Benefits of tourism essay

benefits of tourism essay

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Further there is also variety in the types of jobs available. As an example, casinos are rapidly growing area of the attractions sector, adding many new positions, such as pit bosses and dealers, to the labour pool. According to the statistics of tourist sector, It is estimated that in 1997, 120,000 people were employed in the attractions sector and service is expected to reach 152,000 by 2005. In the uk attractions are at the heart of the tourism industry. Visit attractions are typically the main motivator for both domestic visitors and international tourists. They are organized trips for visit the various places for their entertainment and keep mind rest.

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As an example, canada has a wealth of cultural and heritage attractions: the parliament buildings and National Gallery in Ottawa, the fortress of louisbourg in Cape Breton, and Lower Fort Garry national Historic Site in Manitoba. There are heritage communities like vancouver's Gastown, natural resource attractions like the hot springs in Banff and Jasper National Parks, and the northern lights in the northwest Territories. In addition, there are large delight parks like canada's Wonderland in Ontario, museums for such as the maritime. To maintain this important part of Canada's tourism industry, the canadian tourism Commission has developed. The sub-committee's mandate is to plan, direct, mange and put into action by programs to improve and develop cultural heritage tourism in Canada. The sub-committee is made up of culture, heritage and tourism industry representatives from across Canada acting to ensure that cultural heritage tourism will become a vivacious and advantageous part of the canadian tourism industry. But every province and territory in Canada has major and minor attractions that attract visitors and generate tourism income because of the canadian climate, many outside attractions and seasonal. Indoor attractions operate year round, and some, like west Edmonton Mall, combine activities, such as shopping with hyde an pleasure park, an ice rink and a water park. All attractions may be large or small and need people to sell food and souvenirs, market the attraction, maintain the facility and manage the operation. The attractions sector important for a wide range of employment opportunities, ranging from seasonal part time to permanent full time positions.

Consequently this serves negatively as increased pollution disturbs local residents and also it may discourage tourists from further entering the country. After this, tourism about undermines culture by commercializing it and this is often connected with increasing litter, graffiti, vandalism and noise - tourists do not always respect traditional cultures, which is sad but true. In general, tourism is an extremely profitable process in loads of countries, especially those in which the process of development continue to depend on this industry because this industry does not require a lot of literacy and also it yields maximum profits with less investment. (Harrison, 2001).3 Different sectors of tourism, the tourism industry has been composed of eight different sectors or areas. Those are mentioned below, Accommodation, adventure tourism and Recreation. Attractions, events and Conferences, food and beverage, tourism Services. Transportation, travel Trade, out of these sector I have selected Attraction sector of tourism for the identify the key issues affecting that sector and suggest a change strategy to address the issues.4 Attraction of tourism sector, considering the one of the country, attractions include. Many attractions are educational in nature, others are only for entertainment.

benefits of tourism essay

Benefits and Drawbacks of, tourism, free short, essay

It might occupy local services such as entertainment, accommodation and catering for tourists. It may seem, that tourism brings only benefits, but further consideration shows that it also has disadvantages. Generally, many countries depend greatly upon travel expenditures by foreigners as a source of taxation and as a source of income for the enterprises. Therefore, the development of tourism is often a strategy to promote a particular region for the purpose of increasing commerce through exporting goods and services. Secondly, it provides direct employment for the people associated with occupations summary in bars and hotels. Thanks to it, the average standard of living of people increases well and at the same time unemployment is on the decrease. However, tourists cause environmental damage through forest fires, destruction of sand dunes and pollution.

Tourism is very important for many countries, due to the income generated by the utilization of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. These service industries are included transportation services such as cruise ships and taxis, accommodation such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, and other hospitality industry services such as spas and resorts. (Harrison, 2001).1 Definition for tourism, the world tourism Organization defines tourists as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure. One of the earliest definitions of tourism was provided by the austrian economist in 1910, who defined it as, "bob total of operators, mainly of an economic nature, which directly relate to the entry, stay and movement of foreigners inside and outside a certain country. Hunziker and Krapf, in 1941 state that tourism as "the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the travel and stay of non-residents, insofar as they do not lead to permanent residence and are not connected with any earning activity. 1.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of tourism. Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of not only recreation, but also the provision of services for this act.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of, tourism - important India

benefits of tourism essay

Advantages and disadvantages of tourism essay

The tourism requires having some of disposable resume income, time off from work and other responsibilities, proper transportation and accommodation facilities and legal clearance for travelling. More than all, sufficient health condition during the course of travel is required. There are some countries which have legal limitations on travelling abroad. Any projections of growth in tourism serve as an suggestion of the relative influence that each country will exercise in the future. Content, essay question: Report for critically analysing a location or sector of the tourist industry, and the key issues affecting that sector or location and suggest a change strategy to address the issues. What is meant by tourism Industry?

Tourism has been identified as one of the world's largest industries and is more and more developing world wide. Further it is moving for primarily recreational or leisure purposes or the provision of services to support this leisure travel. Business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity compensated from within the place visited". Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. In 2004, there were over 763 million international tourist arrivals.

Also house prices have risen causing them to become too expensive for the local people. There is seasonal unemployment because many of the jobs are linked to the winter skiing season, such as ski-instructors. Tourism is an industry which has the potential to do much good, such as the provision of wealth and jobs into an area. But also you can find that it brings more disadvantages to the local people and the surrounding ecosystem than it does advantages. So, for tourism to be most advantageous, i think it is necessary to strike a balance between tourism and other industries, so the country can keep all the advantages, and minimise the disadvantages.

Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015 23rd may, 2017. Keywords: issues for tourism, tourism disadvantages, tourism advantages. Introduction, according to the world tourism Organization tourists are the people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one successive year for leisure, business and other purposes not interrelated to the exercise of an activity rewarded from. Tourism is mainly popular as a global freedom activity. Tourism is a critical source of income for many countries and it generates income through the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. Some of the services offered by these industries include transportation services such as cruise ships and taxis, accommodation services such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, and other hospitality industry services such as spas and resorts.

Essay tourism advantages disadvantages

Also the provision of electricity, a water supply and sewage supply has been improved. Amenities have been added which can be used by local people and the success of tourism means that other forms of economic development and creates more jobs. However the traditional village is swamped by new buildings, such as hotels. Many of these new buildings, together with ski lifts and ski-runs, are unsightly and create visual pollution. This is ironic because they spoil the attractive scenery that first attracted tourists. Hillsides are deforested to create new and longer ski-runs. This destroys the fragile alpine ecosystem presentation (vegetation is damaged, wildlife is frightened away) and increases the risk of soil erosion proposal and avalanches. The increase in traffic has been blamed for the increase in acid rain that is killing local vegetation.

benefits of tourism essay

In ledcs, i think that despite all these disadvantages, tourism essay is extremely advantageous as it provides an economy for countries which otherwise would be extremely poor. In the Alps, there are many different ski resorts, such as the courmayeur in Italy. It is located near the head of the scenic Val dAosta and lies at the foot of Mont Blanc. It is attractive because beautiful ski runs and links to Chamonix, the local Aosta specialities such as fontina cheese or beefsteak valdostan. Also it is a village full of charm and there are opportunities for walking, climbing and horse-riding. The increase in tourism has brought many social and economic benefits. There are more and better paid jobs, and improved accessibility due to better roads.

create noise, air pollution and litter. Also the building of all these amenities means that local people lose their homes, land and traditional means of livelihood. Farming economy is damaged as land is sold to developers. Much of the food eaten by tourists is imported either because local production is insufficient or to meet the demands for European-style fruits. Local cultures and traditions are also destroyed. The jobs are mostly seasonal, so for most of the time, the people are out of work. Also overseas workers are sometimes brought in to fill the better paid jobs.

The west Indies have become a prized holiday location, visited by people all over the globe. Their hot winters (25C) and summers (28c attractive scenery and varied wildlife mean that it has established a reputation of being one of the nicest places to visit in the world. There are many advantages of this type of industry. It created an income greater than that which would have been created by exporting the few raw materials naturally found. Also it creates enormous amounts of jobs whether in hotels or type restaurants, or making souvenirs for tourists to buy. Also tourism can jumpstart development in the area. Transport links are developed and amenities are created which the natural people can take advantage.

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Industry is the assignment backbone of everything that happens in our world today. It is the defining factor between wealth and poverty. A country simply could not exist without industry, for it would have no means to create wealth. There are all many different types of industry, ranging from farming (primary sector of industry) to selling computers (tertiary sector of industry). Tourism has become the worlds fastest-growing industry. It forms a large part of the economies of most developed countries and is seen by many developing countries as the one possible way to obtain income, create jobs and to improve their standard of living. It has grown rapidly in the last 50 years, mostly due to the easier movement of people around the world by plane or by train. This meant that people for the first time could visit places abroad for more affordable costs, which then meant that those countries economies benefitted from tourism for the first time.

Benefits of tourism essay
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  2. I list the main. Tourism industry is playing a important part in different countrie s in term of social rstly, a host countries will benefit in term of currency. The study concludes that the economic benefits of tourism normally outweigh what negative features there may. But it also acknowledges. Both the benefits and drawbacks are discussed below in details. Tou rism generates maximum of revenue for developing countries.

  3. The present paper is devoted to the discussion of the environmental impacts of tou rism and contains discussion of economic benefits of tourism compared to its. What are the benefits and disadvantages of tourism - assignment Ex ample. We will write a custom essay sample on Any topic specifically for. As an example, we will use a topic of tourism in modern world. Basically, in all a dvantages and disadvantages essays your task is to describe positive and. Tourism can be a great way for places to generate income and jobs, as well as raise their profile, but it can also have downsides.

  4. The advantages of tourism includes employment opportunity, growth of service secto r, foreign. Category: Essays, paragraphs and Articles by sanjoy roy. However, are there hidden costs, and does tourism always benefit. In this essay, i will describe some of the effects of tourism and say why. Keywords: issues for tourism, tourism disadvantages, tourism advan tages. According to the world tourism Organization tourists.

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