History of english essay

history of english essay

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Religious beliefs edit geoffrey chaucers attitudes toward the Church should not be confused with his attitudes toward Christianity. Chaucer seems to have respected and admired sincere Christians (and to have been one himself even while he also recognized that many people in the church of his era were venal and corrupt. 28 In his "retraction" Chaucer writes "now I beg all those that listen to this little treatise canterbury tales, or read it, that if there be anything in it that pleases them, they thank our Lord Jesus Christ for it, from whom proceeds all understanding. 1400 Chaucer's first major work, the book of the duchess, was an elegy for Blanche of Lancaster (who died in 1368). It is possible that this work was commissioned by her husband John of gaunt, as he granted Chaucer a 10 annuity on This would seem to place the writing of The book of the duchess between the years 13Two other early works by Chaucer were. Chaucer wrote many of his major works in a prolific period when he held the job of customs comptroller for London (1374 to 1386).

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25 Believed to have been written in the 1390s, Chaucer's short poem Fortune, is also writing inferred to directly reference lancaster. 26 27 "Chaucer as narrator" openly defies Fortune, proclaiming he has learned who his enemies are through her tyranny and deceit, and declares "my suffisaunce" (15) and that "over himself hath the maystrye" (14). Fortune, in turn, does not understand Chaucer's harsh words to her for she believes she has been kind to him, claims that he does not know what she has in store for him in the future, but most importantly, "And eek thou hast thy beste. Chaucer retorts that "My frend maystow nat reven, blind goddesse" (50) and orders her to take away those who merely pretend to be his friends. Fortune turns her attention to three princes whom she implores to relieve chaucer of his pain and "Preyeth his beste frend of his noblesse/That to som beter estat he may atteyne" (7879). The three princes are believed to represent the dukes of Lancaster, york, and Gloucester, and a portion of line 76, "as three of you or tweyne to refer to the ordinance of 1390 which specified that no royal gift could be authorised without the consent. 26 Most conspicuous in this short poem is the number of references to Chaucer's "beste frend". Fortune states three times in her response to the plaintiff, "And also, you still have your best friend alive" (32, 40, 48 she also references his "beste frend" in the envoy when appealing to his "noblesse" to help Chaucer to a higher estate. A fifth reference is made by "Chaucer as narrator" who rails at Fortune that she shall not take his friend from him. While the envoy playfully hints to lancaster that Chaucer would certainly appreciate a boost to his status or income, the poem Fortune distinctively shows his deep appreciation and affection for John of gaunt.

Near the end of their lives Lancaster and Chaucer became brothers-in-law. Chaucer married Philippa (Pan) de roet in 1366, and Lancaster took his mistress of nearly 30 years, katherine Swynford (de roet who was Philippa Chaucer's sister, as his third wife in 1396. Although Philippa died.1387, the men were bound as brothers and Lancaster's children by katherine—john, henry, thomas and joan beaufort —were Chaucer's nephews and niece. Chaucer's book of the duchess, also known as the deeth of Blaunche the duchesse, 24 was written in commemoration of Blanche of Lancaster, john of gaunt's first wife. The poem refers to john and Blanche in allegory as the narrator relates the tale of "A long castel with walles white/be seynt Johan, on a ryche hil" (13181319) who is mourning grievously after the death of his love, "And goode faire White she het/That. The phrase "long castel" is a reference to lancaster (also called "Loncastel" and "Longcastell "walles white" is thought to likely essay be an oblique reference to Blanche, "Seynt Johan" was John of gaunt's name-saint, and "ryche hil" is a reference to richmond; these thinly veiled references. "White" is the English translation of the French word "blanche implying that the white lady was Blanche of Lancaster.

history of english essay

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23 Although Henry iv renewed the grants assigned to Chaucer by richard, Chaucer's own The complaint of Chaucer to his Purse hints that the grants might not have been paid. The last mention of Chaucer is on, when some monies owed to him were paid. He is believed to have died of unknown causes on, but there is no firm evidence for this date, as it comes from literature the engraving on his tomb, erected more than one hundred years after his death. There is some speculation—most recently in london Terry jones ' book who murdered Chaucer? a medieval Mystery —that he was murdered by enemies of Richard ii or even on the orders of his successor Henry iv, but the case is entirely circumstantial. Chaucer was buried in Westminster Abbey in London, as was his right owing to his status as a tenant of the Abbey's close. In 1556, his remains were transferred to a more ornate tomb, making Chaucer the first writer interred in the area now known as poets' corner. Relationship to john of gaunt edit Chaucer was a close friend of John of gaunt, the wealthy duke of Lancaster (and father of the future king of England and served under his patronage.

It may have been a difficult job, but it paid well: two shillings a day, more than three times his salary as a comptroller. Chaucer was also appointed keeper of the lodge at the king's park in Feckenham, which was a largely honorary appointment. 20 Later life edit In September 1390, records say that he was robbed, and possibly injured, while conducting the business, and it was shortly after, on, that he stopped working in this capacity. Almost immediately, on 22 June, he began as Deputy forester in the royal forest of Petherton Park in North Petherton, somerset. 21 This was no sinecure, with maintenance an important part of the job, although there were many opportunities to derive profit. He was granted an annual pension of twenty pounds by richard ii in 1394. 22 It is believed that Chaucer stopped work on the canterbury tales sometime towards the end of this decade. Not long after the overthrow of his patron, richard ii, in 1399, Chaucer's name fades from the historical record. The last few records of his life show his pension renewed by the new king, and his taking of a lease on a residence within the close of Westminster Abbey on 24 December 1399.

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history of english essay

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He was mentioned in englishdaily law papers of, involved in the raptus of Cecilia chaumpaigne. What raptus means is unclear, but the incident seems to have been resolved quickly and did not leave a stain on Chaucer's reputation. It is not known if Chaucer was in the city of London at the time of the peasants' revolt, but if he was, he would have seen its leaders pass almost directly under his apartment window at Aldgate. 16 While still working as comptroller, Chaucer appears to have moved to kent, being appointed as one of the commissioners of peace for Kent, at a time when French invasion was a possibility. He is thought to have started work on The canterbury tales in the early 1380s. He also became a member of Parliament for Kent in 1386, and attended the ' wonderful Parliament ' that year.

He appears to have been present at most of the 71 days it sat, for which he was paid. 17 On 15 October that year, he gave a deposition in the case of Scrope. 18 There is no further reference after this date to Philippa, chaucer's wife, and she is presumed to have died in 1387. He survived the political upheavals caused by the lords Appellants, despite the fact that Chaucer knew some of the men executed over the affair quite well. On, chaucer was appointed the clerk of the king's works, a sort of foreman organising most of the king's building projects. 19 no major works were begun during his tenure, but he did conduct repairs on Westminster Palace,. George's Chapel, windsor, continue building the wharf at the tower of London, and build the stands for a tournament held in 1390.

Numerous scholars such as skeat, boitani, and Rowland 12 suggested that, on this Italian trip, he came into contact with Petrarch or Boccaccio. They introduced him to medieval Italian poetry, the forms and stories of which he would use later. 13 14 The purposes of a voyage in 1377 are mysterious, as details within the historical record conflict. Later documents suggest it was a mission, along with jean Froissart, to arrange a marriage between the future king Richard ii and a french princess, thereby ending the hundred years War. If this was the purpose of their trip, they seem to have been unsuccessful, as no wedding occurred.

In 1378, richard ii sent Chaucer as an envoy (secret dispatch) to the visconti and to sir John Hawkwood, english condottiere (mercenary leader) in Milan. It has been speculated that it was Hawkwood on whom Chaucer based his character the Knight in the canterbury tales, for a description matches that of a 14th-century condottiere. A 19th-century depiction of Chaucer A possible indication that his career as a writer was appreciated came when Edward iii granted Chaucer "a gallon of wine daily for the rest of his life" for some unspecified task. This was an unusual grant, but given on a day of celebration, St george's day, 1374, when artistic endeavours were traditionally rewarded, it is assumed to have been another early poetic work. It is not known which, if any, of Chaucer's extant works prompted the reward, but the suggestion of him as poet to a king places him as a precursor to later poets laureate. Chaucer continued to collect the liquid stipend until Richard ii came to power, after which it was converted to a monetary grant on Chaucer obtained the very substantial job of comptroller of the customs for the port of London, which he began on. His life goes undocumented for much of the next ten years, but it is believed that he wrote (or began) most of his famous works during this period.

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Chaucer's "Treatise on the Astrolabe" was written for Lewis. 10 According to tradition, Chaucer studied law in lined the Inner Temple (an Inn of court ) at this time. He became a member of the royal court of Edward iii as a valet de chambre, yeoman, or esquire on, a position which could entail a wide variety of tasks. His wife also received a pension for court employment. He travelled abroad many times, at least some of them in remote his role as a valet. In 1368, he may have attended the wedding of lionel of Antwerp to violante visconti, daughter of Galeazzo ii visconti, in Milan. Two other literary stars of the era were in attendance: jean Froissart and Petrarch. Around this time, chaucer is believed to have written The book of the duchess in honour of Blanche of Lancaster, the late wife of John of gaunt, who died in 1369 of the plague. 11 Chaucer travelled to picardy the next year as part of a military expedition; in 1373 he visited Genoa and Florence.

history of english essay

After this, Chaucer's life is uncertain, but he seems to have travelled in France, spain, and Flanders, possibly as a messenger and perhaps even going on a pilgrimage to santiago de compostela. Around 1366, Chaucer married Philippa (de) roet. She was a lady-in-waiting to Edward iii's queen, Philippa of hainault, and a sister of Katherine Swynford, who later (c. 1396) became the third wife of John of gaunt. It is uncertain how many children Chaucer and Philippa had, but three or four are most commonly cited. His son, Thomas Chaucer, had an illustrious career, as chief butler to four kings, envoy to France, and Speaker of the house of Commons. Thomas's daughter, Alice, married the duke of Suffolk. Thomas's great-grandson (Geoffrey's great-great-grandson john de la pole, earl of Lincoln, was the heir to the throne designated by richard iii before he was deposed. Geoffrey's other children probably included Elizabeth Chaucy, a nun at Barking Abbey, 8 9 Agnes, an attendant at Henry iv 's coronation; and another son, lewis Chaucer.

said to be moneyer. In the city hustings Roll 110, 5, ric ii, dated June 1380, geoffrey chaucer refers to himself as me galfridum Chaucer, filium Johannis Chaucer, vinetarii, londonie'. While records concerning the lives of his contemporary friends, william Langland and the pearl poet, are practically non-existent, since Chaucer was a public servant, his official life is very well documented, with nearly five hundred written items testifying to his career. The first of the "Chaucer Life records" appears in 1357, in the household accounts of Elizabeth de burgh, the countess of Ulster, when he became the noblewoman's page through his father's connections, 5 a common medieval form of apprenticeship for boys into knighthood or prestige. The countess was married to lionel, duke of Clarence, the second surviving son of the king, Edward iii, and the position brought the teenage Chaucer into the close court circle, where he was to remain for the rest of his life. He also worked as a courtier, a diplomat, and a civil servant, as well as working for the king from 1389 to 1391 as Clerk of the king's Works. 6 In 1359, in the early stages of the hundred years' war, edward iii invaded France and Chaucer travelled with lionel of Antwerp, 1st duke of Clarence, elizabeth's husband, as part of the English army. In 1360, he was captured during the siege of Rheims. Edward paid 16 for his ransom, 7 a considerable sum, and Chaucer was released.

The book of the duchess, the house of Fame, the legend of good Women and, troilus and Criseyde. He is best known today for. Chaucer's work was crucial in legitimizing the literary use of the. Middle English vernacular at a time when the dominant literary languages in England were French and Latin. Contents, origins edit, geoffrey chaucer was born in London sometime around 1343, though the precise date and location of his birth remain unknown. His father and grandfather were both London vintners ; several previous generations had been merchants. (His family name derives from the French chausseur, meaning "shoemaker".) 2, in 1324, john Chaucer, geoffrey's father, was kidnapped by an aunt in the hope of marrying the twelve-year-old boy to her daughter in an attempt to keep property in Ipswich. The aunt was imprisoned book and the 250 fine levied (equivalent to 200,000 today) 3 suggests that the family was financially secure, maybe even elite.

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For other uses, see. Geoffrey chaucer ( /tʃɔsər/ ;. 1343 known dates as the father. English literature, 1 is widely considered the greatest English poet of the. He was the first poet to be buried. Poets' corner of, westminster Abbey. While he achieved fame during his lifetime as an author, philosopher, and astronomer, composing a scientific treatise on the astrolabe for his ten-year-old son Lewis, Chaucer also maintained an active career in the civil service as a bureaucrat, courtier and diplomat. Among his many works are.

History of english essay
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