Paragon resumes reviews

paragon resumes reviews

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Roundhouse angel, dear ER: Thank you for the beautiful insight into harrison Greenberg (The boys and the pier, er jan. I cant wait to see his memory live on in the roundhouse Aquarium. Im sure harrison and his wide open angel wings will soar above the aquarium with much pride. Eline Florio, facebook comment, hermosa beach resident Robert Jones, beach house general manager Marje bennett, builder Rich koenig and former councilmembers Carolyn Petty and Kathy dunbabin are sworn in by hermosa beach mayor Jeff Duclos as new board memebers of the hermosa beach Chamber. The installation dinner was a week ago tuesday at the comedy and Magic Club. Filter results by: Sort by: relevance - date, salary Estimate, job Type, location, denver, co (9). San diego, ca (6 seattle, wa (6 albuquerque, nm (6 las Vegas, nv (4 fort Worth, tx (4 chesapeake, va (4 anchorage, ak (3).

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But it contains a confidentiality provision that prevents residents from learning what Paragon is required to do in response to the neighbors compaints. We know that Manhattan beach Residents for thoughts Responsible development refunded 90 percent of the donations made papers to their campaign and recieved a cash settlement to cover their expenses for consultants and lawyers, but not for their own work. The cash settlement was probably delivered in Gelsons shopping bags. (Minus 10 cents for each bag). Gelsons Market on the Bloody corridor should never be built at Sepulveda and 8th Street because it encrouaches on a residential neighborhood. Its all about taxes and revenue and Gelsons croissants. Robert Bush, manhattan beach, able Abell, dear ER: What a thoughtful and well-written article about an important leader in the community (Changing of the guard, er jan. Thank you for the story and than you chief Derreck Abell for helping to guide our city. Facebook comment, an epic effort, dear ER: This was a beautifully told story that will continue to be told (The boy and the pier, er jan. Thanks to the generosity of many, the roundhouse Aquarium will be an epic tribute to a beautiful and extraordinary soul. Paul Gigante, facebook comment.

Nadar year and her husbands compassion and humanitarian spirit is extraordinary. During this past holiday season, nadine was informed that she lost her job with our City. With her wealth of experince and knowledge she was immediately hired as assistant city manager for a city in the silicon Valley area. So, she now commutes to that city from Manhattan beach, while raising three teenage boys, in their second year at Mira costa, and her young daughter. While serving as Manhattan beach mayor, i stated that our communitys great assets were the residents. I firmly believe our residents are some of most kind, respectful, giving and grateful people you will ever meet. Nadine nadar and her husband are great examples of Manhattan beach residents who wholeheartedly give of themselves when they see a need. Mark burton, manhattan beach, its all about croissants, dear. The lawsuit by manhattan beach Residents for Responsible development against the city and Gelsons developer Paragon Commercial Group was quickly settled.

paragon resumes reviews

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What do you think? As a leading Orange county-based manufacturer of high-quality european cabinetry, we cater to all areas of southern California, with customers in San diego, orange, los Angeles, ventura, and Santa barbara county. With an enormous range of in-stock modern and traditional European kitchens, we can totally assemble and deliver your kitchen within four weeks, while custom and semi-custom designs are created. Added on January 25, 2018, judy rae, letters, letters to the Editor. Decrease font size, increase business font size, text size. Print This Page, send by Email, mother of mercy. Dear ER: When a manhattan beach resident and single mom suddenly passed away in late 2016 leaving behind twin boys, nadine nadar and her husband took the twins into their home. Last year, knowing there was no immediate family, the nadars adopted these twin boys, embracing the responsibility and obligation for raising these twin boys in addition to raising their son and daughter.

The bottom Line Though the very concept of the film, the story of small, independent uhf station, is outdated at this point, the ridiculous comedy of uhf holds up very well 25 years after it first arrived, on the strength of Yankovic's charm, an unusual. It's all very goofy, but in a good way, resulting in a cult following in retrospect. The Blu-ray isn't blowing anyone away in terms of the quality but the extras, most of which are carried over from the earlier dvd, remain very entertaining, again thanks to yankovic's involvement. If you're a fan, and you don't own the dvd, this is an obvious pick-up, while those looking to upgrade can look at the substantial new extra in considering an upgrade. Francis rizzo iii is a native long Islander, where he works in academia. In his spare time, he enjoys watching hockey, writing and spending time with his wife, daughter and puppy. Check out 1106 - a moment in Fictional Time or follow him on Twitter *The reviewer's bias section is an attempt to help readers use the review to its best effect. By knowing where the reviewer's biases lie on the film's subject matter, one can read the review with the right mindset.

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paragon resumes reviews

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There are 19:12 of deleted scenes to check out, but they aren't just a pile of scenes. Instead, weird Al guides you through the cuts, at his self-deprecating best, semi-joking about how bad the scenes are and explaining other cuts, even fast-forwarding through most of one moment. The most interesting element is a scene cut involving a fake tv show on Channel 62, titled Those darn Homos. It was definitely a different time. A music video for the excellent song "UHF" checks in at 4:30, and in addition to clips from the movie, it parodies a number of big videos of the time, including Guns n roses, level Prince, george michael, talking heads, peter Gabriel, billy Idol, grammar devo, inxs.

It's a fun bit of nostalgia, and seeing a chameleon-like yankovic, one wonders what his career would have been like if he had dropped the comedy, along with the glasses and mustache? The remainder of the extras are found materials, starting with 181 production stills. There's a lot of good stuff in this full-screen collection, including plenty of behind-the-scenes images showing how shots were achieved. There's also 24 photos of alternate poster ideas (showing the film's alternate international titles) along with home-video covers and promotional materials connected to the film. This kind of stuff is always interesting, especially when there's a story behind it (which you'll find on the commentary.) Wrapping things up is a pair of trailers, the :39 teaser, designed to look like an Indiana jones trailer, while the theatrical trailer gives. On the hunt The original dvd had several easter eggs, and the box art here lists Easter Eggs as a special feature, but where they are is unclear, as the menu structure doesn't match the original disc.

There are no audio options, but subtitles are available in English (unlike the previous dvd, which offered French and Spanish audio tracks along with French and Spanish subtitles.). The quality, the.85:1, 1080p, avc-encoded transfer is not the most impressive ever seen, though how much of that is an issue with the source materials isn't clear (thanks to the film's low-budget nature.) What is obvious is a near-constant jitter and the frequent appearance. The color feels nicely-saturated and there's a good amount of fine detail, while the black levels and consistent film grain look fine (though some noise is present in darker scenes.) There doesn't seem to be any real issues with compression artifacts. There are a lot of different looks to this film, including old-style television screens, with the Spatula city commercial looking absolutely awful, full of softness and aliasing (though again, is this could be on purpose, to simulate the channel's no-budget feel.) The lpcm.0 soundtrack. There was no noteable distortion in the audio. The Extras The new extra in this 25th Anniversary Edition of uhf is a 51:06 panel from the 2014 San diego comicCon, which featured an interview by comic Jonah ray, followed by a q a session with the audience.

Though ray geeked out over Yankovic and made a bit too much of the chat about himself, he touched on many topics including weird Al's 1 album, uhf, and the performer's history and influence, while a ninth video from Mandatory fun was shown but not. The rest of the bonus content is carried over from the previous dvd, starting the audio commentary with Yankovic and the film's director, jay leavey (who is also yankovic's manager.) If Yankovic wasn't rehearsed for this, then he has some sort of super mental powers. Yankovicvic shares a number of stories and thoughts, including naming a number of well-known actors considered for parts and discussing how he would do the film differently now. The pair are also joined by Emo Philips and Michael Richards (separately) at points, while victoria jackson is dialed in by phone late in the movie. A fact-filled track with a definite fun feel. "Behind the Scenes" is brief at just 3:39, and is an epk-ish look at the making of the Wheel of Fish scene, including on-set footage and interviews with Richards and Jackson, while yankovic is interviewed by bowe. A short but entertaining piece.

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With so much happening at all times, it all blends together to first create a sense of the absurd, right up to the ending, which delivers the feel-good climax that this movie had to end with. Do you have to like weird Al to enjoy. You'd be hard-pressed to find a film that's more entwined, on a dna level, with its star. The thing is, if you can get past the cheesier aspects of his sense of humor, his virulent positivity makes him incredibly likeable, as proven by the reaction to his recent 1 album, mandatory fun, despite it going out to what could be argued. Uhf is a distillation of what's powered weird Al through decades of silly success, and it remains a good time 25 years later. The disc, the 25th Anniversary Edition of, uhf arrives on one Blu-ray, packed into a standard Blu-ray keepcase with a two-sided cover (featuring the original poster art on the inside) and a slipcover that repeats the new cover art. The disc's animated menu offers a choice to watch the film, select scenes, adjust the set-up and check out the special features.

paragon resumes reviews

vhf channel 8, and its villainous leader. Fletcher (Ted Knight-stand-in kevin McCarthy with his pompous son Richard (. Pee-wee's Playhouse 's John Paragon) ever at his side. Their evil is delightfully unhinged, giving george and his team, which includes Fran Drescher as the channel's news reporter, billy barty as a diminutive cameraman and soap star Anthony geary as 62's strange technician Philo, a proper opponent in the era-classic plot device. Though there is certainly a plot that's central to the film, the movie is a sketch film, often duplicating the effect of flipping through the channels. The station set-up, combined with george's daydreaming personality, was the perfect way to make this work without ending up with a disjointed mess. Thus you have peeks at insane Channel 62 shows that feature poodles thrown out of windows and barbarian librarians, alongside full fantasy sequences that parody scenes from films like. Raiders of the lost Ark and, rambo, as well as a full weird Al video, for his "Money for Nothing. Beverly hillbillies parody, shoved right in there.

Thus, it would take the right vehicle to work for him, like the one he found in 1989, the tv-focused silliness. It's the kind of movie that you fall in love with as a kid due to the more ridiculous elements and then find it still speaks to you as you get older thanks to the overall level of fun goofiness. It all starts with "Weird Al who plays george (or, more or less, himself a good-guy dreamer working dead-end jobs with his buddy bob (david Bowe). Though he has a girlfriend named Teri (Victoria jackson he doesn't do right by her biography either. He's basically a wash-out until his uncle harvey hands him the keys to a channel 62, a no-budget uhf station he won in a bet. Embracing the challenge of making this nothing channel, with its staff of oddballs and sideshows, into something respectable, he gives it his all, but just faces more failure until he discovers the magic of the station's janitor, Stanley spudowski (. Fridays -era michael Richards, who boosts ratings with his manic take on the classic local kids show. Buoyed by this success, george launches a new breed of over-the-top programming, including classically ridiculous shows like.

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In 10 Words or Less, weird Al's cinematic highlight, reviewer's bias. Loves: "Weird Al" Yankovic, uhf, likes: sketch films, dislikes: Anniversary editions light on essay new content. Hates: The disappearance of low-budget uhf stations. The Story so far. Uhf was released on dvd in June of 2002, and. Dvdtalk has a review of that release. The movie, though at first glance it makes little sense that "Weird Al" Yankovic hasn't acted in many movies over the course of his long entertainment career, a little bit of thought makes it readily understandable. After all, there's a reason why he's made so many appearances as weird. It's his own personality and charm that makes him so popular, and it's hard to wedge that into other works, and makes no sense to bury it under another character.

Paragon resumes reviews
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