First presentation at work

first presentation at work

Presentation on theme: "Chapter 5 Motivation at, work "—, presentation

Amanda, alford, alrc legal Officer, 5, december 2011, melbourne. Acknowledgement, i would like to acknowledge the wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Custodians of this Land. I would also like to pay respect to their Elders both past and present and extend that respect to other Indigenous Australians present. Introduction, thank you for opportunity to speak. On a personal note, i was born at the queen Victoria hospital which once operated on this site. It is a privilege to be able to return here and speak in relation to such an important topic. I would also like to thank the australian Domestic and Family violence Clearinghouse (adfvc) and urcot and all those who have presented and engaged thus far today. This afternoon, i will briefly outline the background to the alrc commonwealth Family violence Inquiry, the process and then some of the key challenges and tensions that have arisen in the search for law reform solutions.

Present, at, work, you just clipped your first slide!

My strategy for the presentation: Provide some background on why we built a learner focused eportfolio system, instead of another lms. Talk about parts other eportfolio systems and how ours is different. Give a live demo of Linguafolio. Point out the good and bad, and where we think we can improve. Show where we are going with the tool in the future. Cover surface level technical details, like what technologies we used and why. Talk a little bit about development best practices. I cant help but talk about this because i get excited. Let the audience read the slides or absorb the visuals while I reinforced the concepts, instead of reading the slides verbatim. I think it went well. I look forward to presenting in sunny warm places in the future.

By removing all the rotations and simplifying each view the presentation became a lot more audience friendly. Prezi is built on Flash and runs over the web or directly on the desktop. I was worried about not having a solid internet connection at the time of the presentation so i installed the desktop version. The web based editor and the desktop editor are practically seamless (thanks to air). Html5 version in the works perhaps? More about the presentation: It was a little challenging to gauge the technical level of the audience beforehand. Most of the people at the conference were class room teachers and professors. I was hoping for a few language lab book administrators and it education professionals who were working on their own software projects.

first presentation at work

What is a proper self introduction on the first day of work?

They are considering changing that. About Prezi: Prezi is the software program used for the slides. Prezi is a paradigm shift away from traditional Power point style presentations. The best way to get the idea is to click through a few of the popular Prezis on their home page. In a nutshell, Prezi is map based instead of linear. It is strong at relating concepts visually. It is also good at keeping the amount of text on the screen low. At first I went a little overboard with the visual transitions by zooming and rotating at the same time. It was actually making me sea writing sick when I was rehearsing.

Works across all browsers. Related hacks: Internet Surfing at Work, you'll also like: Tutorials snooping spy, read books at Work While boss Thinks youre working on a powerPoint Presentation. Subscribe to our Email Newsletter. Here is the presentation I gave. Iallt 2011, the International Association for Language learning Technology, on, linguafolio, one of the web based systems I designed and work on at the University of Oregon.  Just click below to start the embedded presentation.  Apparently, embedded Prezis look blurry on initial load and it is a feature not a bug?

First presentation by joe evans on Prezi

first presentation at work

New day at work presentation english Technology

This product may not be re-sold, distributed, stored in a database or retrieval system, downloaded, except by written permission from the publisher. Any infraction or infringement will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Submit your feedback and get a chance to win.00 gift certificate ( more please send your reviews of this product. Please include your name, title, and company. Written by, amit Agarwal on may 27, 2008, read At Work is a collection of some famous books converted into powerPoint presentations so you can read them at work without having to worry about boss stepping into the cubicle.

The website resembles a windows xp desktop and these powerPoint style books are neatly arranged summary in different folders on the desktop. You can double click the book name to read them in the browser. Hit the escape key and return to your standard Windows desktop. The whole idea is to help people read books even while they are at office. Each novel has the full text but formatted like a presentation.

You can use these pdf's for any additional text or instructions needed to supplement your presentation. They have been designed to directly correspond with each ppt template design and to add that extra professional touch. You can use these for notes, stationary, letter head, and/or handouts. No royalties or Reprint fees, you can use them over and over. Title Slide, slide master, print Slide, letter head (pdf files). When ordering, if you need an extraction program to unzip the file please visit one of these sites below.

These programs all have free trials that can be used to unzip our files. Make sure you have your pop-up blockers disabled. Winzip - m/winzip120.exe, winrar - m/rar/wrar380.exe, once purchased you may edit, add and include your logo! You may insert your PowerPoint material/s into our presentation along with your logo. You also may add or delete, edit, or re-order our content. Faq, copyright liability, by purchasing this product i agree to the copyright liability below: Products electronically transferred are your acceptance to the terms and conditions of the license and usage as described. This material is for a single user who may present this material provided they do not alter and keep all copyright and other proprietary notices intact ( more.

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Designed like other high quality templates, we offer you a suite of 3 Templates (Slide the master, Print Master and Title page master) formatted with a standard type-face, and color scheme. You may easily choose your own type-face, color scheme, and add your content night to give your PowerPoint presentation an even more unique look. Our PowerPoint Templates are pre-designed to save you time and effort. Template images also correspond with our PowerPoint Content, powerPoint"s, videos, certificate, note cards, and Poster topics. Once purchased, download instructions will be sent to you via email. (pc and mac compatible - designed for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and is downwardly compatible). Extra bonus: With each ppt template you will also receive 3 pdf files (2 Vertical and 1 Horizontal).

first presentation at work

In the second study presentation times were shortened to 17, 33 and 50ms. Results suggest that vc and pt affect aesthetic perception even within 17ms, though the effect of pt is less pronounced than the one. With increasing presentation time the effect of pt becomes as influential as the vc effect. This supports the reasoning of the information-processing good stage model of aesthetic processing (Leder., 2004 where vc is processed at an earlier stage than. Overall, websites with low vc and high pt were perceived as highly appealing). Products - powerPoint Presentation Template, generations At Work, product Details: Author: Price: Format: File size:. Ppt 1105 kb, download This Product, our products are only available through. Payment Methods Accepted, about This Product, business and Management PowerPoint Template: Generations At Work.

exhibitions of hamiltons work have been held in the uk at the hanover gallery (1964 the tate gallery (19) and he represented britain at the venice art biennale in 1993. Andrea chin I designboom mar 02, 2010. This paper experimentally investigates the role of visual complexity (VC) and pro- totypicality (PT) as design factors of websites, shaping users first impressions by means of two studies. In the first study, 119 screenshots of real websites varying in vc (low. High) and pt (low. High) were rated on perceived aes- thetics. Screenshot presentation time was varied as a between-subject factor (50. Results reveal that vc and pt affect participants aesthet- ics ratings within the first 50 ms of exposure.

The exhibition is curated by julia peyton-jones, director, hans ulrich obrist, co-director and sophie obrien, exhibition curator, serpentine gallery. Richard hamiltonthe subject 1988-90 oil on canvas 2 canvases, each 200 writing x 1 richard hamilton richard hamilton the citizen 1981-83 oil on canvas 2 canvases, each 200 x 1 richard hamilton richard hamilton treatment room 1983-84 installation 275 x 550 x 5 richard hamilton richard. He studied at the royal academy schools from 1938 until it closed for the war in 1940. Too young for conscription, he was sent by the ministry of labour to be trained for nine months to become a draughtsman. He then worked in an armaments factory until he was able to return to the royal academy schools when it reopened in 1946. He later studied at the slade school of art. His first solo show was held in 1950 and from there on, he became one of the most significant artists working in the. He was a key member and exponent of the independent group, formed in the 1950s by a group of artists and writers at the institute of contemporary arts. Hamilton taught at the london central school of arts and crafts and the university of newcastle upon tyne, but gave up teaching full-time in 1966.

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Richard hamilton: modern moral matters serpentine gallery, london march 3rd to april 25th, 2010 richard hamilton the state 1993 humbrol enamel and cloth on cibachrome on canvas two canvases, each 200 x 1 richard hamilton the work of the godfather of intellectual pop art (pop-fine-art). The exhibition richard hamilton: modern moral matters starts off the 40th anniversary year for the gallery night and is the first presentation of hamiltons work in london since 1992. It will include several new works created specifically for this show. Working since the 1950s, hamilton has embraced many different media over this period including painting, printmaking, installation, typography and industrial design. This exhibition reassesses the nature of the british artists pioneering contribution, focusing on hamiltons political or protest works. Richard hamilton shock and awe 2007-08 inkjet print on hewlett-packard premium canvas 200 x 1 richard hamilton the installations, prints and paintings on show deal with a subject matter which covers international politics, riots, terrorist acts and war (including the conflict in northern ireland and. Through the fragmentation of images, manipulation of space and reference to different styles and genres, hamiltons work interrogates the representations that surround us, yet his analysis of the image is counterbalanced by an underlying, allegoric lyricism, through which he reinvigorates the genres of portraiture and. This survey of hamiltons political works explore the artists working processes and the varied ways in which he uses photographic material. It investigates his continued interest of creating multiples of a single iconic image as both a mirror and a critique of the visual overload created by the media.

First presentation at work
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  1. Screenshot presentation time was varied as a between-subject factor (50. Roli,.; Blesa,.; Blum,. Metaheuristics International Conference. 811-816 Presentation s date: 2005 Presentation of work at congresses. You may insert your PowerPoint material/s into our presentation along with your logo.

  2. Presentation at, iallt conference. Read books at, work, while boss Thinks youre working on a powerPoint. First, tweets Who tweeted about it first? Safe at, home, safe at, work, conference, presentation. In the course of this Inquiry, two key questions arise when considering amendment to the national Employment Standards (NES)— first, why include provisions relating to family violence, as opposed to other grounds? The role of visual complexity and prototypicality regarding first impression of websites: Working towards understanding aesthetic judgments.

  3. The first presentation of hamilton s work in london since 1992, the exhibition include several new works created specifically for this show. Ed will be heading to new Orleans to present our work on childrens math and number processing at the annual Society for neuroscience meeting Oct. His presentation will be part of a nano-symposium on the development of Numerical Cognition. These are the primary issues for presentation performance: do you feel tense or insecure, doing presentations? You may just be discussing your work, or making an actual presentation. By removing all the rotations and simplifying each view the presentation became a lot more audience friendly.

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