Our life 50 years from now essay

our life 50 years from now essay

World after 50 years Essay example for Free

Miller quarles is hoping that research labs and institutions will find a way to lengthen his life and keep him healthy. Some of the scientists might have found something to build. In the pasts century, medicines and better sanitation has helped the average life expectancy increase. People are starting to learn more about genes and chemical involvement in the aging process. The goal is not just to live longer, but to also live healthy. With the findings of a biological?

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Extending the average life expectancy age would be great, but living a healthy life while doing that would be even better. Americans summary are living longer and healthier. The disability rate among people older than 65 is steadily decreasing. Less and less of them are suffering from hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and dementia (59). In a study done in New England, 79 centenarians all lived independently through their early 90?s, and take an essay average of just one medica-tion (Cowley 59). One man, miller quarles, believes? Old age is a disease. It can be cured? Bortz of Stanford University thinks people should stay alive to 100 years of age. He believes the human body is built to last to the age of 120 years old (Hittner 126). A doctor with an opposing view believes that the length of our life is greatly determined by our hereditary genes, and that not everyone has what it takes to live to be 100 (Hittner 128).

The average life expectancy in the United States has grown from 47 in 1900 to 76 in 1999. In the next century, biology should help more and more people reach book the age of 100 (Weiner 74). Currently there are about 61,000 people over the age of 100, by the year 2020, it is predicted that there will be over 214,000 (56). The male sex does not seem to be living as long nor as healthy, 79 percent of the people over 100 are women (58). Although centenarians are rare, they are the fastest growing seg-ment of the United Population. The baby boomers will be one of the first generations to experience the great increase in the life expectancy rate. The census Bureau projects that one in nine baby boomers will survive into their late 90?s, and one in 26 will reach 100.?In 1900, the odds of living that long were one in 500? Stated Lynn Adler, founder of National Centenarian Awareness Projections (Cowley 59).

our life 50 years from now essay

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Life Expectancy Essay, research Paper, michael Gaffney,. Morrisey 7th hour English. November 5, 2000, life Expectancy, research and biology will be the most important factors that determine how long people will be expected to live. With all the research and technology starting to prevail people in the future will live london longer and healthier lives. There are many centenari-ans in the world now, that number will continue to rise rapidly in the next 20 years. The longest-lived human on record was 122 years 5 months and 14 days (Fischer 58). This number will easily be surpassed in the future. The average life expectancy in the United States has grown so much in the last 100 years it shows only a promising future. The overall goal is to live a long and healthy life, not just to extend the span.

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our life 50 years from now essay

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Social Wellness, life indeed is better now because of social habits and how well we live our lives. Technology, life is better now because of technology breakthroughs and improvements. "We're living the Dream; we just Don't realize." Cnn Opinnion. Cable news Network, 2013. master Of Arts Tech. Master of Arts and teaching,. "Are we better Off Than 50 years Ago?" Newsmax.

In the 1930's they had over head resume projectors. Now in 2012 ipads are used in school. 90 of students under 18 have mobile access to the web. Technology has been getting better each year. 1783, wheels on carts. River boats, horses, wheelbarrows.

Fifty years ago there was no internet. Now there is, and people communicate more often. Social wellness rose about 20 over the past two decades. Population has doubled over the past 50 years, but people living in poverty has gone down. Crime has dropped since the mid '90s. Transportation, life is better now because of transportation.

In conclusion, life is better now. Medical Support, life is better now than 50 years ago because of medical support. Before, if you had been diagnosed with Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in 1999. You can take a daily pill to help you. Before, if you were diagnosed with Alzheimer's 20 years ago. Now, there are different kinds of medication to help you with the symptoms of Alzheimers disease.

What Will The world be like in 50 years?

Well, as you know the winner in entry life is not the one with the most money when he dies, the winner is the person who sleeps best at night. To feel good about yourself and the people around you, listen to them and show them the love and respect they deserve as fellow human beings and help those in need. That is what will matter when you go to bed at night in 50 years from now, and hopefully will give you a good nights sleep. Life is Better Now than 50 years Ago. Design by dóri sirály for Prezi. Life is better now? Life is better now because of Medication improvements, social wellness, transportation, and technology. There are positive trends in our social lives have improved.

our life 50 years from now essay

You can tell people today that you have seen the pyramids in Egypt because you have seen a picture of them, but you will never get revolution the feeling of being there. So, even if a great invention is there for an affordable price, it will never replace the common experience if it is not genuine. Please tell me we will get in contact with some aliens in the near future. It is most likely that there are other life in the Universe considered there are billion solar systems. In the aspect that our solar system is about.6 billion years, other civilisations could be 10 million or even 1 billion years ahead. With these numbers in mind there is no greater chance that they will make contact with us within the next 50 years than in 100,000 years, and with the size of the Universe we will not likely be able to make any contact with them. So what will the future look like then? What we will see in the next 50 years is the transition from an oil-dependent society, new medicine, the first steps in the development of artificial intelligence, continued exploration of space, more people to die from aids, hopefully a better state for the poor people. How should I do then to make the future great?

a new system. To make it work in this example we need two parallel systems, with a road network for the flying cars simultaneousely as the common road network. Even if the flying cars are improved to be suitable for city traffic, the investments would be huge for a city to implement this, as well as for households to get that extra vehicle. So even if all the pros are there the practical steps for such a new route is too hard to overcome, so Im sorry, there will be no road network for flying cars in the next 50 years. How about the virtual worlds, do i need to go on vacation in the future or just have all the cells in my body experience an artificial vacation? It might be possible in the future to experience the sand between your toes, feel the salt from the ocean on your lips, hear the waves and smell the seaweed, just lying in your bed at home. But we will not be able to fool the mind in the way that no matter how real the experience will feel, you will always know that it havent happen for real. That will make all the difference.

If you take away all gadgets that people in some part of the world are using for entertainment, the inventions that have affected most people around the world for everyday living are the telephone, electricity, radio, television, computer, the car and the ability to communicate. Then we of course have a lot of inventions that have made life easier, like new medicine, faster transports etc. In general the inventions for the last 150 years have been a human strive for freedom and communication, to be able to get in control of the time and world. Since there is still much to do in this area, this will be the focus at least for the next 150 years. But why do we need london to predict the future? Predicting the future is important for two reasons; first we need to start to think about what kind of future we would like for ourselves and to pass on to the next generation, and then we need to know what decisions we need to make. Will we ever get those flying cars in the future i saw in pictures as a kid? Flying cars is an example of a scenario that has been pictured for the future for a long time. It is a great and exciting concept, but is it realistic?

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People have always been intrigued of what database the future will look like. The answers are quite simple and here you have them for the next 50 years. How can we know what the future will look like? To be able to understand the future, you must know the past. What has taken us to where we are today and what has changed along the way. The world has changed a lot in the last 150 years, but we humans are driven by the same basic needs as we were 150 years ago, food, sleep, sex, the feeling of being appreciated and loved. Will this change in the next 150 years? What inventions have really made a difference in the last 150 years?

Our life 50 years from now essay
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  5. Then we of course have a lot of inventions that have made life easier, like. That is what will matter when you go to bed at night in 50 years from now. Yet even in our strictest of fasts, we are not entirely vegan. Life after 50 years from now essay writer. Do you believe they will be still around in 50 years time? We trust doctors the main thing what we have — our life and thats why a doctor must.

  6. There are many centenari-ans in the world now, that number will continue to rise rapidly in the next 20 years. Of our life is greatly determined by our. Life is better now than 50 years ago because of medical support. Life is better now because of social habits and how well we live our lives. What Will The world look like in 50, years? In our world of both exponential growth and accelerating innovation, systems of repetition are "doomed.

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