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Its safe to say this was on his mind because that day he signed the articles of incorporation for hero, an organization he hoped might one day lead in the development of evidence-based best practices in worksite health. The next day, november 5th, 1997, Whitmer paid 26 dollars at the Office of Probate at the jefferson county courthouse and got heros first stamp of approval from probate judge george. Though the long-range strategic plan that is summarized in this 2017 report shows that much has changed over the two decades since Whitmer founded hero, the essential vision from those articles of incorporation is essentially unchanged: to develop health promotion, disease prevention, and productivity research. We dare say bill would be quite pleased to know that in addition to the growing metrics about our members engagement in leading in well-being, the hero team has also had another banner year in representing the views and needs of our members. Based on extensive member input on our five-year Strategic Plan, one hero goal we set in 2016 was one to increase collaborations and partnerships between and beyond hero member organizations. To this end, in 2017, hero staff have been advisors to the national Academy of Sciences Business Action Collaborative, to the harvard. Chan School of Public healths building a culture of health as a business Imperative grant project, to the Institute for health Improvements Business leaders Hub for 100 Million healthier lives, to the Global Women 4 Wellbeing and to the cdc workplace health Resource center.

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Whats more, we had record attendance at the 9 public webinars (907 attendees) and off 5 members-only webinars (117 attendees) with hero members and professionals from multiple disciplines interacting with leading experts on topics ranging from Integrating Big Data to Awakening Compassion at Work. We preferentially draw many experts and faculty from our member ranks, so this serves as another testament to how effective hero volunteers are in moving our vision forward. We have summarized our Proceedings from these events in this report, and we are already deeply ensconced in organizing 2018 events that build on these learnings. Positive psychology, love, and joy were concepts we featured in 2017 with an aim of advancing psychologically healthy workplaces. Wondering how we will build on our learnings from 2017? We were delighted to recently announce that we completed our new hero website that includes state of the art social networking features and updated membership management features via neon crm. Our website will keep you connected to our growing resources and member events. Watch for our next members-only Think tank, overdosed, where well examine how pain management begets addiction and how the opioid epidemic mirrors the viral, desensitizing influence of social media and smartphones. Hero is anything but a trendy latecomer to these vital issues of employee engagement and well-being and, besides thanking our many longstanding members for enabling this past years achievements, this is also a year to celebrate our legacy leaders. On a tuesday in november twenty years ago, roy william Bill Whitmer was sitting in suite 100 of an office building on Valleydale road in Birmingham, Alabama, likely reflecting on the nascent state of employee health promotion.

It should come as no surprise that, the as a research organization, we track metrics related to each variable in the above paragraph, and were delighted that, in 2017, we reached new heights in each of these engagement opportunities. As hero members, you benefit from our services but also double as volunteers, and you surpassed prior years numbers in committee involvement (235 active members) and co-authorship in journal submissions. Between co-authorship with our members and lead authorship by the hero team, we published 19 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and 7 articles in trade publications. Your hero team also delivered 18 presentations around the country. These speaking and writing efforts combined netted visibility for our field via nearly 3 billion media impressions following our articles, consumer press bylines (13) and mentions. And, no, 3 billion is not a typo, to be exact: 2,992,973,391 impressions! It is this influence and visibility that may explain why financial support to hero from our sponsors has also surpassed our goals. This confidence in us is heartwarming, humbling and deeply appreciated as we couldnt do this work without these benefactors. As much as heros Annual Forum and regular Think tanks have long set a high bar in satisfaction, usefulness, and relevance, 2017 also saw the highest levels weve recorded yet on these ratings.

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Page : " page, next page, loading. No results with given filter parameters. No results, error itemTitle(item showing results pagiIndex 1 - previous page, you're on pagepage pagiSelected? Page : " page, next page). Dear hero members, Stakeholders and Friends, On behalf of the health Enhancement Research Organization (hero) board of Directors and all of our hero members who are so actively working to advance excellence in workplace health promotion, the hero team is proud to share our 2017. What follows are some best examples from this past year about how we are partnering with members, collaborating with allies in our profession and joining with kindred organizations throughout America to advance heros vision: All workplaces will positively influence the health and well-being of employees. Achieving this vision depends foremost on how engaged our members are in sharing their insights and success stories. This equates to attendance at committees and networking events, studying together and contributing to heros research, education and publications agenda.

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However, in the current referendum on the eighth Amendment it became clear that a lot of campaigning was taking place in entirely unregulated and opaque social media platforms. The recent decision by facebook to ban advertising relating to the referendum that was funded by advertisers based outside the State, and the subsequent decision by google and to suspend all advertising relating to the referendum, was a recognition by both Facebook and google. Against that background it is essential that governments and international organisations such as the eu now address the disproportionate and unaccountable power of social media. There has to be an acceptance that responsibility goes with power. . If tech giants like facebook and google do not themselves take action to ensure that they do not undermine democratic systems then governments will have to bring in measures to ensure that they will be subject to supervision and/or regulation comparable to that which currently. The bank of Finland reports on the previous year's activities in the Annual Report.

The bank of Finland has been publishing its Annual Report since 1914; until 1996 this was under the name bank of Finland year book. Since 1997 it has also been available in electronic form. The Annual Report is published in Finnish, system Swedish and English. The Annual Report may also be subscribed to electronically, in which case the subscriber receives an alert via email immediately after a new issue has been released online. bank of Finland year books since 1921 (search result from the publication archive). Showing results pagiIndex 1 - previous page, you're on pagepage pagiSelected?

This was because erratic and disproportionate defamation awards, together with their associated legal costs, have a chilling effect on press freedom and upon the right of the public to be informed of issues that the press considers significant. . A free, independent and vibrant press, holding governments and those in authority to account, should not be constrained by damaging defamation laws. It is a source of considerable disappointment that some 15 months after the closing date for submissions, there has been no response from the minister and no apparent progress in the overdue review of the Act. Meanwhile, in June 2017, the european court of Human Rights described the high level of damages in one Irish case as representing a violation of freedom of expression. When can progress on reviewing and, hopefully, amending the Act be expected? The ball is entirely in the governments court.

Dealing with the role of social media is more complex. Election and referendum campaigning in Ireland has, until now, taken place in a largely regulated environment. . The press is subject to the code of Practice of the Press council of Ireland. . Broadcasting is subject to the codes and standards of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. . Advertising is subject to the code of Standards of the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland. . even election posters are subject to regulation. .

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Remarks by Mr seán Donlon, Chairman, The Press council of Ireland at the launch of the 2017 Annual Report for The Press council and the Office of the Press Ombudsman in the maldron Hotel, pearse Street, dublin., two significant threats to press freedom. The first is the delay in the review of the 2009 Defamation Act. . The second is that social media platforms are not subject to any form of regulation or supervision, governmental or otherwise. At this time last year, i welcomed the fact that the minister for Justice had initiated a public consultation as part of a proposed review of the defamation Act. The Act presentation requires a review after five years and while the public consultation took place and submissions were received, we havent yet seen any sign supermarket of the review. . It is now seriously overdue. The Press council of Ireland was among the organisations to make a detailed submission to the department of Justice following its call for submissions to inform the review. . Our focus was on amending the Act in the interests of press freedom. .

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Information submitted to the register is available for public inspection. The website, which includes the online register, also has a suite of information tools designed to help lobbyists, designated public officials and the public to fully understand book the Act and its obligations. The register is overseen by the Standards in Public Office commission. In may 2015, Sherry perreault was appointed by the Standards Commission to serve as the first head of Lobbying Regulation. As of 2009, latvijas Banka publishes the financial statements of Latvijas Banka simultaneously with the publication of the auditors' report and prior to approving the Annual Report. The financial statements of Latvijas Banka provide a comprehensive overview of the safety, liquidity and structure of investment, broken down by currency, sector, rating, country of residence etc., as well as inform about financial risks and the performance results of Latvijas Banka managing its foreign. The financial statements, along with the report of the board of Latvijas Banka, information on the monetary policy in relation to economic indicators and on Latvijas Banka operation, constitute the. Annual Report of Latvijas Banka, the major publication on the central bank operation. 2017, annual Report, financial Statements.

level of registration and returns so far. While we are very pleased with the early results, there is still work to be done to ensure that all those lobbying are aware of their obligations under the Act. An incremental approach has been taken to the commencement of the Act, with most of the Acts provisions in effect from last September. The commission is now looking ahead to the commencement of Part iv of the Act, expected later this year. Part iv of the Act provides the commission with the authority to investigate and prosecute contraventions of the Act, and to levy fixed payment notices for specific breaches. Ends, for further information please contact: niamh obyrne, executive officer, lobbying Regulation Unit, standards in Public Office commission 18 Lower leeson Street. Dublin 2, tel:, e-mail: website: Twitter: @LobbyingIE. Background: On 1 September 2015, the, regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 commenced, and with it, the requirement for those who lobby designated public officials to register and report on their lobbying activities every four months.

First Annual Report under the, regulation of Lobbying Act 2015, which commenced on 1 September plan 2015. The report covers the commissions activities in administering the Act for the 2015 reporting year, up to and including, which marked the first registration and returns deadline. Highlights of the report include a review of the commissions preparations for the commencement of the Act, including the development of the online register of Lobbying and the website. Also included is a discussion of operations since commencement, and an overview of key issues encountered throughout the year. The first returns, covering lobbying activities that took place between 1 September and 31 December 2015, yielded positive early results. More than 1,100 registrants submitted over 2,500 returns by the end of the deadline. An overview of key statistics is available in the companion highlights document, also published today. Commission Chairman Daniel okeeffe said, The results we have seen to date are a very positive indicator that there is an acceptance of the need for openness and transparency in lobbying. While generally pleased with the early results of the register, the Standards Commission has noted some areas where confusion over the Acts requirements persists, including: - Determining whether a communication counts as lobbying; - Ensuring that returns submitted are meaningful and contain sufficient detail.

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This edition of the Chief Medical Officer's Annual Report, takes a detailed look at genomics, exploring how we currently utilise genomics in our health and care system and how its potential may be developed. Leading figures from the field of genomics have contributed specialist chapters. Included are topics such as the care and treatment of cancer, diagnosing rare diseases, the use of genomics in screening and personalised prevention, precision medicine the targeting of drugs to pdf do the most good and least harm. Using the evidence the cmo makes recommendations, aimed at those able to bring about change, to guide how our potential can be realised to both improve patients outcomes and maintain the uks leadership role in genomics. The, imf annual Report is a report of the imf's Executive board to the imf's board of governors provided ahead of the joint Annual meetings of the boards of governors of the imf and the world Bank. The report reviews the imf's activities and policies during the preceding financial year, ended April 30, and includes an audited statement of the imf's accounts, as required by the imf's Articles of Agreement. First report issued since lobbying rules came into effect. Tuesday : The Standards in Public Office commission today issued its.

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  2. 12 Creative annual Report Designs of year 2015 Annual report design of Britannia reflects the companys work with chocolate color cover. Standards Commission marks release of first annual report under Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015. Gifts received from October 1, 2015 to september 30, 2016 cooper Hewitt appreciates the generous support of the following donors who. Remarks of Chairman sean Donlon at launch of 2017 Annual Report Remarks of Chairman sean Donlon at launch of 2017 Annual Report.

  3. It is with sincere gratitude that we present you with the Annual Report of Philanthropy. The bank of Finland is the national monetary authority and central bank of Finland. Bank of Finland annual report in the Annual Report. Links to all imf annual Reports to the Executive board that are available on the web. Annual Report of the Executive board. comprehensive annual Financial Report of the california state teachers Retirement System, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017.

  4. Annual, report of the Chief Medical Officer on Demand department of health and Social Care annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer. Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) annual report for September 2015 to august 2016. Annual report of the Chief Schools Adjudicator. World Education improves the quality of life through education for half a million children and adults in 22 countries. working to advance excellence in workplace health promotion, the hero team is proud to share our 2017 Annual Report of Accomplishments.

  5. Table of Contents pdf. bulletin, the annual report of the bureau of Financial Management Service, and in annual reports of other bureaus of the Treasury. Bechtels people Dream Big to improve the quality of life for people around our world. and on Latvijas Banka operation, constitute the, annual, report of, latvijas Banka, the major publication on the central bank operation. wikimedia foundation, annual, report covers the activities of the foundation in the 200809 fiscal year with a look-ahead to the next.

  6. March of, dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. We're advocating for policies to protect them. We're working to radically. The, annual, report of, jurisdictions is an opportunity for each jurisdiction to share important statistics and notes with other iaca. Cina cover Preview Pages of the, annual, report.

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