Fast learner synonym for resume

fast learner synonym for resume

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You started a new life, surrounded by people who like you and treat you well. Youll visit your family and call, but the truth is: you left. You made a happy life outside the nest. So one of vipers came to visit you, ran up all your credit cards, and set your kitchen on fire. She forced your world to revolve around her for 10 long weeks. Maybe she did intend to pay you back when she said she would   but now she has something she didnt even know she wanted: your attention.

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Here is my read on the situation. A) your money is gone and is not coming back. B) your sister is not on your team (and isnt going to be). I know thats a lot out of the gate. Youd love to fix this. If she would just pay you, maybe you business could fix. If your relatives could just understand, maybe they could help you fix. If you could just tell age your side of the story then maybe. This is a possible story about what happened, emotionally speaking: you and your sister grew up in a close-knit family vipers nest of manipulative people. Eventually you met someone great and moved to the other side of the world.

Some of our mutual friends have stopped speaking with me as well and its hard to enough maintain contact with the distance shredder even without this drama. I think i have some details on the bs shes telling people but its so long I cant really fit it all in here. Please help me with scripts to use with her at this point just to get that money back, but also with other family members and my parents. I just have no idea how to handle this anymore. Ps- shes gone on multiple vacations since she gone back to the us (long weekend skiing in Vale, now shes just gone to some exotic island for a week long girls trip, 2 different weekends in Vegas) all of which are clearly on the luxury. My parents love to tell me how great shes doing, how much money shes making and how great it is she can afford to travel so much, and she didnt need to even move out of the. Which is very upsetting. Thanks, B*ch better have my money, dear Better have my money: First, a dance party. (Its the explicit version with language, nudity, and violence, if youre at work or not into the idea of Rihanna fantasy-kidnapping people and fantasy-holding them naked-hostage for non-payment of invoices).

fast learner synonym for resume

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We didnt even ask her to pay the apartment deposit that we obviously lost because of the fire she started (possibly/likely on purpose). Which was a lot of additional money! Its been 6 months since she left and we really need the money. Im salon at a loss about what to do and honestly devastated that one of my closest relationships has been ruined but also that shes ruining a lot of my other family relationships which used to be really important. With me being so far away i cant defend myself and Im feeling really isolated (Im sure thats her intent). No one in my family is helpful and basically have all sided with her in a very i dont want to get involved but way. So no allies there.

Well long story short, trip ends we present the spreadsheet with everything she owes us and she says shell pay asap, when shes home no problem. Now that shes left she wont pay us back, is dramatically bad mouthing me to all our family who in turn are sending me harassing emails, says Im bullying her ect. And she will not respond to any of my emails (they are actually quite nice). Ive said basically is everything OK? Im concerned about you. If you cant pay back now lets determine a timeline/payment plan. No response at all.

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fast learner synonym for resume

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Apparently its so hard for her to be home all day with nothing to do but refuses to do anything by herself (except lighting the kitchen on fire that was all her). Shes a paper passive aggressive bitch and Im stressed to the max. Turns out that travelling she wanted to do She thought Id be going with her (but not the new hubs) Ugh. I refuse to take more than 2 weeks vacation. Those 2 weeks were all about her and quite frankly stressful/not fun at all. She takes up all my additional time and is so horrible even my new burgeoning friends notice how mean she is. But hey its family and Ill deal.

In hindsight it was like she took every script out of our mother/familys emotionally abusive playbook and threw it at me and I should have kicked her out. Anyways, heres the real issue. She kept asking my husband and I to pay for things on our card because hey were booking together its easier to just do it at once and shed pay us back. Also at one point her wallet was stolen/lost and she had to get new cards sent ect which took a while. Recipe for disaster i know (now) but i also know how much she makes (alot more than me were talking mid 6 figures) and that she would definitely be able to pay back. We had a long talk about her paying us back right away she agreed.

My close knit family (ie- intrusive at best and emotionally abusive at worst) has not taken it well. My sister and I grew up incredibly close and she was an ally to me with our parents/extended family (usually). Shes one year older than me but we always hung around together and went to the same college ect. Long story short, shes always been a high achiever but also immature and very emotional/needy. Theres some deets behind that but I wont get into.

Well cue a few months after the move she informs me she just booked her tickets and is coming for 10 weeks and cant wait to stay with us! We live in a studio apartment, are still getting settled, money is tight, and we are literally newlyweds. I tell her hey this may not be the best idea but she insists she has so much travel shell be doing shell hardly be there plus its booked and shed have to pay a massive fee to change. She comes and is an absolute bitch. Every day she wants to go out (spend heaps never pays for anything like groceries or household items, even makes my husband do her laundry (long story and complains shes bored. Has more than one crying session about me making her feel like shes not a guest. Everything is about her even when she literally lit the kitchen on fire really tho, big fire (really long story).

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Some of these may seem too subtle or obvious so feel free to come up with your own. . Just as there are recommended action words for resumes I can envision someone creating euphemisms for resumes. . That someone could be you. (Visited 204,466 time, 115 visit today). Hello captain night Awkward, i have a long question about how to get a family member to pay back the money they owe legs you. First bit of background: I recently got married and moved to another country very far away. Its been almost a year now and really wonderful (except where my sister is concerned).

fast learner synonym for resume

Consistently deliver business results. Strong influence skills. Dynamic, demonstrated success. Adapt to ever-changing situations. High performance zinsser culture. Fast-paced, demonstrated ability to identify and troubleshoot critical issues. Take on significant accountability.

people overlook. . a euphemism only has meaning to people familiar to their context. So, if you think about it, a well-used euphemism hides overused resume words and phrases on a resume. . Consider the following: Expertise in (fill in the blank, software development, mergers and acquisitions, p l,. Acknowledged for creating new and alternative ideas. Fast learner and driven to action.

I immediately wanted to know these overused resume words and was I guilty of using them on my resume and profile. The overused resume words are: Extensive experience, innovative, motivated, results-oriented, dynamic, proven track record. Team player, fast-paced, problem solver, entrepreneurial, i was relieved that only one of these phrases was in my profile and resume. . Can you guess which paper one? . Before i felt too smug, i realized that while these words/phrases were overused there was nothing wrong with them. . They are perfectly good words and words/phrases that describe the characteristics that most employers want in their employees. . so, what should you do about them? . A synonym is too obvious, what about creating your own euphemisms.

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To become a nurse, start by getting your high school diploma or ged. Once you have that, you could get an entry level job in healthcare by becoming a cna, or go straight to college to work toward your nursing degree. Research the different types of nursing degrees like vpn, lpn, and summary rn to decide which is right for you. Then, study hard and do well in your classes so you can ace your clinicals. Once you've passed those, study and prepare for your nclex-rn exam to become get licensed. Did this summary help you? LinkedIn just released the top 10 most overused resume words and phrases that appear in their members profiles. .

Fast learner synonym for resume
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  1. Developers of blind accessible games, updated February 7, 2017. If a new major game or new company appears I put it second on the list below The zone bbs - games. Middle School Lesson Plans. Browse the entire collection of Middle School Lesson Plans. Hello captain Awkward, i have a long question about how to get a family member to pay back the money they owe you. First bit of background: I recently got married and moved to another country very far away.

  2. Get your high school diploma or ged. In order to complete the path to becoming any type. This is a list of British words not widely used in the United canada, new zealand, India, south Africa, and Australia, some of the British terms listed are used, although another usage is often preferred. Words with specific British English meanings that have different meanings in American and/or additional meanings common to both languages (e.g. Pants, cot) are to be found at List. Fantastic Accessible games and Where to find Them!

  3. 'humid is to muggy as find is to locate.' The words 'humid' and 'muggy' are synonyms, while the words 'find' and locate' are also synonyms. This glossary provides the wildland fire community a single source for wildland fire and incident management terminology commonly used by the nwcg and its subgroups. Nursing shortages are common. 1 Nurses are needed in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, nursing homes, and home health care. Learning how to be a nurse is a great way to enter the healthcare profession.

  4. By nightfall the fighting had ceased. English speakers have been using "verdant" as a ripe synonym of "green" since the late 16th century, and as a descriptive term for inexperienced or naive people since the 1820s. We use synonyms and antonyms in language usually without even noticing. Watch this video lesson to see examples and learn how to use each. Synonym analogies contain words that are similar in meaning.

  5. Looking for a synonym or another way to articulate common words or phrases on your resume or in your cover letter? And heres why: Many common phrases are overused buzzwords that will likely annoy the reader, as they see them time and time again. Here are some resume tips for how to handle overused resume words and phrases within your resume and even your LinkedIn profile. Stop, cease, quit, discontinue, desist mean to suspend or cause to suspend activity. Stop applies to action or progress or to what is operating or progressing and may imply suddenness or definiteness. Stopped at the red light; cease applies to states, conditions, or existence and may add a suggestion of gradualness and a degree of finality.

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