Watership down movie review

watership down movie review

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22 Reception The Economist heralded the initial publication of Watership Down with, "If there is no place for Watership Down in childrens bookshops, then childrens literature is dead." 23 Peter Prescott, senior book reviewer at Newsweek, gave the novel a glowing review: "Adams handles his. Rothen and beverly langston identified the work as one that "subtly speaks to a child with "engaging characters and fast-paced action that make it readable." 14 This echoed Nicholas Tucker 's praise for the story's suspense in the new Statesman : "Mr. Has bravely and successfully resurrected the big picaresque adventure story, with moments of such tension that the helplessly involved reader finds himself checking whether things are going to work out all right on the next page before daring to finish the preceding one." 24 The. Although again the object of general approval, reception in the United States was more mixed unlike the predominantly positive reviews of 1972. Keith Mano, a science fiction writer and conservative social commentator writing in the national review, declared that the novel was "pleasant enough, but it has about the same intellectual firepower as Dumbo." he pilloried it further: " Watership Down is an adventure story, no more. There are virtuous rabbits and bad rabbits: if thats allegory, bonanza is an allegory." 25 Despite the criticism, watership Down was a hit with the reading public. The novel found a spot on the publishers weekly s Best-Seller List in March 1974; it attained the number one ranking on, and remained there for another three months. The book did not drop off the list until February 1975.

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Arrive triumphant at a prospectively ideal spot only to realize that they have no females for mating. 17 "Fully the write last two-thirds of Adams's saga lanes argued, "is devoted to what one male reviewer has blithely labelled 'The rape of the sabine rabbits a ruthless, single-minded and rather mean-spirited search for females not because watership Down' s males miss their companionship. To consider the two nuthanger does simply as breeding stock for the warren." 18 Lanes argued that this view of the female rabbits came from Adams himself rather than his source text, ronald Lockley's The Private life of the rabbit. In Lockley's text, by contrast, the rabbit world is matriarchal, and new warrens are always initiated by dissatisfied, young females. Hence, lanes concluded, Adams's novel is "marred by an attitude towards females that finds more confirmation in Hugh mattress Hefner's Playboy than. Lockley's The Private life of the rabbit." 19 In similar vein, literary critic Jane resh Thomas stated that Watership Down "draws upon. An anti-feminist social tradition which, removed from the usual human context and imposed upon rabbits, is eerie in its clarity." Thomas did find much to admire about Watership Down, calling it a "splendid story". For her, its "anti-feminist bias. Damages the novel in only a minor way." 20 Yet she later explained: "I wrote about Watership Down because i was angry and hurt when I read the book. I felt he Adams had treated me and my kind with a contempt I couldn't be silent about." equel, tales from Watership Down includes stories where the does play a more prominent role in the watership Down warren. It has been suggested that this might have been an attempt to modernise the story, to make it more politically correct and gender sensitive for the 1990s in which it was published.

14 Kenneth Kitchell declared, "hazel stands in the tradition of Odysseus, aeneas, and others". 15 Tolkien scholar John Rateliff calls Adams's novel an Aeneid "what-if" book: what if the seer Cassandra (fiver) had been believed and she and a company had fled Troy (Sandleford Warren) before its destruction? What if hazel and his companions, like aeneas, encounter a seductive home at Cowslip's Warren (Land of the lotus Eaters )? Rateliff goes on to compare the rabbits' battle with woundwort 's Efrafans to aeneas's fight with Turnus 's Latins. "By basing his story on one of the most popular books of the middle Ages and Renaissance, adams taps into a very old myth: the flight from disaster, the heroic refugee in search of a new home, a story that was already over a thousand. He contrasted hazel's sensitivity to fiver with the "far more mechanical" attitude of the bucks towards does, who tucker considers are portrayed as "little more than passive baby-factories". 16 In "Male Chauvinist Rabbits an essay originally published in the new York times book review, selma. Lanes criticized Adams's treatment of gender. She observed that the first third of the story is a "celebration of male camaraderie, competence, bravery and loyalty as a scraggly bunch of yearling bucks.

watership down movie review

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In no sense an allegory or parable or any kind of political myth. I simply wrote down a story i told to my little girls". Instead, he explained, the "let-in" religious stories of El-ahrairah were meant more as legendary tales, similar to a rabbit Robin hood, and that these stories were interspersed throughout the book as humorous interjections to the often "grim" tales of the "real story". 12 The hero, the Odyssey, and The aeneid The book explores the themes of exile, survival, heroism, political responsibility, and the "making of a hero and a community". 13 joan Bridgman's analysis of Adams's work's in The contemporary review identifies the community and hero motifs: "The hero's journey into a realm of terrors to bring back some boon to save diary himself and his people" is a powerful element in Adams's tale. This theme derives from the author's exposure to the works of mythologist Joseph Campbell, especially his study of comparative mythology, the hero with a thousand Faces (1949 and in particular, campbell's " monomyth " theory, also based on Carl Jung 's view of the unconscious. 11 The concept of the hero has invited comparisons between Watership Down's characters and those in Homer 's Odyssey and Virgil 's Aeneid. 10 hazel's courage, bigwig's strength, Blackberry's ingenuity and craftiness, and Dandelion's and Bluebell's poetry and storytelling all have parallels in the epic poem Odyssey.

Inlé is the lapine term for the moon or darkness. Themes Watership Down has been described as an allegory, with the labours of hazel, fiver, bigwig, and Silver "mirroring the timeless struggles between tyranny and freedom, reason and blind emotion, and the individual and the corporate state." 10 Adams draws on classical heroic and quest. 11 Additionally, some scholars have criticized its representation of gender. Religious symbolism It has been suggested that Watership Down contains elements of Christian or anti-Christian symbolism, or that the stories of El-ahrairah were meant to mimic some elements of real-world religion. When asked in a 2007 bbc radio interview about the religious symbolism in the novel, Adams stated that the story was "nothing like that at all". Adams said that the rabbits in Watership Down didn't worship, however, "they believed passionately in El-ahrairah ". Adams explained that he meant the book to be, "only a made-up story.

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watership down movie review

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After discovering the Efrafa warren and helping the rabbits, he rejoins his colony. According to Adams, kehaar was based on a fighter from the norwegian Resistance in World War. 9 General woundwort a vicious, psychotic and brutally efficient rabbit who was orphaned at a young age, woundwort founded the Efrafa warren and is its tyrannical chief rabbit. Though he is greater even than Bigwig in terms of his size and power, he lacks the former's loyalty and kindness. He even leads an attack to capture the watership warren as an act of revenge against Bigwig.

After his apparent death, he lives on in rabbit legend as a bogeyman. Frith a god-figure who created the world and promised that rabbits would always be allowed to thrive. In Lapine, his name literally means are "the sun." El-ahrairah a rabbit trickster folk hero, who is the protagonist of nearly all of the rabbits' stories. He represents what every rabbit wants to be: smart, devious, tricky, and devoted to the well-being of his warren. In Lapine, his name is a contraction of the phrase Elil-hrair-rah, which means "prince with a thousand enemies". Black rabbit of Inlé a sinister phantom servant of the god Frith who appears in rabbit folklore. He is the rabbit equivalent of a grim reaper in human folklore, and similarly ensures all rabbits die at their pre-destined time.

As a seer, he has visions and very strong instincts. Fiver is one of the most intelligent rabbits in the group. He is quiet and intuitive, and though he does not directly act as a leader, the others listen to and follow his advice. Hazel fiver's brother; he leads the rabbits from Sandleford and eventually becomes Chief Rabbit. Though hazel is not particularly large or powerful, he is loyal, brave, and a quick thinker.

He often relies on fiver's advice, and trusts in his brother's instincts absolutely. Bigwig An ex- Owsla officer, and the largest rabbit of the group. His name in Lapine is Thlayli, which literally means "Fur-head" and refers to the shock of fur on the back of his head. Though he is powerful and fierce, he is shown to also be cunning in his own way when he devises a plan to defeat the larger and stronger General woundwort. Blackavar a rabbit with very dark fur who tries to escape from Efrafa but is apprehended, mutilated, and put on display to discourage further escape attempts. When he is liberated by bigwig, he quickly proves himself as an expert tracker and ranger. Kehaar a black-headed gull who is forced, by an injured wing, to take refuge on Watership Down. He is characterised by his frequent impatience, guttural accent and unusual phrasing.

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Hazel sends a small emissary to Efrafa to present their request for does. While waiting for the group to return, hazel and Pipkin successfully raid the nearby book nuthanger Farm to rescue a group of hutch rabbits there, returning with two does. When the emissary returns, hazel and his rabbits learn Efrafa is a tyrannical police state led by the despotic General woundwort ; hazel's rabbits barely return alive. However, the group does manage to identify an Efrafan doe named hyzenthlay who wants to leave the warren and can recruit other does to join. Hazel and Bigwig devise a plan to rescue the group of rabbits from Efrafa to join them on Watership Down. The Efrafan escapees start their new life on Watership Down, but soon woundwort's army arrives to attack the watership Down father's warren. Through the bravery and loyalty of Bigwig and the ingenuity of hazel, the watership Down rabbits defeat woundwort. The story's epilogue tells the reader of how hazel, dozing in his burrow one "chilly, blustery morning in March" many springs later, is visited by El-ahrairah, who invites hazel to join his Owsla. Leaving his friends and no-longer-needed body behind, hazel departs Watership Down with El-ahrairah, slipping away, "running easily down through the wood, where the first primroses were beginning to bloom." Characters main article: List of characters in Watership Down fiver a small runt rabbit whose name.

watership down movie review

When fiver demand attempts to leave, a derisive bigwig learns firsthand the deadly secret of the warren; the whole area is a human designed rabbit farm with numerous snares placed to harvest them. After helping Bigwig escape, fiver convinces his fellows to leave this decadent colony immediately and afterward his counsel is followed without question. Fiver's visions promise a safe place in which to settle, and the group eventually finds Watership Down, an ideal location to set up their new warren. They are soon reunited with Holly and Bluebell, also from the sandleford Warren, who reveal that fiver's vision was true and the entire warren was destroyed by humans. Nuthanger Farm, hampshire, england, in 2004. Although Watership Down is a peaceful habitat, hazel realises there are no does, thus making the future of their new home uncertain. With the help of a seagull named Kehaar, they locate a nearby warren, Efrafa, which is overcrowded and has many does.

the rabbit (1964 by British. 7 8 The two later became friends and went on an expedition to the Antarctic, resulting in a joint writing venture, voyage Through the Antarctic, published in 1982. 7 Plot summary In the sandleford warren, fiver, a young runt rabbit who is a seer, receives a frightening vision of his warren's imminent destruction. When he and his brother hazel fail to convince their chief rabbit of the need to evacuate, they set out on their own with a small band of rabbits to search for a new home, barely eluding the Owsla, the warren's military caste. The travelling group of rabbits find themselves following the leadership of hazel, previously an unimportant member of the warren. They travel through dangerous territory, with Bigwig and Silver, both former Owsla, as the only significantly strong rabbits among them. The company cope with many dangers, but none so insidious as their encounter with Cowslip's Warren. Here, the company encounter an apparently prosperous rabbit colony with pampered and fastidious citizens who enjoy plenty of food and protection from predators by humans. However, fiver is profoundly suspicious especially when he observes the local culture disdains the traditional tales of El-ahrairah in favour of maudlin fatalistic poetry.

Published in 1972, watership Down was book Richard Adams' first novel, and is by far his most successful to date. Though it was initially rejected by thirteen publishers before eventually being accepted by rex Collings Ltd, watership Down has never been out of print, and was the recipient of several prestigious awards. Adapted into an acclaimed classic film and a television series, it is, penguin books ' best-selling novel of all time. 1 2 In 1996, Adams published Tales from Watership Down, a follow-up collection of 19 short stories about El-ahrairah and the rabbits of the watership Down warren. 3 4 Publication history watership Down began as a story richard Adams told to his two daughters, juliet and Rosamond, on a long car journey; in an interview, Adams said he "began telling the story of the rabbits. Improvised off the top of my head, as we were driving along." 2 5 he based the struggles of the animals in the story on the struggles he and his friends encountered during the battle of Oosterbeek, arnhem Holland in 1944. His daughters insisted he write it down—"they were very, very persistent"—and though he initially delayed, he eventually began writing in the evenings, completing it eighteen months later. 5 The book is dedicated to his daughters. 6 " to juliet and Rosamund, remembering the road to Stratford-on-avon " —dedication, watership Down However, Adams had difficulty finding a publisher; his novel was rejected 13 times in all, until it was finally accepted by rex Collings, a small publishing house.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, for other uses, see, watership Down (disambiguation). Watership Down is a heroic fantasy novel about a small group of rabbits, written. British author, richard Adams. Although the animals in the story live in their natural environment, they are anthropomorphised, possessing their own culture, language lapine proverbs, poetry, and mythology. Evoking epic themes, the novel recounts the rabbits' odyssey as they escape the destruction of their warren to seek a place in which to establish a new home, encountering perils and temptations along the way. The novel takes its name from the rabbits' destination, watership Down, a hill remote in the north. Hampshire, england, near the area where Adams grew. The story is based on a collection of tales that Adams told to his young children to pass the time on trips to the countryside.

Watership down movie review
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  4. You're general woundwort from, watership, down ( movie ). Notwithstanding a few Disney movies with unforgettable tragedies—we hardly knew ye, bambis mother—the British bummer. Movie review of Felidae, watership Down and The Plague dogs. Movie review of the Animated movies Felidae 1994 german, watership Down. A comprehensive site for information on the novel Watership Down, it's sequel Tales From Watership Down, and the watership Down movie.

  5. Unique in the annals of animated films, watership, down is a serious, even grim tale that many will find relentless and. A rare movie that keeps kids. The book (and its film adaption) are viewed and discussed in a scene in the movie. This first Episode of painer movies is a felidae. Review it is an old Animated movie for Adults.

  6. American punk band afi used imagery from the movie on the cover of their Decemberunderground album. "Phil Villarreal's, review : Watership, down ". Movie, review : Watership, down. By lz schneider - april 22, 2012. It's Saturday night and you want to watch a cheerful film teeming with relatable, happy-go.

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