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Further, every employee has a right to a workplace free of harassment, discrimination, reprisal or retaliation. Accordingly, every employee may bring forward, provide information regarding, assist, or otherwise be involved in the resolution of a complaint without fear of retaliation or reprisal, including but not limited to disciplinary action or discharge, whether that complaint is brought forward through a grievance under. For clarity, there will be no reprisals against any employee who brings forward a complaint of harassment and/or discrimination within the meaning of Article 3 of this collective agreement provided that they are not acting in bad faith or in a manner that is vexatious. Any allegation(s) of reprisal or retaliation may be the subject of a grievance commencing at Step Two of the Grievance Procedure. Information new Hires 3:08 On the date of hire, the University shall advise each new employee of the name of his/her Union Steward and the local Union President/Chairperson and their phone number and campus mail address. New members shall be allowed to meet with the Union for two and one half (2 ) regular working hours with no loss of pay, at the end of the workday.

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Racial Discrimination 3:04 An employee who files a grievance under the collective agreement alleging that he or she has been discriminated against because of race contrary to Article 3:01 may, if he or she chooses, meet with the Universitys professional Race relations Officer prior to Step. Thereafter an employee may resume the grievance process. General Harassment 3:05 The parties agree that employees will neither engage in nor be subject to threats of physical abuse or physical harm. Bullying and Personal Harassment 3:06 The University will provide an environment where members of the bargaining unit are not subjected to bullying and personal dairy harassment. In assessing whether bullying and personal harassment may have occurred, the definitions and standards set out in the Universitys civility guidelines, although they do not form part of the collective agreement, shall be considered, including by an arbitrator in any arbitration pursuant to this section. An employee may file a grievance alleging a course of conduct amounting to bullying and personal harassment if, after the University has exhausted any applicable internal steps to respond to the situation, the employee is dissatisfied with the outcome or if, after 45 days have. Such grievance will be filed at step 3 of the grievance procedure. If not resolved at Step 3, the parties may agree to mediation or facilitation before an agreed-upon mediator or facilitator before arbitration takes place. The mediation or facilitation will be confidential and without prejudice to the rights of either party. During any internal steps taken to resolve the situation, employees shall have the right to be accompanied by a union representative. No reprisal 3:07 The University and the Union agree that there will be no intimidation, discrimination, interference, restraint or coercion exercised or practised by either of them or their representatives because of an employees membership or non-membership in the Union, because of an employees activity.

Harassment based on sex includes: Unwanted sexual attention of a persistent or abusive nature, by a person who knows or ought reasonably to know that such attention is unwanted; or A course of physical or verbal conduct, or other forms of communications occurring while. 3:03 An employee may elect to submit a grievance alleging sexual harassment under the collective agreement or to file a complaint under the Universitys Sexual Harassment Policy: An employee who elects to file a grievance under the collective agreement shall, if he or she wishes. An employee may withdraw from the mediation process at any time and resume the grievance process. Where the person normally hearing the grievance is the alleged harasser, the grievance shall be automatically forwarded to the next step in the grievance procedure. Employees electing to proceed with a complaint under the Universitys Sexual Harassment Policy shall have the right to be accompanied by a union representative at any stage of the process. The time limit for filing a grievance alleging sexual harassment under this collective agreement shall be no longer than twelve (12) write months after the occurrence of the matter which is the subject of the grievance. The parties may agree to extend the time limit for filing a grievance in cases where unusual circumstances beyond the employees control prevented the employee from grieving within the time limit. The time limit for filling a complaint under the Universitys Sexual Harassment Policy alleging sexual harassment shall be as outlined in the policy. The provisions of this clause may not be utilized by an employee where the subject matter of the complaint is or has been or becomes the subject of a complaint to the human Rights Commission under the human Rights Code.

uoft resume

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Each term appointment shall have a predetermined end date. In the case of term employees who are father's non-students, should the term(s) exceed a twenty-four (24) month period, then such employee shall become a continuing or sessional employee, as the case may. (d) In the event a usw local 1998 Casual bargaining unit position with regularly scheduled hours of work of at least fourteen and one-half (14) hours or more per week exceeds twenty-four (24) consecutive months duration, the position (other than those set out in 2:02(3. Article 3: relationship no discrimination 3:01 The University and the Union are committed to equal opportunity in employment for women, aboriginal people, people with disabilities, and people who because of their race, colour, sexual orientation or gender orientation have been traditionally disadvantaged in Canada. The University and the Union are committed to employment equity and to achieving and maintaining a workforce representative of those pools of qualified individuals available for recruitment and promotion by the University. The University and the Union agree to uphold the human Rights Code and will not under any circumstances permit employment practices and procedures in contravention. The University and Union agree that there shall be no discrimination against employees with respect to terms and conditions of employment because of race, ancestry, place of origin, sex, gender orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religious belief, colour, ethnic origin, mother tongue, guaranteed marital status, family. Sexual Harassment 3:02 Sexual harassment shall be considered discrimination under Article 3:01 of this Agreement.

(4) For the purposes of (1) and (2) above, authorized leaves of absence of less than twenty (20) working days, vacations, holidays, sessional layoffs of sessional employees or other University closings shall be deemed hours regularly worked. (b) Seniority for a non-staff appointed employee converted to staff-appointed status as per Article 2:02(a) will be calculated based on the date the employee commenced casual employment qualifying under Article 2:02 (i.e., normally after eighteen (18) or twenty-four (24) months prior to conversion). For the purposes of the calculations in (1) and (2) above, full-time weekly hours of work is equal to thirty-six and one-quarter (36) hours. 2:03 Subject to Articles 2:01 and 2:02 above, there are three (3) types of staff appointed employees covered by this collective agreement: (a) Continuing employees have no predetermined end date and hold positions that are considered by the employing unit as part of the staff. (b) Sessional employees hold continuing positions for which the University requires staffing only during an academic session or part thereof, which may be up to eleven (11) months in length. These employees are on sessional layoff for the balance of the academic year. (c) Term employees are hired for an initial appointment of at least six (6) months in length, the maximum period of consecutive term employment not to exceed twenty-four (24) months except in the case of full-time students.

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uoft resume

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Article 2: recognition and scope 2:01 The University recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all employees of the University save and except the following: (1) Persons who exercise managerial functions or are employed in a confidential capacity in matters relating. (2) . Academic essay staff including but not limited to: (i) members of faculty at all professorial ranks; (ii) academic administrators as defined on the date of application for certification in the 1995 Policies for Academic Staff and Librarians under the policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators. Athletic instructors and coaches. (3) Engineers, doctors, dentists, architects or lawyers entitled to practise in Ontario and who are employed in a professional capacity. (4) Persons who are non staff-appointed.

(5) Persons for whom any other trade union held bargaining rights under the labour Relations Act as of may 29, 1998. 2:02 (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 2:01 (4) above, the following type of non-staff appointed employees covered by the usw environments local 1998 Casual collective agreement will, if they satisfy the criteria set out in (1) or (2) below, be deemed to be non-probationary staff. The parties agree that the following types of employees are a specific and closed group to which no other non-staff appointed employees could be added, other than by the express written agreement of the parties to amend this Article, and the parties do not intend. (2) Persons who work in the same position with an appointment of sixty (60) percent or more, or regularly work the equivalent or more in hours each week (i.e., twenty-one and three quarters (21.75) hours each week) in the same position for eighteen (18) consecutive. (3) The following types of employees are not subject to Article 2:02 (1) and (2) above: (a) Employees who are full-time University of Toronto students registered in a degree programme.

Table Of Contents, article 1: Purpose Of Agreement, article 2: Recognition And Scope. Article 3: Relationship, no discrimination, sexual Harassment, racial Discrimination. General Harassment, bullying And Personal Harassment, no reprisal. Information new Hires, labour/Management Committee, article 4: Management Rights, article 5: no strike or Lockout. Article 6: Union Security, article 7: Union Representation, article 8: Negotiating Committee.

Article 9: Grievance Procedure, informal Step, step One. Step Two, step Three, article 10: Discharge And Disciplinary Action. Article 11: Arbitration / Mediation, article 12: Staffing Related Issues, seniority. Probationary period, posting, secondments, organizational Change elimination Of Positions Or Involuntary reduction In Appointment. Organizational Change for Externally funded Research Grant/Contract Positions. Layoff, article 13: leaves Of Absence, leave of Absence without pay. Union Convention Or Conference leave union leave pregnancy leave primary caregiver leave and Adoption leave parental leave training Upon Return to work From Pregnancy, primary caregiver/Adoption, parental leaves Paternity leave political leave personal leave health Care Appointments Compassionate care leave article 14: Bereavement leave article. between the governing council of the university of toronto (hereinafter called the University) and the united steelworkers (hereinafter called the Union) article 1: purpose of agreement 1:01 The general purpose of this Agreement is to secure the benefits of collective bargaining, a method of settling.

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This collective bargaining agreement covers the University of Toronto staff-Appointed Unit, and was reached after a very challenging assignment round of bargaining with UofT management. Please note that this is a legal document, so contact your steward if you have any questions. You can find a printable pdf version of the collective bargaining agreement here. Contact us for a printed booklet. CtrlF or CmdF can be used to search through this webpage. Collective agreement, for the Staff Appointed, bargaining Unit between. The governing council of the University of Toronto and, the United Steelworkers, term of Agreement: July 1, 2014 to june 30, 2017.

uoft resume

After four months of bargaining, cupe says some gains have been made as contract academic workers for seek a new deal with the University of Toronto. Contract academic workers at the University of Toronto have given their union a 91 per cent mandate in favour of strike action as they work towards a new contract. The canadian Union of Public Employees says the workers include non-student sessional lecturers, writing instructors and music professionals. Cupe says the key issue is how post-secondary institutions rely on "precarious labour with sessional lecturers at the university delivering more than 20 per cent of all undergraduate teaching, yet earn less and have little to no job security. Union official Jess taylor says after four months of bargaining, they have made some gains at the table in terms of wage increases, but contract workers need a pathway to permanent employment. The University of Toronto says it's committed to reaching a new collective agreement for the approximately 1,200 sessional instructors. The two sides are scheduled to resume bargaining on Friday and taylor says the union hopes the strike mandate message is "well received" by university negotiators. Learn develop your skills, learn how to collaborate with online versions Outlook, word and Excel including saving and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online.

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Uoft resume
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  6. Canadian mba schools including: Athabasca, brock, concordia, dalhousie, laurentian, McGill, McMaster, memorial, queens, ryerson, saint Mary's, sfu, ubc, unb, unbc, uofc, uofm, uofo, uofs, uoft, uvic, western, windsor, wlu and York. UofT Staff-Appointed Unit Collective bargaining Agreement. This collective bargaining agreement covers the University of Toronto staff-Appointed Unit, and was reached after a very challenging round of bargaining with. After four months of bargaining, both sides set to resume talks on Friday. Get your, executive mba email for more info on how to get your. Executive mba from Canada's 1 Business School.

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