guidance counselor. It may surprise you to learn that. Betty Draper has a, twitter account, but it shouldnt. For every new means to communicate (radio, say theres a storyteller eager to commandeer it (Orson Welles, war of the worlds ). Stories want to live where we are, and today were tweeting, facebooking, texting on our cellphones, cute-bingeing on and. One of the great upheavals into of today is that the way people experience the world is evolving, and effective stories will incorporate these experiences.

The audience shared stories about their educations and the situations of people they knew. They continued to debate Clares prospects and paths forward. You could watch as, out loud, they collectively began to put aside old precepts and forge solutions. And they did all this knowing Clare does not exist, that she was played for them by an actress named Tara borman. Now you might imagine this is a proud moment for me, and youd be right, but not because i authored Clare—i didnt.

Heres where the story takes another twist: Clare was so immersive because she is authentic to taras own life experience: some blend of people she knows, circumstances shes witnessed, and roads she herself has contemplated or taken. As Isabel Allende writes, What is truer than the truth? This blogs readers have already been exposed to provocative thinking regarding authenticity of narrative and an emerging recognition of the power of storytelling for museums. Now comes the opportunity to participate in a bold experiment that pushes this envelope even farther, a provocative exploration of the future of education. As I write this, Clare morgan and her fellow Zed Omegas are still on summer vacation, but on August 15, they begin dropping out loud for the fall semester. Will they stay dropped out? Will they school themselves, or abandon learning altogether?

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Ken tells us about his current project, which is a happy confluence of the first theme cfm delved into ( using games to tackle real-world problems one we are beginning to explore ( the future of education and the theme of the upcoming aam annual. I was telling a group of public media people in saint paul about a massively collaborative project Im working on called. I had deep ideas, pretty slides and five minutes of blah blah blah. And then I said, ed Zed Omega is immersive, and if you have questions about what I mean, here is Clare morgan to answer them. And Clare came in and sat down and in her giggly 16-year-old teen way told the group about herself and why she has decided to drop out paper loud from high school. Clare morgan : my guidance counselor found out that I dont want to finish school and wanted me to explain why. A lively discussion, er, erupted. People asked Clare questions about her plans, came up with ideas about learning alternatives for her, listened intently (and with some horror) as she explained why, at this point in her life, school had ceased being relevant. And the discussion continued after Clare left.

jada williams essay

Until that happens in our schools, America's achievement gap will endure. Photo via wikimedia commons. Todays guest post is by ken Eklund, Writerguy, freelance game and experience designer. Ken creates what if? Games and experiments, usually for museums, public media, or foundations. He works in what he calls authentic fiction. Kens perhaps best known for. World Without Oil, a crowdsourced public media narrative, and. Giskin Anomaly, an immersive cellphone adventure for the balboa park thesis Online collaborative.

responsibility to figure out how to be effective with children of color. Given that only 19 percent of School 3's eighth graders were proficient in language arts last year (and just 13 percent in math)—well below the state average of 60 percent—it's clear that the school and its teachers need to change their approach. Attempting to silence williams by branding her a troublemaker and driving her off campus isn't the answer. Now she is walking away from this controversy convinced that white teachers don't want to educate black students at all. As the parent of two black boys i know firsthand that white teachers can excel at teaching black children. What set those outstanding teachers apart was their genuine desire to see my boys succeed and hard work to build relationships with them and with our family. What if Williams' English teacher had used her essay to turn a critical eye on her teaching practice and her expectations for black students? What if the school had used it as a jumping-off point to start a student-centered dialogue about what everyone—teachers, students, and parents—must do to improve the struggling school?

Williams wrote that overcrowded, poorly managed classrooms prevent real learning from happening and thus produces the same results. She wrote that her white teachers—the vast majority of Rochester students are black and Hispanic, but very few teachers are people of color—are in a "position of power to dictate what I can, cannot, and will learn, only desiring that I may get bored because. Instead of truly teaching, most teachers simply "pass out pamphlets and packets" and then expect students to complete them independently, williams wrote. But this approach fails, she concluded, because "most of my peers cannot read and or biography comprehend the material that has been provided." As a result, she continued, not much has changed since the time of douglass, "just different people, different era" and "the same old. "What merit is there she asked, if teachers have knowledge and are "not willing to share because of the color of my skin?". According to the rochester, democrat chronicle, williams' parents transferred her to another school, then withdrew her altogether. The conservative frederick douglass foundation gave williams a special award, saying that her essay "actually demonstrates that she understood the autobiography." They have also reached out to the school for an explanation of the 13-year-old's treatment.

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In a bold comparative analysis. The, narrative of the life of Frederick douglass, jada williams, a 13-year old eighth grader at School 3 in Rochester, new York, asserted that in her experience, today's education system is a modern-day version of slavery. Fredrick douglass foundation of New York, the schools' teachers and administrators were so offended by williams' essay that they began a campaign of harassment — kicking summary her out of class and trying to suspend her—that ultimately forced her parents to withdraw her from the school. In her essay, which was written for a contest, williams reflected on what douglass heard his slave master,. Auld, telling his wife after catching her teaching douglass how to read. "If you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there will be no keeping him auld says. "It will forever unfit him to be a slave. . He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.".

Jada williams essay
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  3. Seventh-day adventist School is the. Captured second place in the adult category and. Jada Angus of the. The girl is Jada williams and she wrote in an essay about the great abolitionist Frederick douglass, according to the hp, making comparisons. Charter schools, magnet schools, finnish Lessons, sir Ken Robin son on ted, american Graduate, khan Academy, jada williams essay.

  4. In her essay, she"s part of the scene where douglass slave. When Jada williams, a 13-year-old student at Rochester s School. 3, wrote an essay making comparisons between a slavemaster. 13-year-old Jada williams essay compared douglass story a bout being kept from reading with her experience in a struggling school. Damien Williams of the.

  5. Then she wrote an essay on the subject. Williams, a thoughtful learner, chose to do as history begs us to do, make. Jada williams, pharmacy a 13-year old student in Rochester, remedy. New York, wrote an essay comparing and contrasting her school. Jada williams, 13 years old, connects Frederick douglass Narrative.

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