Audison thesis hv venti for sale

audison thesis hv venti for sale

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The bushes, suspension and other steering components would need a complete overhaul, though, which isnt cheap on these cars. When you drive faster modern cars every day, you dont want to get into your classic car and have it feel like a bag of crap. Sure, it will never be the same driving experience as something newer, but when set up correctly the E34 can be a proper drivers car. But first Nick wanted to amplify the sound of the M60B40 V8 engine, which meant a trip to hard Knocks Speed Shop where Chris Badger bourton built a complete custom stainless system which sounds insane. From my experience with V8s, a loud exhaust is almost always a necessity if youre paying the fuel bills, you might as well have the pleasure of hearing the roar of the engine. The next port of call was to address the suspension. The car had already been lowered on some home-brew coilovers, which were completely maxed out and drove dreadfully. .

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He tracked down a friend that spoke polish, who sorted out the sale for him, and even flew over and drove the car back to the uk now thats dedication! Youve got to really want a car to buy it blindly, let alone from another country! I saw the car a few days after it arrived back in the uk his gamble had paid off. It was in better condition than most 540is Id ever seen in the. Evidently, the previous owner in Poland had spent quite a lot of money on the car. It was sat on 18 rh split rims, had a complete interior re-trim in black leather, including dashboard, extended leather options and black rooflining. If that wasnt enough, the car came with some incredibly rare recaro front relations seats from the E34 M5 Winkelhock edition, with just 51 produced. Most importantly, it had a manual box. However, the more nick drove the car, he realised that the previous owner cared more about the looks than the way the car drove. An inspection underneath revealed that a lot of maintenance had been forgotten about over the years. Body wise, the car was solid and the paint was in great shape.

In hindsight, Im sure he somewhat regrets it now. The 540i, and especially manual examples, have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. They used to be sold for peanuts, whereas theyve now become recognised as one of bmws best classic V8 examples. With a manual box, they are now fetching upwards of 5k, and that usually gets you a dog of a car. With so few left in the uk, nick had to look further afield when he had his heart set on finding another manual car. I actually remember when Nick started the hunt for a 540, as I helped him in the search list of the uk for a decent example, alas, they all seemed to be autos and had ridiculous price tags attached to them. So, he started looking on some european websites and came across a few examples with much better spec, condition and prices than the ones in the uk at the time. One particular example in Poland caught his eye. After that, everything happened unbelievably quickly.

audison thesis hv venti for sale

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Congratulations to nick for business finally adding two of his dream cars to the garage. I cant wait to see him put his touch on them Im trying my best to convince him to put one of them on air, so who knows The next day, and with Nick being Nick, the testarossa got some use straight away! This entry was posted in Behind The Scenes, shop Visit and tagged 512 Testarossa, 911, a kahn, a kahn Automotive, a kahn Design, bbs, bmw, bmw idrive, bmw msport, diablo, diablo vt, f355, ferrari, ferrari word 512, ferrari bbs, ferrari F355, ferrari testarossa, ferrari testarossa koenig. Leave a reply words photos by henry Phull If youre an avid bmw fan, youve most probably heard of Nick sahota, the owner of the bright orange E30 M3 on air that we recently featured. Sure, the M3 is an incredible car, but its just one of the many stunning vehicles in his garage, which also includes a brand new X6 m, supercharged Kahn Range rover, Aston Martin V8 Vantage plus the recently acquired Ferrari testarossa and Lamborghini diablo. So yeah, theres no hiding that Nick likes to splash the cash on his toys, but he still stays true to his motoring roots, a marque which he can never seem to get away from, bmw. He grew up with these cars, and is still a true enthusiast at heart. He also owns several E30s to go along with the M3, in addition to an E34 M5 and E34 Alpina B10, which brings us on nicely to todays feature car, the E34 540i. Unsurprisingly, he actually owned a 540i/6 a few years ago, which became an engine donor for his E30 V8 project car, alas the rest of the car was broken and sold on for parts.

By the time we hit the motorway it was already getting dark, which made for an extremely boring, and utterly stressful 5-6 hour drive home. We received plenty of thumbs up and people losing their minds once they spotted the cars though! We made it back to southampton with no issues and stopped to refuel one final time so that the new cars were ready to drive. Unloading the cars back home in near total darkness was also rather interesting, but after the earlier messing around, we were more confident with unloading. Being up, close and personal with these cars was an unreal experience. These were the two cars that most of us dreamt of during our childhood. Does anyone else remember driving them on the old need For Speed games? I never thought Id be this close to either of them, let alone sit in them. Its nowhere near the same as experiencing a modern-day supercar, as these two are simply iconic.

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audison thesis hv venti for sale

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None of us really had any idea what we were doing so the whole debacle took some two and a half hours, mostly spent trying to get the testarossa out of a sticky situation. It had become so late in the day, that we were starting to worry about it getting dark. Being a saturday afternoon, 90 of Kahns staff had gone home, so we were left with paperless just one very helpful mechanic who went the extra mile to help us out. Getting the diablo loaded was much easier, considering the other trailer had no protruding sides to get in the way, although it was still a tight fit. We finally managed it, although were probably on the internet elsewhere making fools of ourselves i imagine any videos posted would be titled along the lines of How not to load a supercar or similar.

In hindsight, it must have looked rather funny to anyone passing. We stopped half a mile down the road in the nearest petrol station to check whether the cars were comfortable on the trailers, and to fuel the tow vehicles for the long road home. All was good, although we took it a lot slower this time. Amazingly, nick still didnt even notice he was towing anything, even with a diablo onboard. If youre looking for a tow-car, i cant recommend the X6M enough!

After half an hour of wandering around and admiring these exotic beauties, we were led downstairs into the workshop, where nicks new cars were waiting for him. The first car being a 1994 Lamborghini diablo vt with just 29k on the clock. A japanese import, the car has some questionable modifications, but fortunately, theyre mostly just badges, leds and old-school ice that will be promptly removed, nick assures. The original Lamborghini teledial wheels were sourced too, so these will also be swapped over eventually. The second car (because why not buy both, right?) is a Koenig Specials 1989 Ferrari testarossa, again with a few trinkets (yes, more leds) that need removing, but a solid car with just 29k miles on it, like the lambo.

Nick has sourced a set of oz futuras to rebuild for the testarossa which should totally transform it from the bbs wheels currently fitted. With the cars checked over, it was time for the fun part getting them on to the trailers. We were now super-worried that neither of the cars would fit, as they were so much wider than what wed anticipated, especially the lamborghini. Typically, nick hadnt actually measured anything prior to leaving. This made for an unforgetful experience. Nick eyes-up the trailer The diablo vt patiently waiting to be loaded up The problem we had was that the trailers Nick had brought were far from ideal. One trailer had sides and end poles that could not be removed on site, so it took numerous maneuvers to get the testarossa onto the trailer properly.

After, you, jojo, moyes

Luckily, after doing a maximum of 50mph down the writings motorway, i made it in one piece to nicks, where there were two commercial trailers waiting to be hitched. The tow vehicles of choice were nicks X6M (his daily driver) and his friend deans Nissan navara pickup, with Chris and Steven piloting. Still dark and pouring with rain, we connected the trailers and hit the road again for a 250-mile night drive up to Bradford. The weather throughout the drive was still dire, but the X6M made the journey a breeze thanks to the 4wd system, and with every optional extra ticked it was certainly the most comfortable bmw ive ever had the pleasure of being a passenger. It turned out to be an ideal towing vehicle, too nick had to keep reminding himself that there was a trailer behind us as it was that unnoticeable. With a breakfast stop and a couple of toilet breaks, we finally made it up north to the luxurious a kahn Design headquarters, the dealer which Nick purchased the cars from. The Bradford branch is one of three kahn dealerships (the other two in leeds and London) and the main headquarters, full of some incredibly rare classic supercars including some of Kahns personal collection. These are the sort of cars you just dont see, so walking upstairs into this first-floor showroom took my breath away.

audison thesis hv venti for sale

More info on The Wheel Specialist Fareham: tws fareham website tws fareham on Instagram tws fareham on Facebook this entry was posted in event coverage and tagged Accuair, accuAir e-level, air Lift, air Lift 635csi, air Lift bmw e24, air Lift D2 A8, air Lift. Leave a reply words photos by henry Phull I hadnt planned on doing much last Saturday, but that all changed rather quickly after I received a call on Friday evening from my friend Nick sahota (If you frequent the website, you mightve heard of him. He owns the E30 M3 and E34 540i that we recently featured, along with a large collection of cars). Im picking up the testarossa and diablo tomorrow, do you want to come with me? Well, what would you have done? This did, however, mean a very early start for myself. I left mine at 6:15am, to get to nicks in southampton for 7am. The day started, almost catastrophically, with me aquaplaning twice along the A31 because the rain was so bad.

diablo @nicksinghsahota, joseph Cummins bagged bmw e38 on Alpina dynamics @666joseph, carlos Gomez bmw e36 on, air Lift suspension bbs rs @carlos_g88 (Click here to check out our feature on Carlos E36). Steven does bmw e21 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension ccw d110s @doeboyfresh (click here to check out our feature on Stevens E21) Mark riccionis mazda rx-7 on Rotiform las-rs @mark_scenemedia nick sahotas Koenig Ferrari testarossa @nicksinghsahota The Slam Sanctuary Audi C5 A6 avant on Air Lift. We may love slammed and stanced cars, but its always nice to see things that we rarely see were petrolheads after all. Make sure you check out the bonus Gallery below for more of these gems. As well as tws giving away an award for Best Wheels of the day (won by sean Crompton and his Carline cm6s we also ran our own Instagram-based competition throughout the day congratulations to david cooper for winning with his photograph of ryans Alpina B10. Big thanks to everyone that took part. Nicely done, tws, heres to another ten years!

Well, tws smashed business it once again. The event was a huge success, with all sorts of cars taking over the surrounding industrial estate. With a dj, burger van, a bar, and great coffee from. The Splitscreen Barista, the vibe was perfectly chilled, giving us southerners a much-needed chance to catch up with one another as well as getting a chance to chat to tws about their services and get an insight into what they. With so many cool cars popping in and out throughout the day, i captured a few of my favourites, check them out. Ryan Stewarts supercharged Alpina B10.3 touring. Air Lift suspension bbs rfs @al (Click here to check out our feature on ryans B10). Tom Hams Volkswagen Scirocco on, air Lift suspension rotiform tmb s @tomhamsyo, chris Phillips bmw e36.

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Sound di rosini guido - via ttei, asciano (Siena) - tel. E fax (39) 0577.716097 - partita iva it rea si-113696. Created by: siti web advinser. Leave a reply, date:, location: The with Wheel Specialist Fareham, hampshire. Words photos by henry Phull. Back in the Spring of 2015 I was invited to an Open day at The Wheel Specialists (TWS) Fareham branch. Not knowing what to expect, it turned out to be one of the biggest southern events that ive attended with a surprisingly high standard of cars in attendance. Two years later, tws got in touch to say they were organising another Open day event to celebrate 10 years in business, and they wanted Slam Sanctuary to be involved. Naturally, i agreed, with the intention of targeting the sort of cars that we love of the slammed variation of course.

Audison thesis hv venti for sale
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  7. Audison hv venti, amplificatore Stereo serie, thesis hv venti - amplificatore Stereo. Funzione dual Power - hi power: Stereo 400Wx2 (4ohm) - 800Wx2 (2ohm mono 1600W (4ohm) - hi current: Stereo 200Wx2 (4ohm)- 400Wx2. Words photos by henry Phull. I hadnt planned on doing much last Saturday, but that all changed rather quickly after I received a call on Friday evening from my friend. Nick sahota (If you frequent the website, you mightve heard of).

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