The book of time summary

the book of time summary

The, book of, ruth, summary

Their comparison is tied with transformation through the speed of light which is the only absolute system. Despite the resulting stretching of seconds and narrowing of centimeters in the direction of movement which are somewhat unclear for common sense (although finiteness of speed does remedy this the relativity theory in its philosophical basis was adequate to our perception of integrity of the. Aksenov, on the cause of time, magazine Issues of philosophy, page 44, issue 1, 1996. People are just being deceived while trusting the scientists. If the scientists themselves claim that there is no common sense in definition of space and time, there is certainly no common sense. Conclusions from the relativity theory are introduced as something which is supposedly still unusual.

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Various ether theories have been such theories. Today einsteins relativity year theory and quantum mechanics are such theories. The mistake in Einsteins theory lies in the fact that processes of the world are studied in coordinate systems moving relatively to each other. The book, «is einstein right?» proves that all properties of processes received in coordinate systems moving relatively to each others are virtual, apparent, false and existent only in the imagination but not in reality. The relativity theory is based on the study of properties of processes in coordinate systems, this is why conclusions of this theory contradict common sense and real processes in nature (different flow of time in moving coordinate systems, dependence of velocities, trajectories etc. On the coordinate systems). The appearance of the relativity created confusion within scientific minds which spurred absurd search for causes and sources of time. This is what the philosopher. Aksenov writes for the magazine Issues of philosophy: «Thus, the relativity theory supposedly narrowed the way in which time depends on movement through velocity. The greater the velocity, the slower the passage of time in the system relatively to another system moving with different velocity.

The copernican system has replaced the Ptolemaic system, wave properties of light and microparticles have been discovered, electricity has been created. The absolute space of light has been determined and postulated. Many other discoveries have been made. The enormous information flow did not listing fit into scientific understanding and created chaos in the heads of physicists of the time. It was a period of quantitative accumulation of experimental data which inevitably led to a qualitative leap. However, as long as there is not enough data for comprehension of the processes, scientific minds will not have a clear picture and strict theories ready. The flow of information, discord and chaos in scientific minds caused the false opinion that the laws of classical mechanics have fallen. Such periods make it possible for inadequate, false theories to appear.

the book of time summary

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They have their own castes and communication. This universal action of substance in different processes can be only seen by a scientist proficient in all spheres of science. Examples supermarket of this are widely known, we can remember the extent of knowledge parts ofNewton, lomonosov, leonardo da vinci. Such scientists are rare, they are milestones of the history of sciences. They accumulate knowledge gathered by humanity in its current stage of historical development and analyze, synthesize and systematize the fruits of all sciences. These scientists are not a random occurrence, they appear because there is necessity in such analysis when there is enough accumulated knowledge. There have been many discoveries not fitting into existing theories by the start of the xx century.

This is what Lenin talked about. Light and electricity are forms of movement of a single substance. Which phenomena are explained by modern physics? Electricity is the movement of electrons measured in amperes. Light beam is the movement of electrons measured in lumens. Further examples can be provided, since heat, magnetic, electromagnetic and many other natural phenomena are the movement of the same substance particles, the movement of matter. Researchers in these narrow directions will never find common grounds and will not want.

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the book of time summary

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This is when scientists are essay unable to explain newly discovered phenomena and homework create abstract views far from reality. Virtual properties of matter are created (quarks, fields of all sorts, gravitational waves etc.) which supposedly explain the new facts. Science drifts away from reality and lulls scientists into the depths of fictional theories which have nothing in common with reality. This is when abstract mathematical illusory works start to dominate. They seemingly explain the new problems in physics.

This is a natural way of cognition. Firstly information is accumulated, research is carried out, first comprehension is formulated. The first systematization of accumulated material occurs. Physics as a science encompass many fields of scientific research like the study of electrical and magnetic, heat and light, gravitational and many other natural processes. In the initial phase of research when every sphere develops independently it is impossible to find common ground which ties the processes together. Same processes and phenomena occurring differently in different spheres are given different names, definitions and explanations. For example, if we look at the spheres of electrical and light phenomena study, we can" lomonosov who argued that light and electricity are spinning motions of the same particles of ether (field in the modern view).

Furthermore, space and time are not tied to each other. Following the path of true materialists of all the foreword, lenin used his unrelenting logic to defend the statement that space and time cannot be equal to the definition of matter, although they are objectively real in the same way as matter moving in them. Agreeing with these concepts, we have every right to claim that space and time cannot be included in the definition of matter as modern physics. «Materialism inevitably has to accept the objective reality of time and space since it accepts the existence of objective reality,. Moving matter, which is independent from our consciousness». Same book and page, using Lenins view as basis, we find that his opinion is astoundingly correlating with that of Engels which is expressed in the book dialectics of nature.

To discredit the tendency of modern scientists and philosophers to  spread the abstract matter over space and time, we will provide the following statement Engels made in his book: «This is old, firstly abstractions are created away from sensual things, then the desire for sensual. They want to see time and hug space. Empiricists get so absorbed in their comfortable empirical cognition that they imagine themselves operating inside sensual cognition even when dealing with abstractions. We know what an hour is, what space and time are! As if time is something other than the sum of all clocks and space is something else than the sum of cubic metres! Of course, both these forms of existence of matter are nothing without it, they become empty images, abstractions existing only in our heads.». Engels, dialectics of Nature,. There are periods in the history of physics when the accumulated experimental material is not fully explained  by existing theories.

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Spasski, history of physics,. Let us turn to the modern view on space and barbing time: «the relativity theory radically changed scientific view on space and time. First of all, it tied space and time which were understood separately, secondly, it put their properties in dependence on substance and field». Panchenko, philosophy, physics, microworld. Let us turn to the philosophical view on space and time: Lenin deepened writings the materialistic view on space and time proving that they are as real as matter filling the space with its eternal movement. «There is nothing in the world except moving matter, and this moving matter can move in no other way than through space and in time.». Lenin, same book,. The books, «matter, space, time, gravitation» and, «is einstein right?» and the site / show that matter and material interaction happen in space and time but are not tied with space or time.

the book of time summary

According toNewton, absolute space and time exists independently of all things, not relatively to anything. Absolute time, or continuity, always flows evenly, absolute space is always homogenous and static. Neither absolute time nor absolute space are available to our senses. Their relative counterparts are, they are but measures real of the absolute. Absolute time is a measure of continuity used in mundane life instead of true mathematical time (i.e. Absolute time it is measured in hours, days, months, years. Relative space is a finite moving part of absolute space, its measure available to our senses through studying of its location relatively to certain bodies and which in mundane life is taken for static space. For example, the length of air bodies located below or above ground level is determined by their location relatively to the earth.».

Space and time, from the ancient Greeks and Romans, from Epicurus, democritus, Aristotle, titus Lucretius Carus to the age of Renaissance, leonardo da vinci and Descartes the scientific world was perfectly fine explaining all phenomena with the movement of substance (movement of matter). Pressure, torrents and strikes of microparticles of substance and their interaction contained in the definition of a moving atom played the main role in explanation of all natural phenomena of the powerful atomistic school. Here is what the great Epicurus said using Lucretius words regarding the interaction of  eternally moving atoms of matter which: Suffer constant strikes from endless times and are also spurred to move by their own weight, they move eternally while combining in any possible way. It happens so that in their eternal journey they pass all kinds of types, combinations and movements they coincide so that their sum often forms the beginning of great things the sea, the earth, the skies and the tribes of living creatures. Lucretius, newtonhave a precise, short and clear definition of space and time. «First of all, Newtondistinguishes the absolute and the relative time, space and movement.

God would also punish other evil nations (ezekiel chapters 25-32). But God still cared about his people (ezekiel 37). God would send someone from david's family to be their leader (ezekiel 37:24-28). We now know that this person was summary Jesus. God also showed ezekiel a picture of a new temple in the future (ezekiel chapters 40-48). God himself would return to this temple (ezekiel 43). The book of ezekiel is in the Old Testament section of the bible. book of ezekiel, bible commentaries, bible book summaries, easyEnglish Home page. Debbie dragon, writing a business Plan: 9 Essential Sections.

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Ezekiel - major prophet of the summary Old Testament - book of prophecy. Ezekiel was a prophet (holy man) who lived at the same time as the last kings of Judah. God showed ezekiel events that would happen in the future. God told ezekiel that ezekiel must warn the people about these events (ezekiel 33). God would punish Judah because its people did not obey god's law. Their enemies would surround Jerusalem, which was Judah's capital city (ezekiel chapters 4-5). God would leave his temple (the house of God in Jerusalem) - ezekiel. This was because the leaders of Judah served false gods (ezekiel 8). And the soldiers from Babylon would destroy jerusalem (ezekiel 21).

The book of time summary
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Summary of book xxiv. book of ezekiel bible commentaries bible book summaries easyEnglish Home page. God would leave his temple ( the house of God in Jerusalem) - ezekiel.

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