Realtor listing presentation

realtor listing presentation

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8)  Figure out how youll relay your value proposition. According to the national Association of realtors, most sellers hire real estate agents referred to them (two-thirds, to be precise). While you could get good word-of-mouth to entice seller leads to select your firm, you still need to show why their friends, family, and coworkers chose to work with you in the first place. Some of the best ways you can differentiate yourself from the competition are to: build a strong web presence, starting with a responsive website be detailed regarding your marketing process, from start to finish Share photos and videos of your most satisfied clients with leads. Are you particularly good at negotiation? Knowing a neighborhood inside and out? Providing white glove service?

Listing Presentation Scripts for real Estate Agents

Once a seller sees that youve successfully represented someone just like them, theyll feel much more at ease in agreeing to let you represent their listing. 7) Paint a picture regarding your marketing approach. The primary focus for your real estate listing presentation needs to be how youll market a leads home. Sure, you want to prove youre a stellar agent who has a history of closing amazing deals for clients. But that sales-oriented angle needs to be secondary to making your potential client feel special. Fortunately, you can achieve this by presenting a marketing strategy that is unique to their property. You no doubt have a real estate listing marketing playbook. However, that doesnt mean you cant or shouldnt modify that approach slightly for each new client you earn. Every home towns seller wants to feel as if youll do anything and everything to get them a fantastic deal that puts lots of money in their pockets. So, use the first half of your listing presentation to tell them how you plan to deliver on that promise.

Characteristics to take into account include: size (total number of rooms and square footage notable features (in-ground pool, gazebo, high ceilings) Price point (both initial asking and eventual final sales price) Lastly, tell your seller a story. How long did it take for them to sell? Did they receive above or below asking price? 6) Add"s from satisfied clients to your deck. Customer satisfaction should be the focal point of any assignment real estate listing presentation deck. Social proof helps agents generate leads, for sure. But its also a premier lead nurturing tool. If you already took photos and footage of your past customers right after closing so you could share their praise on your website, you can simply repurpose that content for your listing presentation. Select the best"s from your most satisfied clientele, and sellers who share the most similarities with the lead youre pitching.

realtor listing presentation

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Just remember not to dates bore your prospects to death with math. Share data that directly applies to their home selling situation so they understand what to expect prior to listing. 5) Detail comparable home sales from the past year. Part of your local apple housing market data research should focus on comparable home sales from the past. Find a half-dozen or so homes that sold in your potential clients town (or region, if its a small town with few sales). . Try your best to find comparable sales that occurred in the past year, because housing market conditions change often. Make sure these properties are as similar to your leads listing as possible to provide a solid comparison.

For example, some leads may detail when they intend to list their home, their preferred price point, and an overview of what their homes star attributes. All of this info needs to end up in the lead profile section of your contacts database so you can comb over it whenever you need — like, for instance, right before pitching them in person. 4)  Incorporate data from the local housing market. Whether its from your areas realtors association, local government, or a housing-related organization nearby, you should include important figures in your listing presentation. This can include home sales, price, and value figures for your market basically, any information that a seller could use to make more informed decisions. For example, knowing the sales totals for homes in the same development or neighborhood as a seller leads property can help them settle on an initial list price. You can never get too granular with data for your deck.

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realtor listing presentation

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Renovations and updates that have occurred. Then, consider all the notes you have on your sellers preferences and needs. For instance, a lead could note theyre only willing to sell the home as-is and not make any repairs a potential buyer may request. In this situation, you can make a note in your listing presentation that you will incorporate this information into your real moving estate marketing plan for the home. 3) Analyze all info leads provide you before your pitch.

If youre like most modern agents, you capture real estate leads in a variety of ways, both online and offline. Not all leads are created equal, but theres an easy way to spot a good one. The key trait that signifies a high-quality lead is how much info they provide you. Those who solely offer first, last name and email address can be good leads, but its the prospects who offer more details regarding their unique housing situations who are a cut above the rest. Most often, home seller system leads will share extra information when they are submitting a lead capture form on your site (e.g. Through a home valuation page or custom lead capture page ).

If you want an example of how you can customize a deck for your home seller leads, you can get a free copy of our. Essential real Estate listing Presentation Template for Agents here. You can easily tailor the deck for your niche audience (a.k.a. All you need is access to Apple keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint to customize the listing presentation template for your agency. Once downloaded, you can add your own visual branding (headshot, logo, fonts, color scheme, etc.) and other business details (contact information, agency background) as well as your sales history.

2)  Focus on your leads situation and needs first. After adding in the core info associated with your business, turn your attention to your seller lead. You need to know all about their situation, including their selling timeline, in order to create a real estate listing presentation that truly resonates. In our Marketing Genius podcast episode. The road to 20 Million, seattle agent Melissa boucher says that these insights can even come down to how the seller is feeling; are they sad to see the property go? Are they making a tough decision? Before your in-person pitch, research their residence: Square footage, room totals, total acreage, and discover its history: When it was built. How many times its changed owners.

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Social proof that proves youre a top-notch sellers agent. And thats just apple to start with. There are several other elements you need to make your pitch truly effective. Use the 15 sales tips below to boost your lead-to-client conversion numbers and convince leads youre the premier agent for the job. 1) Create (or download) a personalized pitch deck. In advertising, placing the right message in front of the right audience is the key to success. With a real estate listing presentation, its just as important that you target your deck to the person who is viewing.

realtor listing presentation

When you hire me, you can believe desk i will be your support, your communicator, and negotiator. With all your hopes and concerns in a real estate transaction. I am here for you. As our moto says: Well get you there! Download ppt "Presented by lydia nolan, Broker realtor Listing your Home _ Date: _ tng 2011. The nolan Group ". Creating stellar real estate listing presentations is how most sellers agents convert more leads and, in turn, build their business. The best real estate listing presentations offer: Data regarding the local market and comparable sales. Insights into how you plan to market a prospects home.

access to my featured listings. Notice difference in professional(upper). Homemade (lower) camera shots. benefit: your home will get more views and be more appealing to buyers 12, selling your property means the careful orchestration of advertising, marketing and public relations Getting buyers to your home and impressing them is our number one goal we use only the finest. Prior to listing your home: Order a preliminary title report from a reputable title company review the report for: o unforeseen liens or judgments o boundary disputes o unresolved title issues o restrictions, easements, cc rs benefit: Discovering issues sooner, rather than later, can save. 17, home inspections are very important and well need to consider: Pre-inspection options Budgeting 1-2 of sales price for potential repairs How not to be offended when unknown problems are discovered Negotiating for fair and appropriate solutions Finding reputable contractors benefit: realistic recommendations and solutions. I have had some easy and wonderful, and some not so wonderful, complicated transactions, but always I have enjoyed the people i represented in either selling their home, finding their dream home, or helping them invest in real estate properties. Throughout my career I have obtained education that only complimented my profession, such as a bachelors Degree in English, a masters Degree in Education, and a teaching Credential in English. All of these educational pursuits, along with my professional experience has helped me to present my work better, communicate to clients better, and to officiate on proper procedures better. much more so when I became a broker, everything I have ever done was to make me a better informed person, but my integrity and ethics have been with me since birth.

M 4, the nolan Group Working to raise awareness in multiple charity options through establishing a foundation, therefore, a portion of every sales commission goes to our foundation to help these charities (ask us about this) Providing assistance to non-profit agencies in areas we want. Yes, when youre ready! Although Spring does see an up- tick each year in pending sales, a large supply of new homes often outpaces the number of buyers, which can soften prices Lets discuss current market conditions and your personal goals to help us establish the right time for. And we have access to exclusive tools that can keep your home posted consistently near the top of the list on craigslist. benefit: Vital information revelation about your home will be available to the largest pool of buyers 7 m has: Online collaboration with your Nolan Group agent On average.4 million monthly visits Information about every mls listing available in your area enhanced search capabilities and image. Another way to get your home sold quickly is through detailed information and pictures on our office website. Our office website has: Online collaboration with me when you create your own account on m On average 475,000 property listings Information about every mls listing available in your area enhanced search capabilities and image viewer A save your favorite feature rss feeds of new. M 9 m When you visit our website, the most current real estate listing information available is within your reach.

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Description -realtor tool-Flash cards to guide you through the presentation-Easy about 1-2-3 steps to getting a perspective client to list with you-large words, easy to read-More tools to follow. Realtor calculator, selling presentation etc. Read More, smilar Apss to realtor Listing Presentation. Other applications in the tools category. Most search Terms by realtor Listing Presentation. Presentation on theme: "Presented by lydia nolan, Broker realtor Listing your Home _ Date: _ tng 2011. The nolan Group "— Presentation transcript: 1, presented by lydia nolan, Broker realtor Listing your Home _ Date: _ tng 2011. The nolan Group 2, our Company Established in 1981 Worked throughout the california areas Locally owned and operated in Chino hills neighborhood knowledge and market expertise serving all areas and property types benefit: Full-service company with real estate experience and real concern for our clients. nolan Group Standards of Practice we embody our commitment to the highest standard of service to clients Ethical standards for the conduct of business benefit: you can be assured of a premium level of service, integrity and ethics when buying or selling your home through.

Realtor listing presentation
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  5. Official magazine of the national association of realtors. Many practitioners advocate a two-step listing presentation. Whether its from your areas realtors association, local government, or a housing-related organization nearby, you should include important figures in your listing presentation. Transcript of Edina realty listing presentation. Accurate information is updated every 15 minutes.

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