Uses and abuses of internet essay in english

uses and abuses of internet essay in english

Uses and abuses of mobile phones

An increased output would lead to a decrease in average costs of production, which can be passed to consumers in the form of lower prices. Likewise, cutting prices would be an advantage for a monopoly as it would increase sales and maximise economies of scale. Prc s (Perf comp)  C Ppc Pm lrmc (monopoly) d industry Qpc Qm mr (monopoly) Figure 4 - market equilibrium under monopoly figure 4 shows the market equilibrium in perfect competition at output Qpc and supply demand. A monopoly would generate economies of scale on the long run and drive down marginal costs to lrmc. A monopoly would therefore be able produce a profit maximising output Qm at a price Pm which is lower than perfect competition. Profits and consumer surplus are higher under monopoly and both consumer and producer would benefit. Kerr and gaisford (2008) highlight the impact of international trade on domestic trade and the need for a domestic monopoly capable of generating the economies of scale required to compete in the international market.

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Economic theory assumes that everyone is motivated by self-interest; this applies to competitive markets as well as to monopolies. Firms in competitive markets would aspire to be a monopoly by eliminating competition but this is unlikely achieved due to market forces and the bureau absence of barriers to entry and exit. The fact that monopolies make supernormal profits allows them to invest in research parents and development and allows them to fund high cost investment spending into new technology. This is likely to result, if successful, in improved products and lower costs on the long run. An innovative monopoly could therefore be considered dynamically efficient over a long term as it reaps the reward of investment in research and development. Microsoft did not start as a monopoly but the introduction of Windows version.0 in 1990 followed by various Microsoft Office applications provided the market power to become a monopoly. Its position as a monopoly was further cemented by the continuous investment in research and development. It is generally argued that monopoly in high technology sectors is good as it provides firms with a greater incentive to invest in research and development. Patents for new ideas are normally acceptable as it encourages firms to fund the initial research and development and it allows these firms to recoup their investment. Another advantage of monopoly is economies of scale.

The higher prices would exploit low income consumers and their purchasing power might be transferred to apple shareholders in the form of dividends leading again to unequal distribution of income. A monopoly tends to be less motivated towards economic efficiency such as cutting costs or increasing productivity. There is also a possibility that a monopoly would experience diseconomies of scale as the higher it gets bigger, their average costs increase. Further more, the lack of competition could discourage a monopoly from investing in research and development, leading to lack of innovation and worse products. However, with all the evidence against monopoly, there are still the questions of why do monopolies still exist, why firms seek to be monopolies and why do governments seem to tolerate them? 5.0 Advantages of monopoly On economic terms, perfect competition is generally regarded as more desirable than monopoly. However, monopolies are not necessarily bad, considering they are as highly motivated and public-spirited as competitive industries.

uses and abuses of internet essay in english

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It could be paying its workers unnecessary high wages or buying capital or raw material at unnecessary high prices. This means that the monopolist's lrac is above that which would be technically possible, therefore resources are wasted. Costs lrac monopoly lrac possible x-inefficiency output Figure 3 - x-efficiency gap The x-inefficiency gap, as shown in figure 3, is considered as unnecessary production costs that a firm can reduce. In a perfectly competitive market, a firm must eliminate any form of x-inefficiency in order to survive and thesis make normal profits. However, this is not the case with monopoly, which are able to survive while incurring unnecessary production costs and making satisfactory rather than maximum profits. The evaluation of economic efficiency of a monopoly compared to perfect competition has highlighted a number of disadvantages to support economists' case against monopolistic firms. 4.0 Disadvantages of Monopoly In general, a monopolistic market structure would produce less output and charge higher prices which leads to a decline in consumer surplus and a deadweight welfare loss. The higher prices would lead to allocative inefficiency and supernormal profits, leading to reduced benefits to consumers and unequal distribution of income. This also raises a question about equity.

Prc, mc ac,. C1, mr ar, q2 Q1 Output, figure 2 - productive efficiency. Figure 2 illustrates the productively efficient output Q1 which is the minimum point of the ac curve where unit cost is C1, where the least amount of scarce resources possible are being used per unit of output. However, a monopolist will produce the profit maximising output Q2 with higher costs C2 per unit which can be passed to the consumer, hence demonstrating productive inefficiency. X-efficiency, the concept of x-efficiency requires that the lowest possible prices are paid for inputs or factors of production. However, there is less incentive for a monopoly to make full use of the available technology, mainly due to lack of competition. Monopolies are more likely to be technically and productively inefficient, incurring unnecessary production costs and wasted resources. A firm could be employing too many workers or investing in machines that are never used, deeming it technically inefficient.

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uses and abuses of internet essay in english

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For the whole economy to be allocatively efficient, price must equal marginal cost in every market. However, it is unlikely that a monopoly seeking profit maximisation would be allocatively efficient. A monopoly tends to restrict output below the market equilibrium to force up the prices. Welfare loss, mr arindustry demandmu, q2 Q1 Output, figure 1 - allocative inefficiency and welfare loss. Figure 1 demonstrates how a monopoly is allocatively inefficient.

While a perfectly competitive market would have an output Q1 where sustainability the price p is equal to both mc and mu based on demand curve so all units produced add more to welfare (MU) than the resources they cost to make (MC). A monopolist is in equilibrium with an output Q2 where mcmr, which means some units that would have been resume benefited society are no longer produced and thus an overall welfare loss. 3.2 Productive efficiency, this can only be achieved if a firm uses the available techniques and factors of production at the lowest possible cost per unit of output. Lipsey (1992) states that in the context of an industry, the interpretation of productive efficiency is that firms are operating so that costs are minimized. In monopoly, in contrast to perfect competition, there are no competitive forces that would make a firm hold costs down to a minimum.

An example of product differentiation would be the car industry, where different firms would produce substitutes but they are not considered as perfect substitutes as required in perfect competition, so each firm would have some form of monopoly power in its product category. This is clearly evident in the luxury sport cars market such as Ferrari, porsche and Lotus. Other forms of entry barriers may include high start-up costs for new firms in comparison with an established monopoly firm which is likely to have gained enough experience and efficiency techniques to be able to reduce costs and hence prices for any potential new firms. Based on the characteristics of monopoly, it is important to evaluate its economic efficiency and therefore its effect on consumer surplus and social welfare in general. In the next section, we compare the economic efficiency of both extremes of the market structure.

3.0 Economic efficiency, in economic terms, monopoly and perfect competition should be judged on the extent to which they contribute to improving the human wellbeing and social welfare, therefore, it is important to assess whether the market structure is efficient or inefficient. Nellis and Parker (2006) point out that the success or failure of firms is directly affected by the extent to which they are managed efficiently. The lower the cost per unit of output, without reducing the quality of the product, the higher the economic efficiency of a firm. This is evident in a competitive market where firms strive to be economically efficient in order to survive. However, this is not the case in a monopoly which is generally considered as an inefficient market structure. This can be clarified by the following analysis of various economic terms of efficiency. 3.1 Allocative efficiency, assuming an initial distribution of income and wealth, allocative efficiency occurs at the point when it is impossible to improve overall economic welfare by reallocating resources between markets.

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This is the case with public utilities such as water, gas, electricity where these firms have economies of scale to prevent new firms from entering the market. Economies of scope is another barrier as firms who produce a range of products are likely to achieve lower average costs of production and undercut prices to drive new firms out of the market. Proctor gamble enjoys economies of scope as it produces shredder hundreds of products but could afford to hire expensive skilled workers and experts who can use their skills across the product line and therefore spread the costs and lower the average total cost for each product. (Alesina and Spolaore, 2005). Patents and licences are also mini considered main entry barriers. The us patent and Trademark office issues patents for 20 years period, in accordance with the 1995 gatt agreement. These patents give an inventor the exclusive right to produce a product for a 20 years period such as the case of the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, which has a patent on viagra until 2014. Likewise, licences are granted by governments which allow one or a few firms to operate in a specific market under government regulations and control. Product differentiation and brand loyalty where a firm produces a differentiated product and the consumer associates that product with the brand.

uses and abuses of internet essay in english

There are various characteristics of monopoly but it is mainly distinguished from other market structures by its barriers to entry. These barriers are a variety of obstacles or boundaries that prevent other firms from breaking into the monopolistic firm's market, thus allowing the monopolistic firm to maintain its monopoly and therefore continue to earn supernormal profits. Sloman (2010) suggests that barriers to the entry of new firms are a must for an existing firm to maintain its monopoly position. There are a number of entry barriers that would exist in a market in different forms such as economies of scale, economies of scope, legal patents, licences, product differentiation and high start-up costs. Economies of scale are considered as one major barrier, this occurs when a reduction in unit costs depends on the output size. In such case, a large firm is most efficient and new firms cannot ambition afford to enter the market and gain market shares. The industry may not be able to accommodate more than one producer which is known as natural monopoly.

then questions of why firms seek to be monopolies and why governments accept or tolerate monopolistic firms will rise. In theory monopoly is a market with only one seller that dominates and sets price and quantity of the good. The market's demand curve is the firm's demand curve and it is assumed that there are no substitutes and thus a firm is a price-maker that is motivated by profit maximisation and is supported by restrictive barriers to entry of the market that subsequently prevents. In reality it is hard to find a market in which some form of substitute firm or product does not exist. Therefore, the competition Commission in the uk defines a market as a monopoly if there is a firm possessing over a 25 market share and facing no significant competition. In order to evaluate monopoly and to determine whether it should be allowed or not, it is vital to understand the characteristics of monopoly and to apply various efficiency concepts such as productive efficiency, allocative efficiency and x-efficiency to both extremes of the market structure. 2.0 Characteristics of Monopoly.

Looking for a formerly published Socrates site? Visit the following websites at their new locations! Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, markets are the heart and soul of a capitalist or free market economy which is based on the notion of competition. Varying degrees of competition ultimately lead to different market structures with different outcomes to the market. The main market structures are perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly, each with a different outcome write to the market which leads economists to consider some market structures to be more desirable for the society such as perfect competition while others are less desirable such. It is often argued that monopoly restricts competition through entry barriers and therefore should be forbidden. This is supported by a strong case against monopoly as it restricts consumer choice and prevents small innovative businesses from being established.

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Uses and abuses of internet essay in english
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